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Happy Diwali Message, 2014 JAINA Calendars Ready - Get Your's Today!
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We wish you and your family and Happy Diwali one of celebration, connection, and reflection!

(Watch President Obama's Diwali Message by clicking on the image above.
For a full statement from the White House, click here)


DIWALI - Meaning, Significance, and Practice

As you are enjoying the fruits of past months Paryushan/Das Lakshan spiritual cleansing, soon we will be celebrating Mahavir Nirvan (official date is Nov 4. - same date as Diwali).

Celebrated on the new-moon day of Kartik, Mahavir attained Nirvana (attained liberation) in 527 BC. The festival falls on the last day of the month of Ashvin, the end of the year in the Indian calendar. But the celebration starts in the early morning of the previous day as Lord Mahävir commenced his last sermon (final discourse known as Uttarädhyayan), which lasted until the night of Diwäli.

Eighteen kings of northern India were present in his audience at the time of His final sermon. They decided that the light of their master’s knowledge should be kept alive symbolically by lighting of lamps. Hence it is called Deepävali or Diwäli, (Deep means a lamp and avail means series or multiple).(read more)

2014 JAINA Calendars are ready!

Do you want to receive your 2014 JAINA Calendar?

Be sure to update your JainLink profile today.

(Please update your full contact information to ensure receipt)

JAINA Calendars will be shipped out on Dec 15, 2013 for delivery before the Holidays!

(Click on image above to see all 2014 Calendar Images)

Register Today: 4th Annual Southeast Retreat - Nov. 8-10

This retreat is not to be missed! It is a great way to bond with and learn from fellow like minded Jain youth. Come join us at the 4th Annual Southeast Retreat at Tugaloo State Park in Lavonia, GA. Over this weekend, learn about Jainism, connect mind, body, and soul, and meet some new friends. Discover something new and have an amazing, fun-filled weekend!

Phase 2 Retreat Fees: Sat. Oct. 12th - Sunday Nov. 3, 11:59pm EST

$75 for JainLink Members
$85 for Non-JainLink Members.

To learn more about the event, please go to

To register, click on the button to the left.


Every year more than 46 million turkeys are killed on Thanksgiving. Read more

YJA has collaborated with these two Jain Centers to host pujas to pray for all of the turkeys. If you have never performed a puja, don’t worry we’ll have someone there to help you along the way. Our puja will last less than an hour and we promise you’ll make a huge impact. Please remember to wear clean, new clothes for the puja.
11/24 - National Jiv Daya Day Puja with YJA Houston
11/24 - National Jiv Daya Day Puja with YJA New Jersey

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