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Jain Digest


The charter of JAINA's Jain Digest magazine is to connect Jains across the world with content rich and meaningful articles, important news & events and other relevant information which impacts Jains in today's world.

JAINA started publishing the Jain Digest magazine in 1985 with the goal of keeping the Jain community of North America informed about news and events, promote unity, bring awareness, and embrace the Jain way of Life. Since then, with support from readers like you, the magazine has continued to reach new heights; bringing articles on Jain philosophy and the human values that Jainism promotes. With the new online version that began in July 2019, we are now reaching Jains around the World. The members of the Editorial Team feel fortunate to have an opportunity to serve you and assist you in your spiritual journey.


The mission of JAINA's Jain Digest magazine is to connect Jains across the world with content-rich and meaningful articles, important news & events, and other relevant information that impacts Jains in today's world.

Tasks performed in the last 2 years

  • Published 14 issues since December 2015
  • The latest issue was published on June 3rd, 2020
  • Changed to Online magazine beginning July 2019. In addition to saving printing and mailing costs, the online version enables us to include YouTube videos that our readers can watch in-place.
  • Beginning with the June issue, we have changed the vendor that creates the online version. It provides a better flip-book version of the magazine and allows us to host it on the JAINA website.
  • The annual cost of Jain Digest has gone down from $60,000 for a print version to $500 for an online version.

Vision for the next 2 years

  • The October 2020 issue of Jain Digest will be a special on Jain Education in North America.
  • We will continue to explore more ways of making the Jain community aware of the availability of Jain Digest after each issue is published.
  • We will work closely with Jain Centers in collaboration with the Jain Center Liaison Committee.
  • We will continue to print a small number of copies as needed by our community members.
  • We will solicit more articles from the community members and other prominent authors.







Dilip Parekh

Chair Person

Los Angeles, CA


Jayana Shah

Core team

Los Angeles - CA


Reena Shah

Core team

Los Angeles - CA


Ramesh Khandhar

Core team

Los Angeles - CA


Sanjay Bhandar

Core team

Detroit - MI


Giriraj Jain

Core team

San Francisco - CA


Rajkumar Jain

Core team

Piscataway - NJ


Anop Vora

Core team

Rochester - NY


Dilip Shah

Core team

Philadelphia - PA


Hema Pokharna

Core team

Chicago - IL



Dilip Parekh Chair-Person

6430 Riggs Pl
Los Angeles, CA, 90045