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JAINA Executive Committee 2017 - 2019
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JAINA EXECUTIVE Committee 2017 - 2019
Past JAINA Executive Committees || JAINA Executive Committee Portal (for JAINA EC members only)
Meet the Current JAINA Executive Team 2017-2019
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Gunvant Shah


"My goals are to make JAINA financially strong without cutting programs, help JAINA fundraising activities, organize regional Jain Milan Conventions (the most urgent need for the Jain community), work closely with the Directors from all Jain Centers..."

W: (732) 253-7049
C: (732) 331-5082
Mahesh Wadher

First Vice President

"To work closely with all the Jain Centers and see interaction in bringing new ideas that would encompass activities for all (youth, adults & seniors) allowing to practice Ahimsa, Anekandvad, Aparigrah to the extent that will be noticed globally, raising the bar for Jaina."

C: (909) 376-4027
Haresh Shah


"I see an ever-increasing need for Jain Centers in any given region to interact with each other. By increasing communication as well as sharing programs, best practices, and innovative resources, JAINA can be a catalyst for these kinds of initiatives."

C: (302) 740-9232
Atul Shah


"My goals to support JAINA fund raising, provide transparency of JAINA finances, create better disbursement policy and procedure, provide quarterly finance report, support activities which encourage JAINA members to utilize a place for worship, friendship and social bonding."

C: (630) 501-4373
Jayshree Shah

North East - Regional VP
(States: CT,MA,ME,NH,NY,RI)

C: (845) 298-2153
Hita Shah

Mid East - Regional VP
(States: DC,DE,MD,NJ,PA,VA,WV)

C: (732) 357-6628
Purvin Vakharwala

South East - Regional VP

"I believe in helping people and the community and I play an active role. I also volunteer and help educate people with professional and life skills."

C: (404) 409 0945
Rahul Dedhia

Mid West - Regional VP (States: IA,IL,IN,KS,MI,MN,MO,ND,NE,OH,SD,WI)

"To work closely with all Jain Centers in the Midwest region, increase interaction, bring new ideas for collaboration that would increase the involvement for JAINA activities. Promote Jain values to the next generation and increase awareness within and outside of Jain community."

C: (913) 795-1155
Dr. Pradeep Shah

South West - Regional VP

"We must fulfill need of increased awareness of Jainism and its principles and their significance and relevance, to the world community at large. I feel that there is a need for motivation, mentorship of second and third generation 18-35 age regional, national Jain -Youth..."

H: (972) 867-6255
C: (214) 621-8762
Kokila Doshi

West - Regional VP

"My goal is to strengthen JAINA and regional centers through education, outreach and creating awareness about non-violence, compassion and mutual respect. "

C: (858) 382-6763
Kamal Jain

Canada - Regional VP

C: (905) 933-7642
Ashok Domadia

Past President

"As the global community discovers the value of Jainism, JAINA has the unique opportunity to lead in this revolution for ecological awareness, animal rights, non-violence, and vegetarianism/veganism..."

W: (510) 979-9312
C: (510) 364-7939
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