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JAINA Newsletter:Value JAINA Provides, Tax deductible Donation, etc...
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Jai Jinendra!

The theme of 2018 JAINA Calendar is "Indian Art". You will see photos of Jain Heritage Temples of India, This and other important information. Enjoy this beautiful 2018 Calendar. It will be mailed soon.

Avail tax benefits under Income Tax Rules while making your valuable donation to JAINA. Donors above USD 250 would be recognized in JAINA Newsletter. Donation details are given below.

Warm Regards,
Gunvant Shah
JAINA President
One who cultivates an attitude of equality towards all living beings, mobile and stationary, can attain equanimity. Thus the Kevalis say.
- Bhagwan Mahavir
JAINA is the largest Jain Organization Outside India. Below are some of the values JAINA provides to our community




JAINA Calendar

15,000 families

$5 per calendar= $75,000/Yr.

Jain Digest Magazine

Free Jain Digest mailed 15,000 families(3 per year)

$4/family = $60,000/Yr.

JAINA World Community Services

Helping UNICEF, Houston and India in 2017


JAINA eNews letter

Weekly news letter sent to 15,000 families

$20,000 per year

Mangalam TV Show

Community Organization

$30,000 per year

Jiv Diya

$20,000 Feed and shelter animals in India

Government and Public Affairs relationship

Events at Capitol Hill

JAINA website

Upliftment Program

Helping disadvantaged students

Pathshala Education 

Material for 3500 Pathshala students

Jain Milan

Connects Jain youths for matrimonial purpose

Young Jains of America

Conducts YJA Convention with 700+ youth attendee.

Young Jain Professionals

Jain Professional Youths in North America

JAINA partners with organizations like JITO

Jain Community


Precious collection of Jain literature.

99 Yatra

Girnar Yatra.

Master Schedule

Helps visitors plan their visits in each center

Social Media

Facebook , Twitter, Instagram, Blog


It is time to consider charitable contribution to JAINA as we nearly come to the end of this year. JAINA requests and needs your tax deductible donations to ensure JAINA can continue to provide its unique services to Jain Community in North America. Donors’ names with $250 and more will be published in Newsletters and at Over past year, below are just a few examples of cost JAINA incurred and Services JAINA provided for free:
  • Jain Digest:$ 75,000 (3 issues)
  • JAINA Calendar: $ 60,000
  • JAINA Office:$ 20,000
  • Our Weekly newsletter is being sent to nearly 15000 homes
JAINA provided many other Services including regular Newsletters, Social Media updates, informative website, holding peace conferences in White House and Capitol Hill etc. In addition, we have 24x7 Smart Jain TV for YOU at a significant cost.

JAINA is the largest Jain organization outside India and is consistently working towards mission of spreading Jain Principles to next generation and to larger Community in North America. It is a well-recognized organization globally. JAINA is the biggest Jain organization outside India and is continuously working towards our mission of spreading Jain Principles to our larger community. Today JAINA is well recognized organization by not only US Government but also in many other countries.

It obviously takes strong financial resources to carry out myriad activities of JAINA. We appeal to you to consider JAINA for your year-end tax deductible donation. All donations to JAINA are tax exempt and we appeal to all community members to extend your support to the cause of JAINA. It is time to consider charitable contribution to JAINA as we nearly come to the end of this year. Our goal is to raise $ 50,000 by end of this year to better serve Jain Community. THANKS for your donation – any amount is deeply appreciated. Your donation is tax deductible and receipt will be provided per IRS Guidelines. Please click on link below.

Alternatively, please write check in name of "JAINA" and mail to:
Mr. Atul Shah, 948 John Friend Drive, Naperville, IL 60540 USA
Q 1: How many dreams does the Tirthankar's Mother get?

Q 2: Can you name the all dreams?

Q 3: What are other dreams?

Haathi means elephant. This is the fourth gate. As you probably guessed already, the gate gets its name from the stone elephants on each side. As soon as you enter Haathi Pol, you will see florists on the right, selling roses and garlands for worship. Pilgrims adorn the idols and footprints with these flowers.

On the immediate left is a window to get free tickets to do “Pooja” or worship. Although anyone can enter the temples, only ticket holders can go inside the altar to worship. Sometimes there is a very long line to do Pooja.

To the left, you will find an area for men and women to change into clean clothes for worship.

Click to read the story & listen to an amazing audio clip in English or  Gujarati .

Juhi Chawla's Compassion and Environmental Message


The queen Vamadevi aroused king Asvasena with sweet-speech from his sleep. The king also twisted his limbs out of inertia and arose from sleep. King Asvasena asked, "Oh Queen, why have you come here now?" Vamadevi answered, "Your Majesty! I saw fourteen dreams like that of the elephant and other while I was asleep in my palace - chamber. Please tell me the indication of it. King Asvasena said, "Oh innocent queen, you have seen much auspicious dreams. So your (new born) son will become a monarch or a tranquil ascetic." "You are right," said Vamadevi to her righteous husband king Asvasena, accepted his words and returned to her chamber.

Jain Society of Central Florida hosted Fall Picnic in November month at Sanlando Park. It was attended by all age group from kids to senior citizens and had great turnout. Here are some photos from the picnic.


Get excited for a new YJA Pathshala lesson coming next week! We can't wait to dive into "The History of Jainism" after Bhagwan Mahavir with a new video, flashcards, and handouts. We've heard so many of your stories about YJA Pathshala - being away from home and reading a lesson during Paryushan, catching up on Jainism basics that you never learned as a child by reading a handout on your commute, using YJA Pathshala videos to teach family or friends about basic Jain concepts. We are so glad that this program has helped so many YJAers and members of the Jain community - but we want to make it even better!

In the meantime - give us your feedback! What do you like about YJA Pathshala so far? What would you change? If you haven’t used it yet, why? What would you like to see? Fill out the survey by 12/31 and you could win a $20 Amazon gift card.

Click Here
A 1: Tirthankar's Mother gets fourteen or sixteen dreams.

A 2: All dreams are:
  1. Elephant
  2. Bullock
  3. Lion
  4. Laxami
  5. Garland
  6. Moon
  7. Sun
  8. Flag
  9. Vase
  10. Lotus Lake
  11. Ocean
  12. Celestial Abode
  13. Heap of Jewels
  14. Smokeless Flame
A 3: Two extra dreams of sixteen dreams are: 1) A Pair of Fish and 2) A Lofty Thorne.
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