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Long Range Planning

Long Range Planning Committee (LRP)

Long Range Planning Committee – JAINA

The Long Range Planning (LRP) Committee, currently a 12-20 member Standing Committee of JAINA, is organized under Article V, Section 5 of JAINA’s Charter.  With a vision to “Live and Share a Jain Way of Life”, the objective of LRP Committee is to establish long-range, 10-20 years, plans for North American Jains and JAINA.  In this regard, the Committee develops and executes short-term as well as long-term goals.  The Committee supports and guides JAINA in infrastructure development and operational strategies.  LRP Committee creates opportunities for leadership development, assists JAINA EC and Board of Directors by being a custodian of certain tasks, and acts as an incubator facility for launching new initiatives and the roll out of JAINA projects.

Objective: Develop team, vision, mission, funding, capabilities, and resources to incubate, catalyze, enable, and sustain projects.


  • Communicate
  • Establish a structure
  • Expand tool kit
  • Acquire new skills and expertise
  • Get more funding
  • Ensure access to current technology
  • Recruit more leaders, facilitators, coordinators, project managers

JAINA Convention 2015 (July 2 - July 5)


SCOPE - SHORT TERM (1-2 years)
  • Setup and host LRP Meetings and Conferences at rotating venues across USA; including National-Level Meeting and Conference, Regional Conferences, Leadership Development Conferences, Think Tank Member Meetings, and White House Conferences.
  • Launch new initiatives, programs, and projects for JAINA and Jain Community while acting as a catalyst, an enabler, and a ground for incubation and cultivation of projects.
  • Create an Alliance representing JAINA, Jain Centers, Temples, and Communities to schedule, coordinate, contract, and manage logistical arrangements for dignitaries' travel in North America.
  • Develop and rollout an initiative listing qualifying requirements, recruiting, and on-boarding the new JAINA Directors.
  • Establish Youth Center, Senior Center, and Playgrounds at 4-6 N.A. Jain Centers.
  • Design-Build a Mobile Platform for JAINA Apps.  Provide funding and resources.
  • Build a website for Regional Internships that brings prospective Employers and Interns together.
  • Bring forward a list of Projects from 2013-2014 LRP Conferences.
  • Promote JAINA Books – JAINA Story Book, Mahavira Book, Jain Way of Life (JWOL) Handbook 2, and others.
  • Develop a website portal for Jain community to look up a roadmap and options for securing cost effective healthcare insurance. 
  • A written LR Plan with a Vision towards Next 20 Years
  • Sustained Organization with Staff, Interns, and Volunteers - Supported by Standards
  • Press, Media, PR, Publications, Books
  • Integrate 4Es - Evolve, Expand, Educate, Energize
SCOPE - LONG-RANGE (10-20 years)
  • A role model Jain Way of Life that is well established and prominently practiced in North America.

  • Income Projected for Calendar Year 2015: $8,500.00
  • Expenses Projected for Calendar Year 2015: $6,500.00
  • I&E Budget for Calendar Year 2015: $15,000.00
  • I&E Pledge for 2015-2016: $50,000.00
  • 12-20 Member LRP Committee - To develop a Roadmap
  • Create and launch a refreshed website and portals
  • Weekly Conference Calls
  • Quarterly Committee meetings - Phone/WebE
  • Quarterly Think Tank Sessions - At Rotating Venues - Current and Future Trends


LRP Team Member City, State
Dipak Doshi
Long Grove, IL
Yogendra Jain
(Immediate Past Chair)
Boston, MA
Bipin Shah
Chicago, IL
Chintan Shah Boston, MA
Dipak Jain
Evanston, IL
Manish Mehta
Ann Arbor, MI
Manoj Jain
Parth Savla
Berkeley, CA
Prem Jain
Fremont, CA
408-981-4645 2004

