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Pathshala Books
JAINA Education Books

Jaina Education Committee
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The JAINA Education Committee of North America is pleased to present a set of JAINA Education books for all ages of students interested in learning Jainism in English. Few books have been translated in Gujarati and Hindi.

The books are grouped into four age levels with additional reference materials. The books are presented in soft copy here and you can freely download soft copies. Hard copies can be ordered from the following link. All proceeds from the books contribute to the JAINA Education Fund.

The soft copy (pdf file) of these books are available free of charge from Jain eLibrary website.
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JAINA Education Pathashala Books
The Jaina education books are grouped into four age levels as indicated in the following table:

eLibrary Serial No Series Level Age Cost US $ Link to Download pdf file


JES- 011




Listing summary of Päthashälä books



Level -1

05 to 09


Jain Activity Book



Level -1

05 to 09


Jainism I-Basics of Jainism



Level -1

05 to 09


Jain Alphabet Book



Level -1

05 to 09


Jain Moral Skits



Level -2

10 to 12


Jain Story Book



Level -2

10 to 12


Jain Story Book (in Gujarati)



Level -2

10 to 12


First Step to Jainism



Level -2

10 to 12


Work Book - First Step to Jainism



Level -3

13 to 15


Jain Philosophy and Practice I



Level -4

16 up


Jain Philosophy and Practice II

Reference Books and Other Material:
eLibrary Serial No Series Cost US $ Link to Download pdf file


JES 901


Jainism and Spiritual Awakening


JES 902G


જૈન દર્શન અને આચારની સરળ સમજ


JES 904


Jain Academic Bowl Manual - Compendium of Jainism


JES 906


Jain Academic Bowl Past Questions and Answers – PDF file only


JES 911


Essence of World Religions


JES 921


The Book of Compassion (English)


JES 922G


The Book of Compassion (Gujarati)


JES 923H


The Book of Compassion (Hindi) – PDF file only


JES 931


English Pratikraman


JES 933


Jain Puja Book – Ashta Prakari Puja and Shanti Kalash


JES 941


Jain Sutra Book with Simple meaning in English


JES 981


Ashtapad Tirth Booklet


JES 982


Being Jain in College-An Experiential Guide


JES 851


Tirthankar & their Länchhan GAME


JES 831


Jain eLibrary DVD Set-1 (4 DVDs) Vol 1 – 4 or Vol 5 - 8

Level-1 Books (Ages 5-9 Years)
The Jain Activity Book (JES 101 - Level 1)

This book is a lively and delightful approach to introduce Jainism to our children. With big color pictures of the Tirthankars’ Länchhans and Tirthankar’s Mother’s Dreams, this book is very user friendly for all children. Puzzles, mazes and questions at the end of the book will make learning very interesting. Simple explanations of Pujä, Arati, and symbols can help our children understand the meaning and importance of our traditions and rituals.

Jainism I-Basics of Jainism (JES 102 - Level 1)

The book focuses on non-violence, vegetarianism, and universal virtues such as kindness and honesty. This way by exposing young children to Jain virtues at an early age, we are well on the path keeping Jainism alive in the Western world. The book consists of 28 lessons which include more than 150 color photos.

Jain Alphabet Book (JES 103 - Level 1)

This book introduces Jainism in an ABC format. 26 different words, from A to Z, are accompanied by pictures and explain cardinal principles of Jainism and Jain vocabulary. A for Ahimsa, M for Mahävir, and F for forgiveness are just some examples of the terminology represented in this book.

The Jain Moral Skits (JES 104 - Level 1)

This book teaches very fundamental and important life lessons like honesty, truthfulness, sharing, humility, and friendship through simple skits that can be performed easily in the classroom with simple props. It also has helpful little stage directions for performing the skits. Children will relate very well to the simple drawings and humorous tone of this book.

Tirthankar Game (JES 851 – Ages 8 to 12)

This game is a complement to the above book. This game creates an interest in the young mind to learn about Tirthankar’s name, birth place, parents’ names, and more.

Level-2 Books (Ages 10-12 Years)
Jain Story Book (JES 202 - Level 2)

The Jain Story Book, written very informatively, has beautiful color pictures to go with every story, and is in fact valuable for readers of all ages. Reading life stories of various Tirthankars, Ganadhars, Ächäryas, and Shrävaks will make us all proud of our rich heritage. Every story includes an inspiring Key Message, highlighted at the end. This very attractive book is a must for all Jain household.

Jain Story Book (JES 202G - Gujarati)

The English Jain Story Book has been translated in Gujarat

The First Step of Jainism (JES 203 - Level 2)

This stunning full-color book is a unique approach to connect Jain principles to everyday life. Basic principles of Jainism are thoroughly explained, and Jain values are exemplified with both stories from scriptures and more modern parables. Poems, anecdotes, and quotes from scriptures scattered throughout enliven the pages. Also included is a chapter on the practical aspects of Jainism, such as nutrition, consumer goods, and the environment that help us make conscious choices to lead a life of nonviolence. At the end of the book is an illustrated section on yoga and a glossary of Jain vocabulary. This beautiful book is essential for every Jain household.

Work Book of First Step of Jainism Book (JES 203Q – Level 2)

This is a companion book to First Step of Jainism (JES203). The work book will provide needed assistance to Päthashälä teachers and students of Level 2 classes. It contains homework lessons of every chapter of the text book.

