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List of all JAINA Projects
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JAINA has eighteen active projects, and the number continues to grow. These national and international projects are run by dedicated project leaders and volunteers, who work daily and weekly with JAINA in addition to their own businesses and professional lives. Each initiative takes action on Jain principles.

The projects listed here further JAINA’s vision to support communities of Jains in North American and promote the Jain way of life for future generations.

BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA JAIN EMBLEM AWARDS: The Emblem Awards Program brings together Jain values and the Boy Scouts of America to the young, service-oriented leaders of tomorrow. Visit or contact Sanjay Jain at for more information.

COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY-BASED CENTERS FOR JAIN STUDIES: A growing number of North American institutions that focus on the study of Jainism are offering open discourse and practical applications of Jain teachings in today’s world. Contact Sulekh Jain at for more information.

EDUCATION PATHSHALA BOOKS: We have 8 Pathshala text books and 6 reference books published. These books are used by about 3,500 Pathshala students across North America. You can purchase these books using the following link:

HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS’ NON-VIOLENCE SUMMER IMMERSION PROGRAM: This innovative program sends high school teachers to various parts of India where they practice Jain principles while exploring the benefits of living a non-violent lifestyle. Contact Laura Hirshfield at for more information.

JAIN ACADEMIC BOWL (JAB) COMPETITIONS: We have hosted JAB for JAINA and YJA Conventions. During the last YJA convention 50 youth participated in the program. During the previous JAINA Convention, 16 teams (80 youths) participated in the program. Contact Pravin Shah at for more information.

JAIN ELIBRARY: The Jain eLibrary website ( now contains more than 14,000 books, Articles, and few audio ritual files. In the past five years, more than 28,000 people have registered to use Jain elibrary. Over 300,000 books and articles have been downloaded. The total number of visitors has exceeded 1,000,000. Contact Pravin Shah at for more information.

JAIN LEADERSHIP FELLOW PROGRAM: This is a new initiative by JAINA’s Long Range Planning Committee. Selected applicants will have the opportunity to develop valuable leadership skills while making a significant impact for the Jain community. Contact for more information.

JAIN MENTORSHIP PROGRAM (JMP): JMP helps foster mentor-mentee relationships among different age groups to reinforce our shared values, strengthening professional, social and religious networks. Visit or contact Kushbu Vora at for more information.

JAIN WAY OF LIFE (JWOL) BOOK: JAINA will be revising Yogendra Jain’s Jain Way of Life, a contemporary handbook of Jainism and its principles. Purchase a copy today at from our online bookstore. For more information, contact Yogendra Jain at

JAINA ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM (JASP): JAINA’s scholarship program helps disadvantaged students defray the cost of their higher education. JAINA plans to increase the number of $1,500 scholarships offered to deserving individuals from 10 to 20. Visit or contact Mehool Kakabalia at for more information.

JAINA COMMUNITY PORTAL: The website provides members of JAINA with a way to connect and find out information about the community. The website and its administrative backend are currently being revamped. Take advantage of the portal’s new and improved features to continue connecting with other Jains.  Register for FREE on to receive our weekly eblast, news, connect with others, and much more...

JAINA INTERNSHIPS: The JAINA Legislative Internship (JALI) in Washington D.C. builds leadership skills while collaborating with the American Jewish Committee to improve Jain-Jewish relations. Visit or contact Chirag Shah at for more information.

JAINA WRITERS CIRCLE: JAINA has its own blog about Jain Perspectives on The Huffington Post. The Writers Circle creates and edits articles for this blog and other publications. Its aim is to increase awareness and understanding of Jainism and its values. Visit or contact Parth Savla at for more information.

JAINA MANAGEMENT OFFICE: To serve North American Jains better, JAINA is planning to have its own office facilities by 2020. A full-time manager, volunteers and interns are working hard to coordinate JAINA’s committees and projects in order to make this happen. Contact Parth Savla at for more information.

JAINISM AND COLLEGE: Written by Sonali Vakharia, this is a handbook to support high school students get through college happily, safely, successfully and in the most Jain and sane way possible. Visit for more information.

MAHAVIRA: A COMPASSIONATE HERO CHILDREN’S BOOK: Written by Dr. Manoj Jain and illustrated by world-renowned illustrator Demi, JAINA is proud to announce the release of Wisdom Tales’ new book about Mahavira. Visit or contact Dr. Manoj Jain at for more information.  Order your copy today by going to "Get me a copy"!

MANGALAM JAIN TELEVISION SHOW: Managalam is the world’s first television program dedicated to Jainism and Jain life. The show has been running on several networks and online since 2008. Visit or contact Dr. Mamta Shaha at for more information.

PLANT-BASED MEAL INITIATIVE: The Healthy School Meals Act is designed to help schools offer healthy, plant-based vegetarian meals. Learn more about JAINA’s continued efforts to spread vegetarianism across the nation at Contact Dr. Sushil Jain at for more information.

To learn more or to create a project, email your thoughts or ideas to the JAINA office at, or go to!