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Paryushan Day - 4
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Jai Jinendra!

Kalpa Sutra is one of our important scripture and is widely read on the 4th day of Parvadhiraj Paryushan Parva. The 14 dreams of Mother Trishla are recited along with life story of Bhagwan Mahavir.

Warm Regards,
Gunvant Shah
JAINA President

My soul characterized by knowledge and faith is alone eternal. All other phases of my existence to which I am attached are external occurrences that are transitory.

- Bhagwan Mahavir

The Eternal Lord says, “Where there is awareness, there is life and where there is laziness, there is a fall.”

“Jo Sowat Hai who Khovat Hai”

There are many instances when we get up from sleep, but now is the time to awaken our inner conscience. If our eyes are closed for an instance,we miss an opportunity and give way to laziness, even the best of souls will reach to the lowest level.

The learned person says, “When we do something which need not be done, it is called indolence.”

  • If we leave behind Mithyatva, we will get Samyagdarshan.
  • If Avirti goes, Virti comes in.
  • If laziness goes, we become virile and active and can go up on the ladder of knowledge and penance.

To eradicate this laziness, the Eternal Lord has said, “The more you remain busy in the tasks of the world, the more you will be indulged in indolence.”

It was the time for Vyakhyan (discourse) and a businessman came to listen to it. After listening to the entire discourse, the Saint asked him,
“What do you do?”
The young man says, “I am very busy in business. I have a big business and have many relations to maintain.” The Saint says, “You are doing business, but
are you doing any religious activities along with it?”
Every human being shows great interest in doing tasks which lead to bad deeds and laziness, but when one has to undertake religious tasks, he does not have the time or is lazy to do so.

The saint says, “Please do some activities which are related to religion as there is no trust of this life.” In reply to this, the person says, “I am still young and have a big business to handle. I also have three daughters, whom I have to find good family and get them married. Once I send them to their respective homes, I will sit back and devote time to religion!” the Saint says, “Does not matter, but do come once a week on Sunday.” The young man says, “There are many other tasks on Sunday which I have to complete. The list of tasks for Sundays is made well in advance!” After saying this, the young man walks away. After one week, the headlines of the to newspaper said that the young man was going to some place in his car for business purpose, and had a severe attack on the way and died.

The intelligent person says, “It is time to wake up, the time has come to waken up the soul.” In this beautiful human life, if our soul will not awaken with good opportunities, then all we can do is regret later.

As a part of YJA educational material for Paryushan this year, YJA has created a daily tracker that Jains can use to focus on their goals for the Paryushan week. Take a look at YJA's Activity Tracker below for ideas on things you can do to better incorporate Jain principles into your lifestyle. From donating vegetarian food to a food pantry to getting rid of possessions with animal products or that involve animal testing, there are many small ways you can observe Paryushan even if you can't make it to the temple!

Looking for goals to set for yourself this Paryushan?
Celebrating Paryushan away from home?
Struggling to cook Jain food in a college dorm?
No temples in your state?

Try these activities that allow you to reflect on Jain principles and don’t require going to a temple, organized around the larger themes of the 3 A’s (first three days) and the 5 essential activities of Paryushan which are recommended for all Jains (last 5 days). Choose one goal per day or write in your own, and feel free to take notes on what resonates with you.

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