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Das Laskshana Day 2
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President's Message
Jai Jinendra!

Today, on the second day of Das Lakshana Parva, let us learn about second Dharma i.e. Uttam Mardav and keep ourselves free from egotism by practicing humility.


Ashok Domadia
JAINA President
Chairman - JAINA BOD
Quote - Das Lakshana Day  2

Have compassion towards all living beings, hatred leads to destruction.

- Bhagwan Mahavir

Day  2 - Uttam Mardav – Supreme Tenderness/Humility

Uttama Mardav is the second Dharma out of the ten tenets of Jainism. Compassion (Mardava) means to put an end to vanity or egotism. The foundation of compassion is humility. It is an inherent trait of the soul. In ‘Bodh Pahud’ Acharya Shri Kundkund Swamy stated, ‘Dhammo Dayavishuddho’ i.e. ‘Religion means to be adorned with pity’.

Just as the construction of a building in the absence of a foundation, the existence of a tree in the absence of roots, the rainfall in the absence of clouds is impossible. Likewise, birth of the virtue of compassion (Mardava Dharma) and Right Belief (Samyak Darshan) is impossible for want of humility. The attainment of salvation (Moksha) lies in humility or compassion.

There lived poor man named Viney Kumar, who earned his bread and butter by making baskets. Viney Kumar was polite and diligent by nature. He had become very popular due to his humility. All praised him. Despite being poor, Viney Kumar was content and happy. Seth Maan Mal had grown jealous of Viney Kumar at heart on seeing his happiness and popularity. The jealousy of Maan Mal assumed a furious shape. Out of jealousy he got the cottage of Viney Kumar set on fire. As a result Viney Kumar was totally ruined. The implements and raw materials like bamboo and twigs etc., used for making the baskets were also burnt to ashes along with the cottage. However, the life of Viney Kumar was saved. He appealed to the judge in the court for justice. In order to affirm whether Seth Maan Mal was really jealous of Viney Kumar, the judge sent them both to a far off unknown island.

On reaching the distant and new island they both set to work to arrange for means of livelihood afresh. Viney labored hard and charmed the inhabitants of the island by his service and good conduct. All began to show him honor and respect. On the contrary maddened with pride of wealth, the cruel hearted Maan Mal did not bring a change in his vain nature and behavior. Consequently Maan Mal received hatred and disgrace from the islanders. Faced with loneliness, disgrace and helplessness Maan Mal became unhappy in life. He then realized that his arrogant nature and bad conduct were the cause of his misery. Being sad and ashamed, Maan Mal apologized to Viney Kumar. Maan Mal pledged to follow good conduct and politeness in the future.

It shows that in order to get peace and happiness in life a man should follow the rules of good conduct getting rid of egotism and vanity.


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