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Pradeep Shah Biography
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Dr. Pradeep Shah Biography
JAINA Executive Committee 2015-2017 || JAINA Executive Committee 2013-2015
Dr. Pradeep Shah
South West - Regional VP
" We must fulfill the need of increased awareness of Jainism and its principles and their significance and relevance, to the world community at large. I feel that there is a need for motivation, mentorship of second and third generation 18-35 age regional, national Jain - Youth with the theme "I am a north American Jain” addressing, spiritual, educational, social, societal needs and communal participation based on Jain principals. I hope to help JAINA play a leading role in unification of Global Jain community. "

Education : Ph.D. Electrical Enrg. Rice University’70,
B.Tech EE (hons) II T Bombay ‘66

Occupation : Technology manger, scientist, Director SC Technology development, Product management. Founder president Tech Startup., Venture Capital, startup mentorship 10+yrs

Member Association : Jain Society of North Texas (JSNT) 1981-Present, Jain society of Houston 1883-1992, senior jainforum, Gujrati Samaj Dallas



EC 2015-17 SW regional VP, Initiated YOUTH participation initiative, created questionnaire for YJA convention, over 160 gave first time youth concern insight…lead to YJA online pathshala initiative. Organized and facilitated first ever successful southwest EC BOD meeting in Dallas, over 15 onsite and ~50 directors’ online participation and YJP BOD meeting. Lead first complete Sangh Kalptaru donation for Jain Digest. Assisting other initiatives (mangalam) fan-out. Significantly enhanced communication between JAINA and Southwest Jain centers. (New Austin Sangh)

Jain Community activity
  1. President: Jain Society of north Texas, two consecutive terms
  2. Active member of Dallas Jain Society of North Texas 1982- 2017, Executive Board 15+ yrs Member of JSNT founding team, Temple committee (13+yrs), dignitary committee, educational, senior swadhyaya, volunteer committees, leading Pathshala advisory board
  3. Jain Society Houston 1983-1992, executive member, temple facility acquisition committee
  4. First North American unified non Sectarian temple format. Represents Jainism interfaith organizations. Interfaith forums, panels, Addresses educational and church events.
  5. Hosted Jain one Hour Radio program (~2 YRS).
  6. Jain Educational: Fonder, group of Houston Jain Pathshala (’84), Teacher, educational activities: founding to 1992
    Lecturer in the monthly general meetings, senior forum Swadhyaya Bi weekly study group 15+yrs JSNT educational committee, serving as pathshala advisory committee lead.
  7. Professional: 40+ years of high tech, corporate management, 25yrs at Texas instruments as TI Fellow, IC technology, product strategy, product development ,management WW group leadership,
    Ten years of startup, entrepreneur mentorship, VENTURE capital funding management, consultant
  8. Founder president of University collaborated high-tech startup with state & NSF funding.

Stronger JAINA vision, promote global "Jainism" awareness Motivation, mentorship of second and third generation 18-35 age regional, national Jain Youth addressing, spiritual, educational, social, societal, communal needs based on theme.Involve emerging societies. Take JAINA to stronger self sufficient financialgrowth model for broader Worldwide activities projects...
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