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Fundamentals of Jainism
-Here are some fundamental concepts of the Jain religion. This is a brief and easy overview of Jainism for Jains and non-Jains nationwide.

  1. The Namokar Mantra - Prayer of the Jain Religion
  2. Lord Mahavir and His Teachings
  3. Jain Reality/Existence
  4. The Concept of God in Jainism
  5. The Philosophy of Karma and the Nine Jain Tattvas (Principles)
  6. The Jain Path of Liberation
  7. The Five Maha-vratas (Great Vows) of Ascetics
  8. The Vratas (Vows) of Householders
  9. The Samitis (Five Rules of Conduct) and the Guptis (Three Rules of Preservation)
  10. The Twelve Bhavnas/Anuprekshas (Reflections/Thoughts)
  11. Samayika and Dhyana (Equanimity and Meditation)
  12. Jain Agam Literature
  13. Jain Puja
  14. The Fourteen Auspicious Dreams of Mother Trishala
  15. Yoga
  16. Meditation
  17. The Color Science of the Namokar Mantra
  18. Theory of Karma
  19. Jain Evolution Theory
  20. Basic Jain Concept of Universe
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