Level-3 Books (Ages 13-15 Years)
Jain Philosophy and Practice I (JES 302 - Level 3)

This book presents an introduction to the tenets of Jainism, in a methodical way. Concepts include Jain theism, the theory of Karma, the five major and twelve minor vows, and a brief synopsis of Jain history and more. The chapter on the application of non-violence in everyday life and its relevance to preserving the environment makes a solid ground for practicing Ahimsa. This introductory text encourages youth to learn more about Jainism.

Level-4 Books (Ages 15 up Years)
Jain Philosophy and Practice II (JES 401 - Level 4)

This book covers all major subject matter of Jainism in a very comprehensive style. Topics like threefold path of liberation, codes of conduct and vows of an ascetic and a householder, meditation, contemplation, stages of spiritual development, theory of multiplicity of view points, six fundamental truths, Jain history, and Jain Ägam literature are explained in detail with Jain terminology and its meaning. This book will be very useful for advanced study of Jainism for a high school or a college student.

Reference Books
Jainism – Jainism Reverence for Life (JES 901)

This booklet provides a basic introduction of the Jain religion to English speaking Jain youth of North America and other countries. It briefly covers various aspects of Jain philosophy, ethics, conduct, scriptures, religious holidays, prayers, symbols, and the life of Lord Mahävir. It is also helpful for a beginner of Jainism as it touches important aspects of Jainism in an easy manner. Several Jain temples give this book to all their visitors.

જૈન દર્શન અને આચારની સરળ સમજ (JES 902G)

આ પુસ્તક ‘જૈન દર્શન અને આચારની સરળ સમજ’ મૂળ અંગ્રેજી પુસ્તકનું (Jainism Reverence for Life) ગુજરાતી છાયાનુવાદ છે. તેમાં લેખકે બે નવા પ્રકરણ ઉમેર્યા છે અને અમુક પ્રકરણનો વિસ્તાર કરેલ છે.

Jain Academic Bowl Manual - Compendium of Jainism

This book Compendium of Jainism is compiled using all Jain Pathashala text books and reference books of Jaina Education Series. This book will be used in the Jain Academic Bowl competition during JAINA and YJA conventions.
The committee members who prepared this material are Jain Päthashälä (Sunday school) teachers and not the Jain scholars. Hence, you may find some errors and also certain items may be applicable to one Jain sect and not applicable to other sects of Jainism. Please use the material objectively and provide positive suggestions so that we can easily incorporate them in the future revisions.

Essence of World Religions (JES 911)

This book is a simple summary of the world’s 12 major spiritual paths. With its easy readability you can get a good grasp of the essential truths of every major faith practiced today. Information about the founder, major scriptures, sects, beliefs and holidays is given in a concise manner. Comparison between Indian and western religion at the end of the book is very helpful in understanding the concepts clearly.

The Book of Compassion (JES 921)

This book is a compilation of informative articles about animal cruelty in dairy industry, animal byproducts used in everyday goods, animal testing for cosmetics, and meat industry’s effect on polluting the environment. It also gives useful information on use of alternative products to avoid violence, so we can live an ethical and compassionate life.

The Book of Compassion (In Gujarati) (JES 922)

The above book is translated in Gujarati.

The Book of Compassion (In Hindi) (JES 923)

The above book is translated in Hindi.

English Pratikraman (JES 931)

In this ritual, we have maintained the traditional flavor of original sutras along with their essence and meaning. Pratikraman means to go back, to reflect and review, to confess and atone for transgressions of mind, body, and speech in one’s daily activities. It also means returning to and reaffirming the path of nonviolence, truthfulness, and non-attachment. The English Pratikraman Book includes the sutras from various Shvetämbar traditions. The meaning of each Pratikramana Sutras is explained in simple English, which covers six essentials. This way youth can perform this ritual with proper understanding.

Jain Puja Book – Ashta Prakari Puja and Shanti Kalash (JES 933)

In this ritual book, we have compiled three rituals of Swetambar temple traditions;
Ashta Prakari Puja – Performing Puja by using 8 different types of material.
Mother Trishalä’s 14 or 16 dreams ritual
Shanti Kalash Ritual

Jain Sutra Book with English Meaning (JES 941)

This book covers the Jain sutras of Samayik, Chaitya vandan, and Pratikraman rituals of Swetambar tradition. It contains original sutras, their English transliteration, and simple meaning of each stanza of the sutras in American English. It also provides the brief history and purpose of some of the sutras.

Ashtapad Tirth Booklet (JES 981)

This book covers the brief history of Shri Ashtapad Tirth as indicated in our scripture. The scripture indicates that original Ashtapad temple is located somewhere on mount Himalaya. It is referenced the Tirth existed starting from first Tirthankara unto the last Tirthankar time period. However, it is a lost Tirth. Several field trips were organized to locate the Tirth but so far no conclusion on the location of Tirth.

Being Jain in College - An Experiential Guide (JES 982)

This book Being Jain in College - An Experiential Guide the author Sonali Vakharia shares her own experiences in the book and provides valuable information to balance the Jain values with college life.

Jain eLibrary DVD Set-1 (4 DVDs) Vol 1 - 4
Jain eLibrary DVD Set-2 (4 DVDs) Vol 5 - 8

The Jaina E-Library DVD set (four DVDs in a set) which contain about 2000 E-Books (pdf format). These files cover a variety of information on Jainism. Each set has about 300,000 pages of total printed material. It covers the fundamentals of Jainism, and includes several textbooks on Jainism by Ächäryas and scholars. In the special Jain Presentations section there are very interesting Power point presentations about the Tattvärtha Sutra, Pratikraman, the basics of Jainism, Anekäntaväda, Tirths in India, and much more.