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Book about Bhavanas

Jain religion has put a heavier emphasis on our thought process because it is closely linked to how we act. It says that higher the quality of thoughts, better the behavior; lower the quality, worse the behavior and greater the suffering.

Bhagwan Mahavir gave us 12 Bhavanas or Reflections to help us drive out the evil thoughts, and invite the pure ones. These bhavanas explain us the reality of our existence. In addition, Jain religion provides us with 4 other bhavanas that are action oriented. Whereas the 12 contemplative bhavanas explain the reality of our existence, these four bhavanas guide us about the virtues we need to develop. They are more action oriented and can be instrumental in improving our behavior and relationship with others.

JAINA published a book in August 2019 titled "Bhavans (Reflections) – Pathway to Wisdom and Inner Peace". It contains articles on all the sixteen Bhavanas explained in English. These were originally published in the Jain Digest magazine during 2018.

Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai and Pramodaben Chitrabhanu have written foreword for the book. We thank them for their support.

Since we announced this paperback book on Amazon during Paryushan 2019, we have received several compliments on the quality and content of the book; such as the following from Lalit Vora from Canada:

I received my book of Bhavanas last night and reading it now.
I don’t have enough words to describe my feelings to all those who worked so hard so we can continue our journey on right path.
I have informed all my contacts to look into this and possibly order one.
God bless you.

We thank Lalitbhai and all those who have provided us the feedback.

The book is available for $9.99 on Amazon.

If you are interested in ordering larger quantities (50 or more) to offer as Prabhavana, we can order the books for you at a 40% discount! Jain Society of Rochester ordered 50 books for some of their members and a couple of generous donors at Jain Center of Southern California ordered 150 books for the pathshala students. For more information, contact Dilip Parekh at 310-721-5947 or

Sample Pages from Bhavanas Book