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Dear Sadharmik brothers and sisters,
Jai Jinendra!

JAINA is thankful to each one of you who participated in the 99,99,99,999 Navkar Mantra Jaap and made it successful by doing the Jaap for 1,12,09,53,816 times. Let us keep sending good vibes to all living beings and support each other.

As Jains, a steadfast believer in non-violence, and equality of all lives, we are saddened by the current events in America. Please see below our statement of solidarity with the African American community in America.

Please help in taking a survey of 'COVID-19 in Jain Population to understand if Jains are affected less than the people who are non-vegetarians or not. See the details below.

Recently, the Jain Society of Greater Detroit had a Virtual concert to raise COVID-19 funds. JOY of JSGD is planning a similar project to uplift the spirits of our society, bring our society together, and raise money for their temple. More details are given below.

Read the Jain philosophy on the observance of five Rules of Conduct (Samitis) and three Rules of Avoidance of Misconduct (Guptis).

Mahesh Wadher
JAINA President

2. Navkaar Mantra Jaap on Global Level

On May 31, 2020, over 10 lakh Jains from across the globe recited Navkar Maha Mantra for 1,12,09,53,816 times. Navkar Mantra Jaap on such a huge scale was organized for the first time ever in history. With a singular goal to send peace to mother earth and relief to Coronavirus tormented humans across the globe, millions of Jains recited Navakar Maha Mantra from their homes.

The event was organized by Navkar Pariwar, Mumbai. There is no recall of any religious activity of this magnitude being organized in human memory by any other religion. The entire event was beamed live on social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Navkar Pariwar website.

JAINA is thankful to each one of you who participated in this Navkar Jaap and motivated others as well.


Have you taken COVID-19 in Jain Population Survey yet? If not, please take the survey. JAINA has developed this survey to find out the incidence of COVID-19 in Jains. This survey will help us understand if Jains are affected less than the people who are non-vegetarians or not.

The survey doesn’t ask any personal information and neither identify anyone. Strict confidentiality will be maintained. Also at any time if you feel that you do not want to continue you can abandon and not complete the survey.

If you have any questions please reach out to Dr. Nitin Shah at 562 244 9035 or email him at

4. JAINA stands in solidarity and support

Federation of Jain Association in North America (JAINA) representing 150,000+ Jains, is deeply saddened by the tragic events happening around the nation that have resulted in the deaths of many victims in the community. JAINA expresses its deepest condolences to the African-American community, families, and friends of the victims.

JAINA along with its youth wing - Young Jains of America (YJA), stands in solidarity and support with our friends of the minority community nationwide. All people of faith and conscience must stand up against violence, terrorism, extremism, racism, and hate. We stand with those in government, Institutions, and corporations, who are seeking lasting solutions to these societal challenges.

Tirthankar Mahavir's preaching of "Parasparopagraho Jivanam"-teaches us that each life is interdependent. Let's take a deep look into our own souls and be the change we want in the world.

5. Chromebook project

JAINA is very happy to receive supports from Jain Centers for the Chromebook project wherein Jain Center donates for 30 Chromebooks at $125.00 each with matching offer of 15 Chromebooks by Sarva Mangal Foundation and 5 Chromebooks by Anekant Community of Los Angeles for the total of 50 Chromebooks. The Jain Center will be able to allocate these 50 Chromebooks to the schools in their area.

The following Jain centers have confirmed their desire to participate in Project Chromebook by donating $3750 for 30 Chromebooks.

  1. Jain Center of America – NY
  2. International Jain Sangh
  3. Jain Center of NJ
  4. Jain Society of Metro Washington
  5. Jain Society of Middle Tennessee
  6. Jain Society of Central Florida, Inc.
  7. Jain Center of Greater St. Louis
  8. Jain Center of Minnesota
  9. Jain Society of Metro Chicago
  10. Jain Religion Center of Wisconsin
  11. Jain Center of Greater Phoenix
  12. Jain Center of Northern California
  13. Jain Center of Southern California
  14. Jain Society Houston
  15. Jain Center of British Columbia (Canada)
  16. Jain Society of Toronto, Inc.

