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YJP Logo Contest, Anekantvad, Anaheim Health Fair
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Jai Jinendra!

Congratulations to Maheshbhai Wadher, Chairman - Jain Digest Committee, for realizing our vision of making Jain Digest self-sufficient - for the first time in 35 years of JAINA history! Thanks to generous donors and advertisers of Jain Digest to make it happen.

JAINA provides many valuable services to our Community listed below. As we close out 2016, kindly consider JAINA for your year-end tax deductible donation to JAINA. Your support in any amount encourages and allows us to carry out myriad activities through 30 JAINA Committees.


Ashok Domadia
JAINA President
Chairman - JAINA BOD

Birth is attended by death, youth by decay and fortune by misfortune. Thus everything in this world is momentary.
- Bhagwan Mahavir
Anekantvad is one of the three Jain doctrines of relativity used for logic and reasoning.

The other two are as follows -
1) Shyaadvaad- The theory of conditional prediction.
2) Nayvaad- The theory of partial stand point.

These Jain philosophical concepts made important contribution to ancient philosophy, especially in the areas of skepticism and relativity. After Bhagwan Mahavir, Kund-Kund Acharya was the first author-saint to expound the doctrine of Shyaadvaad and give it proper structure in his famous work Pravachansar. The proper classification of Nayvaad was provided by Uma Swatiji in Tatthvarth Sutra and Sidhasen Divakar further fine tuned Jain epistemology and logic by expounding on the concept of Anekantvad in proper form and structure. Acharya Sidhsen Divakara expounded on the nature of truth in the court of King Vikramaditya. There was a short conversation between them and it was as follows.

Vikramaditya- What is truth? Is it that which is said loudly, that which is said repeatedly, that which is said with authority or that which is agreed by the majority ?

Sidhasen Divakar - None of the above. Everyone has its own definition of truth and that is conditional.

Vikramaditya- How about traditions ? They have been established by our Ancestors and have passed the test of time.

Sidhasen Divakar- Would the system established by ancestors hold true on examinations? In case it doesn’t, I am not here to justify it for the sake of saving the traditional grace of the dead, irrespective of the wrath I may have to face.

In Sanmati Tark, Sidhasen Divakar further adds all doctrine are right in their own respective spheres but if they encroach upon the province of other doctrines and try to refute their view, they are wrong. A man, who holds the view of cumulative character of truth, never says a particular view is right or that a particular view is wrong.
Vasupujya Bhagwan is the 12th Tirthankar of the Avsarpani kal. He was born to King Vasupujya and Queen Jaya Devi in the city of Champa Nagri. He attained nirvana at Champa Nagri and had 66 Gandhars. The topic of his first sermon was Dharma Durlabh Bhavna.

One should think that true preceptor, religious scriptures and religion are excellent shelters in this world full of agony. All other things lead to misery and suffering but at the same time it is very difficult to get right religion, scriptures and preceptor. There are 15 Karma Bhumis, 30 Akarma Bhumis and 56 Antar Dweeps. In 30 Akarma Bhumis and 56 Antar Dweeps there is no religion, no scriptures and no preceptors at all. So people who dwell there do not even know what religion is. So the question of following religion there does not arise at all. Out of 15 Karma Bhumis (5 Bharat Kshetra, 5 Erawat Kshetra and 5 Mahavidev Kshetra), religion in Mahavidev Kshetra is permanent and exists through out but, there are a certain restrictions in the other two Kshetras.

Young Jain Professionals is looking for a new visual identity and needs your help. They are seeking individuals who can design a creative, innovative and professional logo design. The logo should be recognizable and help promote our organizations mission, "To increase the awareness and understanding of Jain principles and heritage by promoting networking among Jain professionals."

For more details regarding logo design and submission requirements, Click Here.
Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington
A “Jain’s Got Talent” was held on Saturday, December 3rd, 2016, at the specifically decorated auditorium of Shri Mangal Mandir under the auspices of Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington (JSMW). This show was the first ever event in the history of the Society since its establishment in the year 1980.

With over 250 attendees, this event had 89 participants who presented 45 items that were broken down between four categories: Minors (9 years and under), Juniors (10 to 20 years), Adult Solo (21 years and over), and Adult Group (21 years and over). Participants ranged in age from 3 years to 65+ years old.The three Masters of Ceremony, Savita Jain, Jatin Shah, and Pulkit Gangwal did a wonderful job of conducting the ceremony in a typically humorous manner throughout the event for which they deserved special thanks of the organizers of the event.
The performance of each participant was evaluated by a panel of three judges from outside the JSMW. Based solely on their evaluations, the winning performances within each of the four categories, were called upon the stage, and the first and second prize winners received trophies from the judges.

