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JainLink volunteers in this blog share feedback, bug reports, test plan, and upcoming features and releases to JainLink. If you like to volunteer your time (in return learn a great deal), we will be happy to train you. Please send an email to contact us or email directly to and


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JAINA Brochure (draft 1)

Posted By Kejal Kothari, Saturday, January 15, 2011
Hello All,

My name is Kejal Kothari. I am working with Prabhaben Mohnot and other members of JAINA in order to create brochures to raise awareness about Jainism. We would like your feedback on the first draft of the brochure we created on JAINA (please see attachment). My team would like to make sure we aren't missing any important information before the president of JAINA views this brochure.

At this moment, we are simply looking for feedback on the content. We are working with a graphic designer to make this brochure aesthetically appealing.

Please comment below to give us your responses by 12:00 PM on Monday, January 17, 2011. If we don't hear from you then we'll assume you approve this brochure.

We really appreciate your help.

Thank you,

Download File (DOCX)

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some activities for vounteers

Posted By Yogendra K. Jain, Saturday, July 10, 2010


- Home / Front Page get the fonts to be consistent
- take some news content from eJain NewsFlash and put it on the home page with a link back to eJain News Flash and add some images as well - reduce the content that goes on the home page for these events by 75% (so only short blurbs show up) - show rmedical mission to haiti, international summer school and FIU.
- Add links to conference in ottawa, conference in pomona, and jsc jain bhavan

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jaina project notes - old version

Posted By Yogendra K. Jain, Thursday, June 24, 2010
 OLD Project notes 

JainLink Store: (*Paulomi Gudka -; )
- Add Mangalam
- Add JainFood book
- Add "Walk With Me" book images
- Add CD / Audio

Project Donation and Fund Raising: (*Paulomi Gudka -; need volunteers)
- Add request for general JAINA funds on donation site
- Get donors to donate on a monthly basis
- Send them updates on the donation

News and Events:  (; need volunteers)
- Add JAINA News and photos from the convention and comments
- Post Jain news and events and associated photos

YJA: ( and
- Send newsletter
- Send message to YJA to sign-on

Integrate Facebook with JainLink: (Need leader and volunteer)
- Explore Jain-Link to Facebook

Membership / Directory Sign-up: (*Chandrakant Vora -; need volunteers)
- Get Jain centers to subscribe
- Get individuals to subscribe
- Get a mailer campaign going

Content: (need project leader and volunteer)
- Make a Page for Gary Francione - add some info. on his bio, some photos
- Add Gary Francione keynote at JAINA  YouTube and link to Jainlink  (will need to get the video from JCSC - Nitin Shah, crop it, and put it on YouTube)

Education Content (*Monica Jain - mjain
- Add additional contents from Jain Pathshala
- Link to purchase books from Education committee

Pathshala Integration: (*Sanjay Jain - need volunteers)
(goal is to put up content of major Jain Pathshala and share with other Pathshalas)
 - Boston - add pathshala registration; add class content
-  Boston - get students and teachers to update / add content
- Southern Calif Pathshala (JCSC) - work with Narendra Jain - and Sailes Jain - -  and get them to add their curriculum and content

JAINA Support: (*Dilip Punatar,  Ashvin, need volunteers)
- Work with Ashwin Mehta - JAINA office manager
- Add name of Donors in Donation site
- Add names of JAINA Executive and their Background, constitution, etc.
- List of regional VP's and their region/states
- Add Directors corner
- Add Committee progress corner
- Help get all JAINA directors (about 109 active on JainLink)
- Add confidential group / content where finances are located

JAINA Convention 2009: (Need a project leader and volunteer)
- Add  photos of JAINA convention 2009 (need to contact JAINA organizer and get content from them)
- Add presentation content of convention 2009

Rubin Museum - Jain exhibition staring on Sept. 18th in NYC: (*Manoj Jain -; need volunteers)
- Add promotion material for this
- Create a brochure to be handed out
- Update temple plates for them
- Get JWOL books to them (3 boxes x 24/box)

Jain Campus Outreach: (*Ashok Domadia, need volunteers)
- add new groups starting in Sept.
- add additional content as needed
- send out specific requests to all Jain college going kids

JainLink Newsletter: (*Yogendra Jain -; need volunteers)
- July newsletter: need content from Lil Jains, from Amit Jain on Ecology, from Gary Francione on animal rights
- Start a Youth section
- Develop August newsletter
- Develop Li'l Jain Corner (*Khushali)

