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JAINA Major Projects

JAINA Project Plan for 2010 - 2011

JAINA has been a pioneering organization for Jains in North American and world-wide.  Now it is embarking on several ambitious projects to achieve its vision of "To Live and Share a Jain Way of Life" in North America.  Over the last year a strong team has emerged and is poised to execute on these projects. The following are some of the projects and which JAINA's special projects team and committees are pursuing.  Without proper funding, these projects will never be executed and awareness of Jainism will continue to remain in noise.  JAINA is seeking your financial support to execute these and other projects:

Jain Video and Collateral Material Production and Dissemination for Non-Jains and Media Communications - (Prabha Mohnot, Dhaval Vasa, Prem Jain, Dr. Manoj Jain)
High quality information video and collateral material (brochures, on-line content) of Jainism in non-existent.  Academicians do not have professional materials to teach Jainism.  Much of the media is unaware of Jainism.  Jain Centers lack basic material on Jainism.
Project: To develop professional quality video, brochure on-line and exiting content on Jainism.  Also, to communicate with authors of books, articles, thought leaders, and interfaith members Jain philosophy and religion. This will be done through a minimum of 20 press releases, 10 articles, 5 radio talk shows, 25,000 literature mailing to High Schools and colleges, 5 You-Tube videos, 25 inter-faith meetings, and 200 blog contributions. Also, support which has 92,000 hits per day and translate this into several major languages.
Impact: 1,000,000 non-Jains are exposed to these collateral/video and they become aware of Jain and Jain Way of Life.
Funding: $100,000 ($50,000 for video development and $50,000 for distribution and promotion)
Leaders: Prabha Mohnot (Professor, active leader in Jain Center of Pittsburg), Dhaval Vasa (Program Management background), Prem Jain (Past president of JCNorthern California, Sr. VP Cisco), Dr. Manoj Jain (Past President of Jain Center of Memphis, contributor to Washington Post, Infection and Physician)

JAINA Membership Management, Portal, Donation, and Store (Chandrakant Vora, Paulomi Gudka, Girish Shah, Pooja Jain, Dipak Doshi, Jigar Vora) has been revamped over the last year with 100's of pages of content, blogs, forums, news, events, store, donations.  This has been done by 1000's of hours of volunteers.
Project: Å comprehensive database needs to be developed through merging of multiple databases, clean up of  membership directory, training of local centers and project leaders, and to support content development, placement, and promotion.
Impact:  Increase membership from current 2700 to 7000 members; support 20 Jain Centers; Integrate with Facebook; Add 100 popular books; Create on-line Donation portal
Funding: $50,000
Leaders:  Chandrakant Vora (Past president of JCGBoston, senior mgr. at Intel), Paulomi Gudka (YJA and YJP leadership, Teacher at JCGBoston), Girish Shah  (past president of JCNorthern California, past JAINA Director), Pooja Jain (News and Events coordinator), Dipak Doshi (Past Chairman of JSMetropolitan Chicago), Jigar Vora (Recently graduated from CMU, engineer at IBM)

Jain Way of Life Handbook Publication and Distribution -   (Yogendra Jain, Chintan Shah, Preeti Jain)
Over 3000 copies of this Handbook are in hands of Jains and Non-Jains already.  This handbook was funded by JAINA and donors.  Now in its third publication, the book has received rave reviews.
Project: Every Jain home (10,000) homes should have this on their shelves and offer webinars, discussions groups, lectures, etc. on "Compassionate Healthy, and Happy Living."

Impact: 5000 Jains should be able to articluate what is Jainism and JWOL.  50% of Jain mixed marriage spouses have read the book.  30% of Youths have access to the book when the go to college.
$50,000 to print, distribute, and develop on-line video and teaching material related to Jain Way of Life in North America
Leaders: Yogendra Jain (JAINA NE VP, author of Jain Way of Life book, Chair of JAINA Long Range Planning Comm.);  Chintan Shah (Past YJA Co-Chair, member of Long Range Planning Committee; worked at IBM and GE), Preeti Jain (Graphics Designer, Past JCGBoston Pathshala Director)

ISSJS - International Summer School - Jain Studies -   (Dr. Sulekh Jain, Dr. Shugan Jain)
The International Summer School for Jain Studies (ISSJS) provides an important link between the Jain community and the academic world by providing students and scholars the opportunity to study Jainism during an intensive summer program in India. Over 100 scholars have been trained. 
Project: Training 50 new scholars each year for a 6-8 week program in India (includes travel, housing, food, seminars, and educational material)
Impact:  25% of the scholars to teach at least one course on Jainism and write one paper within 2 years of participating in this seminar.  Also, create awareness among academicians
$2500 per scholar ($125,000 per year - 25 individuals/family sponsor each scholar and 25 Jain Centers sponsor each scholar).
Leaders: Dr. Sulekh Jain (Past JAINA president, JAINA Ratna Award Winner, Founder of several Jain Centers), Dr. Shugan Jain (Based in Delhi, recently received his PhD in Jainism, coordinator of program and fund raising in India).

