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President's Message
Jai Jinendra!

Time flies so fast and we are today in last leg of Parvadhiraj Paryushan Parva. Hope you are in sukh shata and especially those who are fasting. Many of you will be start fasting from today with a desire to do Atham (3 days of fasting).


Ashok Domadia
JAINA President
Chairman - JAINA BOD
In this stanza, the fourth type of sthavara jiva i.e. Vaukaya jiva are defined and explained. VAUKAYA : Vaukaya jiva are living beings that have air as their own bodies, also known as air bodies.

The possible forms of air bodies are stated below:
1. Air existing beyond atmosphere i.e. stratosphere, troposphere.
2. Air essential for human existence i.e.Atmosphere.
3. Cyclone, windstorm, tornado, whirlwind.
4. Air that we inhale and exhale.
5. Fresh airaswell as whooshing air.
6. Thick as well as thin layer of air below the earths and some heavenly bodies. i.e. ghanvat and tanvat respectively.
7. All the other elements that are in the form of air.
Quote - Paryushan Day  6

The greatest mistake of a soul is non-recognition of its real self and can only be corrected by recognizing itself.

- Bhagwan Mahavir


We know that it is very important for us to go to temples and listen to the spiritual speeches but at the same time it is also important for us to follow what is told in those speeches. Just listening and not following will not help.

Once a man becomes sick and goes to the doctor for help. The doctor examines him and then writes out a prescription for some medicine. The man has great faith is his doctor. He returns home and in his prayer room he puts a beautiful picture of the doctor. Then he sits down and pays respect to the picture. He takes out the prescription of the doctor and starts reciting it. With all due respect he worships that prescription and puts it back. He does this everyday without forgetting. After a few weeks he realizes that the disease is not cured and so he goes back to the doctor.

He asks the doctor about the disease and how the medicine works. He obtains the full knowledge of the cause and cure of the disease. He gets so impressed by the doctor’s explanation that he starts to believe that all other doctors are useless.

If we understand this extract carefully than we will realize that we are same as the man mentioned above. The only difference is that what he does with the doctor, we do it with our religion. We listen to all the types of theories, the rituals, rites and principles but do not follow most of them. A patient cannot be cured without taking the medicines. Knowing the prescribed medicines is not enough for him/her to be cured. Similarly we should follow the guidelines given to us in order to be benefitted from what we know. All the Sadhus, Sadhvis, Jain Scholars are symbolic to doctors and we are their patients. We have to follow the given path in order to attain peace and divinity. Everyone worships the divine, but the real worshiper is the one who not only worships but also walks on the path shown by the divine.


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