The auditorium was packed to capacity by the attendees whose general reaction was that the program of the talent show was a “grand success” and that all arrangements were well-thought out with meticulous planning as expressed by the attendees.
The program which began at 11 a.m. concluded at sharp 5 p.m.
More information can be found at:

Anaheim Health Fair, December 3-4, 2016
“A patient who could not stand up independently since 10 months due to stroke was taught how to stand by Occupational Therapist Purnima Karia” He and his wife were ecstatic. Wife said that she literally dragged him to the health fair as he did not even want to come there! This is one example of changing life of a patient positively by attending Anaheim Health Fair!

More than 170 people lined up early morning of 3rd December for Medical/Dental Vision care at Anaheim Convention Center. By Sunday afternoon organizers, the City of Anaheim. GBS Linens, Anekant Community Center and Lestonnac Free Clinic had treated 765 people! People had travelled hours to get their teeth removed &/or get medical checkup&/or get a pair of Eye Glasses – all for free! First time we had offered online registration and 150 people had registered in three weeks prior to the event.

YJA is hosting an Interregional Clothing Drive from December 5th through December 19th. Get into the spirit of the giving season and helping your region facilitate the most Dan (charity) by donating gently-used clothing that you no longer wear! We will be collecting winter coats, pants, tops, sweaters, warm hats, gloves and socks. Visit to find a repository near you.

YJA would like you hear your thoughts on where the 2018 YJA Convention should be held! If you want to see the next convention in you city, fill out the Host City Interest Survey at The survey closes on December 16th, 2016 at 11:59 PM EST. The application to host comes later - right now, we just want your thoughts! Email with any questions

JAINA is the largest Jain Organisation Outside India. Below are some of the values JAINA provides to our community:




JAINA Calendar

15,000 families

$7 per calendar= $100,000/Yr.

Jain Digest Magazine

Free Jain Digest mailed 15,000 families(3 per year)

$5 each = $60,000/Yr.

JAINA Convention

JAINA event for 4,000-7,000 Jains

Subsidy of $150 per attendee

JAINA eNews letter

Weekly news letter sent to 15,000 families

$30,000 per year

Mangalam TV Show

Community Organization

$30,000 per year

Jiv Diya

Feed and shelter animals in India

Govt and Public Affairs relationship

Events in White House, Capitol Hill, United Nations and Parliament of World Religions

JAINA website

Upliftment Program

Helping disadvantaged students

Pathshala Education material

3500 pathshala students

Jain Milan

Connects Jain youths for matrimonial purpose

Young Jains of America

Conducts YJA Convention with 700+ youth attendee.

Young Jain Professionals

Jain Professional Youths in North America

JAINA partners with organizations like JITO

Jain Community


Precious collection of Jain literature.

99 Yatra

Palitana Yatra.

Master Schedule

Helps visitors plan their visits in each center

Social Media

Facebook , Twitter, Instagram, Blog

It is time to consider charitable contribution to JAINA as we nearly come to the end of this year. All donations to JAINA are tax exempt and we appeal to all community members to extend your support to the cause of JAINA. JAINA is the biggest Jain organization outside India and is continuously working towards our mission of spreading Jain Principles to our larger community. Today JAINA is well recognized organization by not only US Government but also in many other countries. Our Weekly newsletter is being sent to nearly 15000 homes. JAINA biennial Convention has more than 4000 attendees not only from USA but also from other parts of world.

Let us make our organization JAINA stronger with each of us contributing as much we can, your participation is more important and each donation counts. Each donor will be recognized in our weekly newsletter and Website.

JAINA acknowledges the valuable contributions of the following new Donors to JAINA General Fund:
  • Vipin & Meeenakshi Bhavsar ($1000)
  • Nemishh and Shilpa Mehta ($501)
Your donation is tax deductible and receipt will be provided per IRS Guidelines. Please click on link below.

For making payment by check please pay to “JAINA” and write “JAINA General Funds” in memo line. Kindly mail to:

Mr. Haresh Shah
Chairman - JAINA Membership Committee
2302 Clearview Ave.
Wilmington, DE 19810-2525

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