Jain Digest:  (Need a volunteer to work with Dilip Punatar - JAINA Secretary -
- Send out Jain Digest to all Jains
- Send out mini-version of Jain Digest for August
- Send out mini-version of Jain Digest for September
- Send out mini-version of Jain Digest for October

Support JAINA Website:  (Prem Jain -
- Update current information as to JAINA Exec committee and images from Convention
- Review current state of and the current vendor that is working on it
- Define and update requirements
- Work with JAINA to put a team together

JAINA Committees Support: (Need Leader/volunteers)
- Contact all committee members and get them to update on-line (see JAINA link on home page of JainLink and list of committee)
- Get each committee 2 year plan to be on-line
- Get each committee to actively use JainLink (first focus on 10 committee)

JainLink - LongRange Finances:  (Need a project leader; contact
- Work with JAINA treasurer on accounting for the various projects
- Manage the shopping card finances and donation finances and re-concile with JAINA accounts

Plan Next Kellogg Conference:  (Manoj Jain -; need volunteers)
- Work with JAINA executives and Committee Chairs and Directors

Plan Multi-City Jain Leadership Conferences
:  (Need leader/volunteers)
- Plan with Long Range Planning team

Jain Center Best Practices:  (Manish Mehta, Pooja Jain, Need volunteers)
- Best practices for Jain Center - self assessment
- Documenting unique aspects of each Jain Center
- Temple maintenance activity

Jain Diaspora:  (Dilip Shah, Manish Mehta, Pooja Jain, Need volunteers)
- Document Jain Diaspora 2009 conference
- Add content that was presented at the conference
- Organize database of current Diaspora leaders

ISSJS - International Summer School - Jain Studies:  (Sulekh Jain, Jonna Manatad, need volunteers)
- Add photos of the 2009 conference
- Add additional literature
- Send email to the scholars to update the profile

Project: Public Relations at Regional and National Levels

Step 1: Find someone who is in marketing/
marcom/ and get their guidance
Step 2: Make a list of regional publications and get their editorial calendar (including Indian)
Step 3: Find out Jain events/ festivals / etc. and map them to the editorial calendar
Step 4: Contact PR people and get stories
Step 5: Track the publication / stories
Step 6: Publish these to JAINA/on the net

Project: Develop a JAINA presentation

Step 1:  Identify the audience in collaboration with JAINA EC/President/LRP.  Understand the current view of JAINA
Step 2:  Develop objective for JAINA presentation and the various segments this has to be presented
Step 3:  Collect data and material and develop outline and write the words that are needed
Step 4:  Develop a draft presentation
Step 5:  Get it reviewed by LRP/JAINA
Step 6:  Finalize and standardize the proposal and document the speaker notes
Step 7: Teach JAINA leaders on how to give it and to directors to give it at a local level
Step 8: Share this on the net with all JAINS

Phase 1:  3 months
Develop the Tools -  Quickly find out if any other colleges have a Jain Student Associations.  Contact them and see how they did it.  Use their experience and your experience to develop a short and simple "How To Start a Jain Students Associations Plan.”

Phase 2:  4-6 months
Publicize the Tools - Do a general broadcast of this document to all Jains in North America.  JAINA can help in this by sending an email to all parents and ask them to forward this to their kids who are in colleges. 

Phase 3: 7-9 months  
Help and follow-up with a minimum of 10 colleges and meet the target of 5-7 colleges
Phase 4: 10-12 months  
  Refine the strategy and repeat Phase 2 and 3.

List of Projects for volunteers and project leaders (great experience to strengthen your expertise and strengthen your resume and serve Jain community):

Jain Way of Life Projects
Quick reference guide on Jain religion, organizations, and way of life
References to more in-depth information for visitors and new arrival to US as well as Jains living in North America
80% of the Jain homes will have it in the first year
5000 in non-Jain, non-Indian homes in the first two years
Non-Jain will ask for this handbook as it is practical, caters to ones experiences, and following it will lead to peace, harmony, and happiness.
Handbook Audience:
Jains who have recently arrived from US or lived here for a few years
Jains and non-Jains of all ages 12 and above living in North America
Be able to give it to a non-Jain non-Indian (such as a non-Jain spouse) and that person will quickly get an idea of what living a Jain Way of Life is about.
Project Coordinator – (1 people), Writers (need about 10 writers – each writer will write three modules)
Desktop formatting / publishing (1 people), Publishing Coordination (1 people)
Advertising (1 people), Marketing (1 people), Program Manager (1 person) – keeping everyone on schedule, Distribution (3 people)

