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Join JAINA's JainLink - For Individuals, Centers, and Organization

Our Silos... We Need to Connect - Communicate - Collaborate

North American Jains have over 100 Jain organizations and
over 30 Jain temples. We Jain Centers in North America are Siloed!have been focused on our local organizations and have done a great job in giving all Jains a sense of belonging to a community and  promoting Jain values.  However, we also have been living in silos for too long. The Jain population has increased substantially and now we need a better way of connecting, communicating and collaborating. 
JainLink was created in order to keep the Jain community united and strong and share our collective resources. In order to do so, it is critical for the North American Jain community  to Connect, Communicate –Collaborate.

Your individual and center's participation is crucial to make this initiative a success.  
Why Jain Centers Should Link with JAINA's JainLink - powerpoint presentation

What is JainLink?

JainLink is an initiative by JAINA and many Jain centers to offer a web-based application that provides on-line membership, contact searches, newsletters, websites, surveys, quizzes, contests and connections to Jains all over North America. JainLink is easy-to-use, intuitive & secure.

For example, groups such as Jain IT professionals, physicians, motel owners or employees at Cisco or Jains with origin from Surat can be formed on JainLink's secure server. Such a community portal will bring together our mobile Jain community in North America, especially our youth. In addition, the new system will make the task of maintaining memberships at your Jain Center much simpler.

Young people are mobile and less interested in local Jain centers.  They prefer connecting through Facebook and MySpace. JainLink is a similar social networking and resource site which Jains of all ages can embrace. 

JainLink is FREE to your Jain Center as well as to your members. Extensive security features are in place to avoid misuse of the list and the Jain centers and members will have full control on what they want to show and to whom.  Also, any Jain family that moves to your area can easily change its on-line contact information and your local center's contact database will be updated immediately. 

JainLink Security and Anti-Spam:
nIn JAINA-JainLink we have enabled high degree of security and privacy features. An ¨nIndividual controls his/her own profile and "visibility” to others. ¨Other than name and e-mail, all other profile items can be hidden by individuals. nIndividual groups, such as your Jain Center, can control their own privacy policy.

For Centers / Organizations
Please let us know if your center would be interested in this.  We will appreciate getting contact information of your IT person(s) who is managing your membership list so that we can communicate them more about this service. 
To contact us, please go to the JainLink home page and click on Contact Us(on the home screen on the bottom right).

For Individual Jains
Simply click on Sign in and register.  If your center is not listed, please send us email to Contact Us(on the Home screen on the bottom right)

JAINA-JainLink Benefits to Centers and Members
  • Manage your own mailing list -Online membership management and updates (users are responsible for updating).
  • Keep your community updated - Centers can send emails, surveys, quizzes, high quality newsletters, highlight committee members and manage groups.Centers can also have their websites linked to JainLink.
  • Members -Members get links to consolidated resources, can join various Jain communities of their interest, start groups / communities and even search for other members.
  • Secure -Individual log in and control.


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