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Projects: Vegan
Eco-Vegan Project Page I Eco-Vegan Volunteer Interest Form
 JAINA Eco-Vegan Project

JAINA supports veganism, which we understand to mean not eating, wearing, or using animal products, because we object to both animal suffering and animal killing. We do not support animal use that is supposedly "humane” and we do not support the marketing of animal products labeled as "humane.”

Two year Goals
  • Vegan Vows during Paryushan and Das Lakshan. 30% of Jains takes vows during Paryushan and Das Lakshan. e.g. Being vegan for 1 full day, 8 full days, 10 full days.
  • Vegan Ambassador at Jain Center
  • 30% Jain Centers have active Vegan Ambassador, which can perform following duties:
    • At least one major function food is VEGAN
    • At least one scholar visit who promotes/lectures about the benefit of VEGANism
    • Don't use GHEE in the Arti, instead use almond oil
    • Provide and promote VEGAN options during all food served at Jain centers
    • At least one web page dedicated to promote Veganism
    • Discourage use of leather/fur products while buying apparel/wallets/purses/vehicles. The success of this goal can be measured if 20% Jains using leather have taken vow to not use them.
JAINA and YJA conventions

Following activities must be promoted at JAINA and YJA conventions:

  • One full day of VEGAN food
  • 20% of sessions onVEGANism
  • One major skit/dance/play on theme on Veganism
  • Contests and prizes for kids on Veganism

Veganism literature

Compile literature in following areas (Different people are affected by different methods)

  • Milk is not vegetarian
  • Milk is an animal-based diet
  • Vegetarianism means eating a plant-based diet
  • Adult vegetarian animals do not consume milk e.g. horse/goat/elephant will not drink milk whereas dog/cat will drink milk in adult age.
  • Veganism and Anekantvada; the hinsa of dairy is not a matter of perspective or opinion
  • Veganism and Achaurya or asteya: taking milk from the mothers and baby constitutes stealing

Bad effects of dairy on health
  • Bill Clinton CNN documentary "The Last Heart Attack"
  • China Study
  • Milk is the only external source of cholesterol in vegetarian diet
Dairy and Cruelty
  • Undercover videos on animal conditions
  • Develop literature like "Do you oppose slaughter houses? Slaughterhouse is a side effect of dairy industry.
  • Why India is becoming a major exporter of beef?
  • Veal/Beef is side effect of consuming dairy
  • Dairy and bad effects on environment
  • VEGAN celebrities
  • Easy Vegan recipes (especially Indian sweets and cakes)
  • Jains Myth buster
  • Jain Thirthankar took milk
  • Cow is like a mother
  • Milking cows is taking away pain from them
  • Infant babies consume milk that means milk is ok to drink as adult
FAQs on Veganism
Jain Pathshalas in North America

Jain Pathshalas to have following:
  • All Pathshala books to have one chapter on VEGANism. VEGANism is true JAINism
  • Level 5A & 5B kids/parents to make VEGAN sweet dish once during Pathshala food
  • Distribute T-Shirts etc. to students with Vegan message
New Banner

Jain Ahinsa Banner to have following message:
  • veganism is about nonviolence: to other beings; to the self; to the environment.
Rules on educational lectures by Non-Jain groups

Those who are knowledgeable about Jainism and who can explain the importance of veganism from a Jain perspective should conduct education about veganism in the first stages. Outside non-Jain animal organizations are invited to give talks at JAINA events but it will be made clear that JAINA does not endorse any position promoted by these groups that is inconsistent with the understanding of veganism expressed herein and will provide the Jain perspective as a counterpoint if necessary.
Consider Giving Up Dairy On Paryushan / Das Lakshan
The Jain Vegans Working Group has produced a 5-minute video presentation which explains the reasons behind the campaign and why it is so relevant to the Jain community.

If you believe the video presentation contains an important message that makes sense, please share and circulate it among your friends and family.

Looking for a simple Jain or vegan recipe to try out this Paryushan/Das Lakshan?

Take a look at the 
Jain Recipes section on the YJA website. The list is growing, and we’d love to hear your recipes!

If you reside in New Jersey & New York, there is accessibility to Jain Food during the whole Paryushan Parv / Das Lakshan.

You can register here to be added to their list. For any questions pleaseemail:

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