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Ahimsak Eco-Vegan

The Ahimsak Eco-Vegan committee, as an expression of ahimsa, supports veganism which we understand to mean not eating, wearing, or using animal products because we object to both animal suffering and animal killing. We do not support animal use that is supposedly “humane” and we do not support the marketing of animal products labeled as “humane”. We support the reduction and elimination of activities such as material and energy overconsumption contributing to harm of all life, global climate change, and destruction of the planet.

Tasks performed in the last 2 years

  • Wrote a Jain position on Climate Crisis using our principle of ahimsa as the guiding principle, and join our voice to that of other faith communities, including the adoption of a vegan diet in reversing the damage that has been done.
  • Organized speaker series at last several JAINA conventions and other talks as requested by Jain centers
  • Interacted with convention participants at booths at the past few JAINA conventions to explain health benefits of vegan diets
  • Advocated for serving vegan food and compostable plates at JAINA conventions.
  • Posted resources to
  • Wrote Jain advocacy kit for Interfaith vegan coalition

Future Activities and Resources

  • We will continue to advocate for true ahimsa to animals and reversal of climate change
  • We are working with the Pathshala committee and JAINA Education Q and A/ Blog group to help create a curriculum to connect Jain principles to environmental issues.
  • We will disseminate information on the health benefits of a whole foods vegan diet.


The website serves as a resource for the committee and the Jain community and has articles, videos, presentations, recipes etc.

Please see the following site for a Jain advocacy kit for the interfaith vegan coalition

Our community also partners with the UK Jain Vegans and cross-posts to their listserv and website

The Jain Vegans Working Group has produced a 5-minute video presentation that explains the reasons behind the campaign and why it is so relevant to the Jain community.

Please share and circulate it among your friends and family. Please Click Here to

know more about the Jain Declaration on the Climate Crisis.Please click Here to endorsement form.

Consider Giving Up Dairy On Paryushan / Das Lakshan

To contact any of our members, please send an email to





Dr. Jina Shah

Committee Chair and Public health lead

Oakland, CA

Sudhanshu Jain

Climate Change Initiative Lead

Santa Clara, CA

Mohit Jain

Partnerships and Events Strategic Lead

Los Angeles, CA

Pranav Mehta

Social Media and Content Curation Lead

San Jose, CA

Pratiksha Shah

Pathshala Education Lead

Washington DC/VA area

Dr. Tushar Mehta

Speaker and content expert

Toronto, CA

Christian Kohler

Webmaster, and Energy Efficiency Lead

Oakland, CA


Dr.Jina Shah Chair-Person

To contact any of our members, please send an email to