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JAINA Executive Committee 2015-17

Past JAINA Executive CommitteesJAINA Executive Committee Portal (for JAINA EC members only)

Meet the Current JAINA Executive Team 2015-17
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Ashok Domadia


"As the global community discovers the value of Jainism, JAINA has the unique opportunity to lead in this revolution for ecological awareness, animal rights, non-violence, and vegetarianism/veganism..."


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w: (510) 979-9312
c: (510) 364-7939

Gunvant Shah

First Vice President

"My goals are to make JAINA financially strong without cutting programs, help JAINA fundraising activities, organize regional Jain Milan Conventions (the most urgent need for the Jain community), work closely with the Directors from all Jain Centers..."

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w: (732) 253-7049
c: (732) 331-5082

Rita Sheth


"To make Jaina financially stronger and the best service organization, it is critical to be donor focus to meet their expectations. For that, I would like to provide resources to meet today's needs of donating in a various ways and to provide prompt response to all inquires. I am committed to maintain Jaina's tax exempt status and other certifications by filing all required documents on time."

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c: (918) 398-6024


Shobha Vora


"Make JAINA a best service organization. Identify the unique needs of the centers and start a sustainable support that supports Youth to be JAINA Leaders. I also want to establish various programs for all of the Community"

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c: (408) 833-8822

Prem Jain

Past President

"The following is my vision for JAINA's future: I would like to make JAINA a global organization by ensuring that it is financially strong. By working together, we can make JAINA the #1 service organization for the Jain community in North America..."

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w: (510) 770-0503
c: (408) 981-4645

Dr. Mamta Shaha

VP Northeast Region (States: CT,MA,ME,NH,NY,RI)

"Build 24-hour JAINA Mangalam Channel to promote Non Sectarian Jain Education to all through TV and Cyber media. Work towards connecting Jain Centers with JAINA esp. small Centers. Work towards increasing women participation in JAINA"

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h: (516) 487-1852
c: (516) 410-8589

Prakash Mehta

VP Mideast Region (States: DC, DE, MD, NJ, PA, VA, WV)

“I would like to make JAINA a professional organization by ensuring it’s a financially strong. During my tenure I focused on the concept of “A Person Who Serves the Sick, Serves Me"

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c: (571) 331-1851


Hemant T. Shah

VP Midwest Region (States: IA, IL, IN, KS, MI, MN, MO, ND, NE, OH, SD, WI)

"With enthusiasm, structured efforts, commitment, teamwork and unity we together we can raise the bar for JAINA as a great umbrella organization for Jains' religious and community needs in North America..."

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h: (630 )933-8311
c: (847) 977-5462

Rajendra Mehta

VP Southeast Region (States: AL, AR, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN)

"I am committed to promoting the Jain Way of Life to the mainstream of the Southeast Jain community and help all the centers in the Southeast in any possible way. I would like to ensure our next generation of Jains carries the leadership torch..."

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h: 407-260-6459 
c: 407-376-1073

Pradeep Shah

VP Southwest Region (States: AZ, CO, NM, OK, TX, UT)

"We must fulfill need of increased awareness of Jainism and its principles and their significance and relevance, to the world community at large. I feel that there is a need for motivation, mentorship of second and third generation 18-35 age regional, national Jain -Youth..."

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h: (972) 867-6255
c: (214) 621-8762



Mahesh Wadher

VP West Region (States: AK, CA, HI, ID, MT, NV, OR, WA, WY)

"To work closely with all the Jain Centers and see interaction in bringing new ideas that would encompass activities for all ( youth, adults & seniors) allowing to practice Ahimsa, Anekandvad, Aparigrah to the extent that will be noticed globally, raising the bar for Jaina. Promotion of Jainism globally is extremely important for the world that is at unrest."

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c: (909) 376-4027


Raj Patil

VP Canada

"One of JAINA's distinctive goal is to provide a forum where, through free inquiry and open discussion, the various lines of Jain thought may intersect with all the forms of knowledge..."

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w: 9905) 792-8655

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