Other Active Projects:
Vegetarian Healthy Meal Plan: Promote a strong healthy vegetarian option for school lunch (Dr. Sushil Jain - JAINA VP, Ret. Navy Captain, Co-Chair of Houston 2011 convention)
Jain Campus Outreach: Support and nurture in the establish and activity of over 20 North American College and Universities Jain Clubs/Organizatins.  (Ashok Damodia - NorthWest JAINA VP, Mgr. at Cisco, )
Jain Diaspora:  Hundreds of Jain organizations exist outside of India and North America.  Many of these organizations have very little link to Jains from other countries.  This project bring together Jains from all countries.  (Manish Mehta - Mid-West JAINA VP Manish Mehta, Dilip Shah - Past JAINA President, Pooja Jain)

Message to Donors:
Why Donate - You and others donate millions of dollars for our beautiful temples, vedis, and idols.  However, it is difficult to attract attention to other less tangible projects such as the ones described above.  In today's world when media grabs an inordinate amount of our mind share, there is all the more reason to invest in projects such as the ones described above.
Your contribution will have a profound impact on increasing awareness and sharing Jain Way of Life with North American - Jains and Non-Jains.
Who Will Manage My Donations - These project will be managed by talented and highly accomplished individuals.  Not only these project leaders have excelled in their own professions, they have been leaders at local and national levels. 
How Will I know The Progress - On-line!  Project plan, status, and progress as well as the content will be on-line and at any time you can view project progress.
How Much Should I Donate - Ideally, we would like you to donate a minimum of $1 per day ($365 per year). Some donors may wish to pledge $5,000 per year or $10,000 per year for five years to insure the teams can focus on project execution.
Where do I donate - Go to and click on Donate

Project Leaders Bio:

<< photos and Bio>> 

Dr. Sulekh Jain

On-Going Benefits and Services Offered by JAINA :
  • Opportunity to Volunteer - Over 20 active projects are underway and these projects are looking for volunteers.
  • Educational Material - 100's of books in English for Jain Pathshala and homes learning as well sample Curriculum.
  • JAINA Convention - Once every two years on July 4th weekend, this event attracts up to 6000 Jains.
  • Jain Calendar - Mailing over 10,000 color calendars with photographs of Jain temples  free of cost to Jain families across North America.
  • On-Line Membership and Content - New JAINA site offers fresh content and JainLink offers on-line Blogs, Forums, and secure membership directory.
  • Interfaith Dialog - Educate non-Jains on what is Jain Way of Life and core Jain philosophy.
    Jain Digest Magazine - Mailed to over 7000 Jain families and now will be sent to all Jains via email/pdf/on-line format
  • TV Show Mangalam - An entertaining show on Jainism and Jain practices broadcasted every Sunday morning.
  • Tirth Yatras (Jain Pilgrimage) - provides at least 1 yatra per year to Jain different Jain temples and holy sites.
    Disaster Relief - Offer you and your organizations an opportunity to relief efforts throughout the world.
    Political Action and Public Affairs - Gives Jains a voice in the political process to educate people on Jain Way of Life Education non-Jains on what is Jainism and Jain Way of Life
  • Long Range Planning - Developing vision, mission, and projects for JAINA and Jains in North America.
  • Jiv Daya (Animal Welfare) - Collects and provides funds to feed and provide shelters to the animals in India.
  • Scholar Visitation - Coordinates the invitation of Jain Monks, Bhattaraks, Nuns to North America for discourses.
  • Jain Academic Scholars - A portal for Jain Scholars to connect and share information and allow access to Jains.

    For Young Jains:
  • Young Jains Association - A vibrant group that has many local and national (convention) events.
  • Connecting Jains for marriages - A vibrant Jain Networking Forum exists for match making.
  • Campus Outreach - Connections Jains students on college campuses

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