The following projects need to be executed to meet our vision of Live and Promote a Jain Way of Life.  If you would like to volunteer your expertise and in return get great experience, please contact the appropriate person below:

Leader and Volunteer Minimum Requirements: Leaders and volunteers MUST have  strong expertise and interest in email, writing, using web applications (such as gmail, Facebook, etc.).  Miniumum of 2 hours of work is required for volunteers and 3 hours for project leaders),  You will work closely with JAINA and committee and other leaders of local centers as required. You can add this to your 
* = Project Leader below

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JAINA EC Meeting - Action Items for JainLink team

Posted By Yogendra K. Jain, Tuesday, January 19, 2010
The following are list of action items/Projects  that JAINA-JainLink need to act on:

Palitana Camp
- need to put up the photos on site

Data backup (Rita Ben)
- Data needs to be backed-up

Should we request Fed. Gov. to offer Veg. entree
- Humane society, Jewish committee  have agreed to endorse it
- Looking for volunteers and team leaders to make this happen
- YJP expressed interest in this
- Legislation will go into committee in May
- JainLink can send out a request

- Need to legally  register JAINA, YJA, YJP not just in US but in other countries as well

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JNF Requirements - Discussions with Sunil Jain

Posted By Chandra Vora, Yogendra Jain, Thursday, August 27, 2009

The goal is to update and port JNF
- Minimal management - admin. needs to add photo.  Some fields are static and admin fields
- Need to send reminders - and quarterly newsletters to be sent out
- Need better marketing and promotion - especially with other
- When a new person joins they contact other people and that is what gets people visiting
- There are some profiles in US and India
- Would like to continue charging some fee - it focuses on getting serious candidate
- Site is now dated - developed in 2001 and has been working great since then - but with JainLink an opportunity exists

Issues Regarding in Porting:
- Define custom fields and mapping of these fields

- Add new and more relevant fields
- Need some new faces to move the project forward - new volunteers

Action Items:
- review other sites and propose new/updated fields
- map existing fields into new fields (defined as
- get database of 10 people on JNF
- port to JNF-JainLink and add custom fields and enhancement
- add content
- send email to all current JNF members to update

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Conversation with Mary Kate

Posted By Chandra R. Vora, Thursday, August 27, 2009
I spoke to Mary Kate on several subjects regarding admin functions:
a. We wanted to have Latest News section rolling.   Not possible with TC-01 home page.
b. Photographs on the site needs to be resized to 574x180 pixel size.  Just reload corrected size pictures.  There is no way to resize automatically - will loose resolution.
c. face book membership is free for one year,  still requires $350 set up fee.
d. Menu Management -  there are too many centers.  Only way to fix is to create another hierarchy - Northeast, Southeast, etc.   Than delete/add all centers are different level.   Go to  Control Panel followed by Menu Management.  Edit the list.

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Template for Committee Status

Posted By (JAINA EC) Manish Mehta, Deepika Dalal, Sushil Jain, Yogendra Jain, Sunday, August 23, 2009

JAINA EC requests Committee information for its upcoming Directors’ meeting on October 1-3, 2009. Please fill out and submit to Ashwin Mehta at JAINA HQ, by September 15, 2009).

Committee Name: ___________________________________________

Why Committee was created (state it’s Mission)?

Founding Chair Person: ___________________________________ Year Founded: _____________

Current Chair Person’s Name _________________________________Year Appointed ____________

Contact details for Committee Key Officers/Members:





Chair Person

Projects/Activities Undertaken in Past 5 years – Please provide project Description, Deliverable & Duration (year begun-year completed):





  • New Project Plans for Year 2009 and 2010 (List Specific Deliverable or Objective):




What Resources Are Requested from JAINA? Please list specifics below for consideration by the JAINA EC:




Committee’sActivity Report (Circle the answers or enter your comments below each)

How active isyour committee? very active/active/dormant/not neededanymore

How often does the committee meet? Monthly/Quarterly/Semi-annually/Annually

How does the Committee meet? In person at common location/teleconference/Both

Committee member responsible for email/web content is _________________________

How active are your current Committee members? very active/active/not active

How many committee members under 40 years age are active in your committee? ____

Committee Succession Plan:
What is your Committee's Chair Person and Committee member succession plan?