 Jayesh Shah

Monrovia, CA
626-379-5590 2014
Sonia Ghelani
Dallas, TX
Soha Shah
Dayton, OH
Sushil Jain
Dun Loring, VA
Yogesh Bapna
Fremont, CA

















  • Periodic LRP Conference Calls and As-Need Based Work Schedule (Dipak Doshi / Parth Savla)  
    * Typically monthly
  • Periodic and As-Need Based LRP Conference Calls (with LRP Committee)
    * Typically weekly or biweekly
  • Q1-2014 – LRP Conference in Miami
    * Completed – Fri-Sat-Sun February 21-22-23, 2014
  • Q4-2014 – LRP Tactical Meeting in Boston
    * Completed – Fri-Sat-Sun October 3-4-5, 2014
  • Q1-2015 – LRP Conference in San Francisco
    * Completed – Fri-Sat-Sun January 23-24-25, 2015
  • Q2-2015 – LRP Sessions at JAINA Convention in Atlanta, GA
    * Confirmed – Fri-Sat-Sun July 3-4-5, 2015
 Major Accomplishment 
  • LRP has made extensive effort in re-organizing and establishing the JAINA Office Manager’s roles and responsibilities as it relates to the needs of JAINA and the Jain Community until 2015, as well as, working with JAINA’s Executive Leaders to support operational aspects until 2015.
  • Renewed and updated the following baseline foundational documents to provide a platform for effectively providing the basis for identifying long range initiatives which will provide the basis for rolling out projects, programs, and initiatives for JAINA and the North American Jain Community.

Ø  Vision 2020

Ø  LRP Committee Overview

Ø  LRP-JAINA Long Term Strategy

Ø  Master Templates for hosting LRP conferences / meetings

  • LRP Leadership Development Conferences in Miami, FL (Feb 2014) and in San Francisco (Jan 2015).
  • LRP Strategy and Tactical Meeting in Boston, MA (Oct 2014).
  • Established, executed, and implemented the following major LRP-JAINA initiatives:

Ø  JAINA Summer Internship Program (launched 2013), where we successfully worked with 3 interns nationally

Ø  JAINA Volunteer Corp Program (launched 2014), which is an official volunteer structure for JAINA

Ø  Jain Leadership Fellows Program (launched 2014) – working with 3-5 fellows

Ø  Mahavira Children’s Book – published JAINA’s first children’s book to spread the Mahavira’s message of nonviolence and compassion and distribution to all JAINA leaders, Pathshala programs, and public libraries.

Ø  JAINA Office Management – Revamped and renewed JAINA Office Manager’s Role

Ø  Rolled out organized donation drives and strategic fund raising efforts to collect funds for JAINA at targeted schedules in 2014 and 2015.

  • Established USA & International organizational partnerships
  • Established bi-weekly Project Leaders Calls to drive the performance of existing projects and creation of new ones.
  • Proclaimed 1st Sunday in April as Mahavir Jayanti “Live & Help Live” Day each year
  • Celebrated World Vegan Day Events across multiple Jain Centers Established JAINA Days:

Ø  Forgiveness Days: 1st Saturday after Paryushan and Das Laxana

Ø  Ahimsa Day: October 2

Ø  Compassion Day or Jiv Daya Day or Vegan Day: Thanksgiving or day before

  • In-Progress… - Jain Chair at UNT and UCI
  • In-Progress… - North American Jain Directory (including subsets for Jain Healthcare Professionals, IT Professionals, Law Professionals, Business Professionals, etc.)
 JAINA Mobile App - Launched June 30, 2015

  • Encourage healthy plant based diet
  • Increase presence of Jains on President’s Faith Based Advisory Council
  • Advance awareness of principles of nonviolence as taught by Gandhi and Martin Luther King in resolving conflict within government.
  • Advancing Jain youths through internships and collaborations
  • Promote Jain values of meditation and yoga
  • Recognize Jainism where ever other major faiths are recognized in the White House
  • Proclaim 1st Sunday in April as Mahavir Jayanti Day each year
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