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Namo Sudoku


By Chandu Desai (previously published in JCNC Darpan)

A deceptive but simple game of logic, Sudoku is puzzling players all over world. If you're one of the millions of players who have already been captivated by Sudoku and want to add a JAIN touch, follow the simple guidelines. This will be a simple brain-twister, lots of fun, will demand focus, improve memory, and most of all it will provide a few minutes of "Divine Namokaric Mood." And yes if you are above 50, medical science strongly recommends you to play games like Sudoku to keep those gray cells active and avoid future brain diseases affecting many seniors.

  1. As in the original number sudoku game, goal is to complete the grid so each column, row and a 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 when all 81 spaces are filled.
  2. Using the key you may play four different versions of Sudoku: with Number, and three more Jain versions-English, Hindi or Gujarati.
  3. To get you started, we have provided all four versions of the puzzle and its final solutions. All you have to do is find a puzzle (from newspaper, magazine etc) and play with the version of your choice.

Perhaps this is one of the ways in which you may get tuned into the Maha Namokar. When you have solved for any row, column or square, check if you have all the unique Jain characters, each time reciting a verse of the mantra. In so doing you would have recited the Namokar mantra 27 times.

Mantra daily and stay addicted to it (Except this addiction is healthy for you)!!!



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