Would you like new (younger) Committee volunteers referred to your Committee? Yes / No

Type and Frequency of Outreach/PublicAwareness by Committee:

Please state how often and by what means doyou reach out to:



Do you contribute articles regularly to Jain Digest? ____________________________

Committee Budget:

Avg. Yearly Expense Budget: $ _____________

Avg. Yearly Revenues from Sales: $__________

Avg. Yearly Donations Received: $__________

Support Requested from JAINA:

Please list the support you need from JAINA/other Committees – Try and be as specific as possible and indicate the time horizon for each of your need(s).




Download File (DOC)

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Committee Summary Template - for Committee Chairs

Posted By Yogendra K. Jain, Saturday, August 22, 2009
Updated: Saturday, August 22, 2009
<<Due no later than Sept. 5th 2009>>
Dear Committee Chairs,

JAINA leadership and Executive Committee would like to enhance the coordination between JAINA and your Committee.  We are contacting each Committee to better understand your achievements, mission, and plans over the next two years.  Based on the information your will provide  (in the template below), we will be better able to understand the challenges you are facing and how we can help you strengthen your team and reach your objectives.

If you have any questions, please free to contact Manish Mehta, Sushil Jain, Deepika Dalal, Yogendra Jain (see email contact information above).
Complete the above by September 5th, 2009

Thanks you.

JAINA EC Committee Evaluation and Support Team

step 1: (option 1) copy this in another blog and fill this out  (then our team will post it to your site on (soon this will become
            (option 2) copy this in your JAINA Committee, paste it, and fill this out.  You will need to register and log in
  another blog entry and >>
Complete the above by September 5th, 2009
<<to see a sample one filled, visit (  )

Committee Name:

Current Two Year Plan for Year 2009 and 2010 (Specific deliverable objectives and who in your committee is responsible for the deliverable):

Committee Members (member names, contact info., and member starting year): 

Past Projects Completed Over 4 Years: 

Committee Activity Report (to be answered by Chairman) (Date when completed: Aug 15, 09)

How active is  your committee (very active, active, dormant, not needed):  

How often does the committee meet per month  :

Which committee member is responsible for email/web content

How active are your current Committee members (very active, active, not active):

How many committee members under the age of 40 people are active in your committee :

What is your Committee's Chair and Committe member succession plan?

Type and frequency of outreach and public awareness provided by Committee (When and how often do  your each out to Jains/nonJains?)
To Jains:

To Non-Jains:

Avg. Yearly Budget :  Est.  

Avg. Yearly Revenues :  Est.

Avg. Yearly Donation :  Appx.

Committee History:

Year Founded :
Founding Chairperson:

Year the current chairperson was appointed

Support: Please list the support you need from JAINA/other Committees


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task list

Posted By Chandra R. Vora, Saturday, August 15, 2009

Task List

Download File (XLSX)

Tags:  tasks 

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Project Plan for Summer 09

Posted By Yogendra K. Jain, Monday, June 29, 2009
Project Plan - work in progress

Integrate with new JAINA Website:
- Provide Jain link on the new JAINA website
- Update all links from JainLink to connect to JAINA website

YJA Integration: (Sonia and team)
- Fully integrate with them
- Get cross link going
- Download the YJA member information

Membership Import: (Chandra)
- Download all membership data
- Send intro letter to each person
- Get them to update their profile on-line

News Update: (Naina)
- Add 2009 dates and event

Donation Site: (Stuti/Mayur)
- Connect to payment gateway
- Get 5 donation sites going

Store Site: (Stuti/Mayur)
- Upload 5 items for sale
- Send message to all members about this

Jain Centers Connected to JainLink ( a link on their website to JL) - Soha Shah
- Boston
- Washington
- JCNC (Sudhanshu)
- Wisconsin (Kamal)
- Memphis  (Suren Ajmera)

Newsletter: (Yogendra)
- Jan newsletter
- Feb newsletter
- Mar newsletter

Jain Scholar: (Meetu)
- Send a newsletter to Jain Scholars only
- Send a request to join the group
- Upload new content and references to new articles, etc.

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