Additionally, Jain Society of San Diego (JSSD) has contributed $ 15,000 leading to 200 Chromebooks including matching from SMFT & ACC for Chula Vista School where JSSD's Temple is located.

Based on the above requests we have a total of 1000 Chromebooks requirements.

We still have funds available if any Jain Center wants to pursue this project to work with their local communities and help their neighborhood schools to support the underprivileged students.

6. Jain Center - Latest News

On May 30, 2020, the Jain Society of Greater Detroit (JSGD) had a Virtual concert to raise COVID-19 funds. Wherein, many local groups of Music enthusiasts participated. You can watch a virtual concert.

JOY from JSGD is planning a similar entertainment project to uplift the spirits of our society, bring our society together, and lastly, raise money for their temple.

JOY kids who are trained in either singing, dancing, or playing an instrument are participating in this virtual concert. Their primary aim is to entertain society. Please join the concert on June 13, 2020, at 2:00 PM - 3: 30 PM to make this event as successful as possible. For details, mail at

7. Jain Digest June 2020

We are pleased to announce that the June 2020 issue of Jain Digest is now available on the JAINA website at

Based on your feedback, we have added a number of new features to Jain Digest that we are very excited to share with you.

  • We are now using a more advanced “Flip-Book” format which allows you to zoom in on the content using a sliding scale to suit your reading preference.
  • Many articles contain links to external websites and YouTube video links that are active. Clicking on the website link will take you to the external website and clicking on the video link will play the video in place instantly.
  • You can go to the article you are interested in reading by clicking on the page number in the Contents page.
  • You can easily share the magazine with others.
  • You can download the magazine as a PDF file.
  • You can provide your feedback on each article at

We hope you find the articles interesting and engaging. We would love to hear from you.

8. Jain Philosophy: Samitis and Guptis

Besides the five great vows for ascetics and twelve vows for laypeople, Jainism lays great emphasis on observance of five Rules of Conduct (Samitis) and three Rules of Avoidance of Misconduct (Guptis).

A person must be careful in walking, sitting, standing, and lying down. He must speak the only gentle, sweet, and righteous speech. He must be careful in placing and removing articles of his use. He must keep everything clean and should not make himself instrumental in the growth or death of germs and insects.

9. Jain Story: Yakini Mahattara

Two disciples of Acharya Haribhadrasuriji, namely Hans and Paramhans were killed at the hands of followers of other religions. Acharya Shri suffered great mental commotion. The shock of the killing of his loving disciples caused a sense of revenge in him. Acharya Shri decided to kill 1444 students and lecturers of Bauddha Vihar by roasting them alive in boiling oil. Anger and revenge leave no place for discretion.

With a view to executing his malicious plan, Acharyashri closed the doors of the upashraya (a place for the stay of Jain monks and nuns) and boiled oil in a huge vessel on a furnace. With the sheer power of incantation, Acharyashri called all the students and lecturers and made them stand in the sky. Actually the infuriated Acharyashri planned and intended to call the students and the lecturers one by one and fry them alive in the boiling oil.

10. Quote

A man is seated on top of a tree in the midst of a burning forest. He sees all living beings perish. But he doesn’t realize that the same fate is soon to overtake him also. That man is a fool.

- Bhagwan Mahavir

11. YJA Update

YJA recently hosted The Future of Jainism - A Discussion with Parents and Adults session, where parents and adult volunteers from around the country discussed important topics regarding the Jain community today. There were so many great experiences and ideas shared that YJA decided to compile the major points and share them with our community. Here is an infographic of the discussion highlights.

Please feel free to share this graphic with all your friends, family, and sangh leaders

12. YJP Preksha Meditation Workshop

Thank you for registering and attending the first Preksha Meditation Workshop. We appreciate the pouring emails of support we received from our participants.

It's with joy that we inform you that we have reworked some kinks and as promised, have relaunched the meditation workshop!

Given the climate the United States is in, I think I am not alone in the notion that we are all facing varying levels of uncertainty. Might we step away for a moment and just hit the "pause" button, albeit metaphorically? Perhaps this ancient meditation technique might help you delve within yourself, amidst the turbulence in this country.

Below is the link to register via EventBrite to join us this Saturday at 1 pm Eastern time.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


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