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Paryushan Day - 5
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Jai Jinendra!

Today is the fifth day of Parvadhiraj Paryushan Parva. We celebrate the birth of Bhagwan Mahavir and also remember Mata Trishla and her 14 dreams as per Swetambar tradition. Most of the Sangh members in North America celebrated Birth of Bhagwan Mahavir on last weekend.

Warm Regards,
Gunvant Shah
JAINA President

One should not utter displeasing words that arouse ill feelings in others. One should not indulge in speech conducive to the evil.

- Bhagwan Mahavir

Once a person takes birth in this world, he has many responsibilities. He carries out bad deeds for his family, relatives, etc. God gives us a red signal against the bad deeds every time. You will surely get to tie karmas when you do deeds which full of deceit and treachery. When such karmas come in the forefront, no one will come forward to save you or part with the effect of the karmas. No one is capable of sharing the effect of bad deeds committed by you.

In spite of seeing and knowing all this, we all close our eyes and play hide and seek! How effective is the effect of the deeds and attraction,
that you do not feel the shocks and aftereffects of it ?

The Lord says, “Kaddan Kamman n mocha athi!”

Only you will have to pay for the deeds which you do. If the theory of karma touches your soul, you will stop yourself from binding new karmas.

All the karmas which we have gathered in the past, we have to undertake all the results. And all the karmas which we gather in this birth, the results may be in this life or the next lives. We cannot put an end to the birth cycle before we bring an end to all the karmas. Only when we clear out all the debt of karmas, can we get rid of this life.

Once a person put his trust on a businessman and put his lifetime’s savings of Rs.50,000 in his hands. He did not have the sense to undertake any written agreement. Once the businessman had all the money in his hands, he deposited it into his bank account and thought, “As there is no writing, and there is no written document and there is no witness,
What is the need to return this money?”

After two or three years, the person came to the shop of that businessman as he was in need of money. The businessman said,
“Whose money, which money?
Give me the receipt and bring out the witnesses and give the written letter!” But the person had nothing. He said, “I gave you the money on the basis of trust.” But the businessman did not return the money. That person cried and vented, and went back his home. But he took this to his heart and died after a few day due to a shock. After he died, he was reborn as the son of the same businessman. Now see how he will have to pay off the debt.

The businessman was very happy to see a son born into the family. He distributed sweets and gave good education to the child. He spent Rs. 50,000 and then got him married. The expense was Rs. 100,000. On the first night after his marriage, a snake bit the son and he died instantly. As in interest to Rs. 50,000, the businessman had to spend Rs. 100,000 and once the interest was spent for education, the soul departed.

Remember, it is not good to do bad deeds. Nobody will share the effects of bad deeds. Make sure that you do not complete your life in the hands of bad deeds and laziness.

Sansari….. pramad..

Therefore, if you leave behind bad deeds and laziness, you will surely attain complete bliss and happiness and will benefit the soul.
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