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Why Committee was created (state it’s Mission)

To provide Jain religious education to Jain Children, Youths, and Adults by conducting classes, workshop, seminars, and lectures at various Jain centers in North America and other countries.

To prepare Jain Educational material for children, youth, and adults of North America

To prepare pathashala teachers who in turn teach Jainism to local community

To provide a medium for interactions among pathashala teachers of North America

If You Would Like To Be A Member Of The JAINA Education Group, Please CLICK HERE And Then Click The "Join Group" Icon At The Top.

Founding Chair Person : Dr. Premchand Gada Year Founded: 1992

Current Chair Person’s Name : Pravin K. Shah Year Appointed:2001

Projects/Activities Undertaken in Past 5 years : Please provide project Description, Deliverable & Duration (year begun-year completed)

  1. Prepare and publish 6 Pathshala books of Lavel1, Level 2, and Level 4 Students. Jain Activity Book JES 101, Basics of Jainism JES102, Jain Skit Book JES 104, Jain Story Book JES 202, First Step to Jainism JES 203, Jain Philosophy and Practice II JES 401.
  2. Prepared / revised four reference books - Jainism JES 901, World Religion Book JES911, Book of Compassion JES 921, English Pratikraman Book 931.
  3. Compiled Jain Academic bowl’s 700 Q and A
  4. Established Pathshala teachers’ Yahoo Group.
  5. Launched Jain eLibrary project with cooperation from Mahavir Aradhana Kendra, Prachya Vidyapitha, Jain Education International. eLibrary website developed and compiled more than 2000 ebooks on website.

New Project Plans : (List Specific Deliverable or Objective)

  1. Jain Ritual Book - Samayik, Chaitya Vandan, Puja, and Stavan Book
  2. Jain Prayer Book
  3. Pratikraman ritual of various sects in mp3.
  4. Revision of Pathshala books

What Resources Are Requested from JAINA? Please list specifics below for consideration by the JAINA EC :

1. Committee generates its own resources and handles only those projects for which it generates resources.

Committee’s Activity Report(Circle the answers or enter your comments below each)

How active is your committee?
very active/active/dormant/not needed anymore

How often does the committee meet? Constant communication occurs via e-mail and some time conference call

How does the Committee meet?
eMail and Conference Call - In person at common location/teleconference/Both

Committee member responsible for email/web content is
__Pravin K. Shah, Rajendra Mehta for Yahoo Group, Virendra Shah for Book distribution.

How active are your current Committee members?
Some are very active some are just active. very active/active/not active

How many committee members under 40 years age are active in your committee?

Committee Succession Plan :

What is your Committee's Chair Person and Committee member succession plan? So far I have not found any person willing to handle entire task.

What is your Committee's Chair Person and Committee member succession plan? So far I have not found any person willing to handle entire task.

Type and Frequency of Outreach/Public Awareness by Committee :

Please state how often and by what means do you reach out to :

Jains____ Activity Reports and eMail

Do you contribute articles regularly to Jain Digest? ________ Occasionally

Committee Budget : (Average of last 5 years)

Avg. Yearly Expense Budget: $ ____45000.00_________
Avg. Yearly Revenues from Sales: $___32000.00_______
Avg. Yearly Donations Received: $___13000.00_______

Support Requested from JAINA :

Please list the support you need from JAINA/other Committees – Try and be as specific as possible and indicate the time horizon for each of your need(s).

1. Books Printing and Distribution Problem Generally I spend more than 15 hours every week to manage Pathshala education book distribution activities. We have three book distribution centers and it is very difficult to know of inventory at various distribution centers. Also it is very cumbersome to manage each Jain centers Pathshala account. Since we sell the books on a cost basis, generally we recover about 75% of the funds that we spend to print and distribution of books. Also we give books to academicians and scholars free of charge. The deficit balance is received through contribution. If any one has any idea to improve the system please let me know (without increasing the price of books).


Pravin Shah Chair-Person

509 Carriage Wood Cir
Raleigh, NC, 27607