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JAINA Upliftment Program
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Since its inception, JAINA has supported disaster relief projects around the globe. We now want to extend our services to a sustainable livelihood project. Under the JAINA Upliftment Program, poor Jain children and families in India will receive quality education (for children), higher or vocational training (for young adults), and skill enhancement vocational training (for heads of households) to increase their earning potential. This will result in sustainable livelihoods to liberate them from poverty.

Donations for the JAINA Upliftment Program will be forwarded through the JAINA India Trust (JIT) office into the bank accounts of recipient families via partner organization per established procedure.

The child or family’s designation as needy (Rs. 4000/month or less in rural areas, and Rs.6000/month or less in urban areas) will be verified by JAINA partner organizations using pre-established criteria.

The adequacy and duration of the assistance will be certified and recertified by partner organizations. The fees will be paid directly to the school or vocational training center. Other incidental expenses related to education will be paid to families on an as-needed basis, as recommended by the partner organization.

Regions Impacteda

JAINA Upliftment Program will initially operate in the following states of India:

Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra. More locations may be added as per demand.
Statistics of families needing help:
According to statistics, approximately 17% of Jain families are living at or below the poverty level (earning Rs. 5000 per month). As a pilot project, we will start with small number of children and families to be supported / given education assistance.


Duration of Assistancea

JAINA sponsors should promise at least two years of support to each child and one year for family (while the head of household is undergoing skill advancement training).

The assistance may be extended each year, if the local organization deems it necessary after one year in the program (due to extenuating circumstances such as the death of the main earner, raising a child with physical or mental disabilities, etc.).

If sponsor chooses not to continue, JAINA will search for a new sponsor for the child and/or family.

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Correspondence with child and/or familya

You can correspond with the family in India directly. The child and/ or family will write at least one letter every four to six months. The partner organization and JIT office will assist with communication and progress report electronically and provide technical assistance.

How can you support?aA
  • $20 per month or $240 yearly will pay for a child's education (including hostel accommodation if needed). The cost includes school fees, room and board.
  • $50 a month or $600 yearly will assist a young adult with higher education (B.Tech, M.S, MBA, MBBS, CA, etc.).
  • $50 a month or $600 yearly will assist academically challenged children and heads of households with skill enhancement vocational basis training.

* The amounts shown above will vary on a case by case basis.

* Many Jain industrialists have already agreed to hire vocational training graduates with a starting salary of Rs. 10,000 per month or more depending on need.



Donate Today!a
There are many Jain children and families
awaiting your assistance to secure their future.

There are two ways you can donate:

  1. By downloading our Pledge Form
  2. Donate easily through our online donation form

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We thank you for your interest in the JAINA Upliftment Program.
If you wish to assist a child or family or have any questions please contact:

Dr. Sushil Jain
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