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JAINA Newsletter:ISSJS 2019, VRG Jain Study Program, Jain Centers News etc...
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Jai Jinendra!

International Summer School for Jain Studies (ISSJS) is offering an unique opportunity to learn Non-violence (ahimsa), Jainism & Prakrit Language in India with the three, four and six week long, stand alone and separate intensive courses for 2019 summer. More details are given below.

Shree Mahendrapuram Tirth is newly built tirth, in the foothill of Palitana, comprises of 1500 Idols with Shikharbandhi temple and Devalays, Dev / Devi idols, Dharmashala, Bhojanshala, Upashray for Sadhu Sadhviji and more amenities. Read more about it below.

Warm Regards,
Gunvant Shah
JAINA President
Let me renounce the bondage of attachment and hatred, pride and meekness, curiosity, fear, sorrow, indulgence and abhorrence (in order to accomplish equanimity).
- Bhagwan Mahavir
Q 1: What is Vaiyavachch Tapa?

Q 2: What is Vyutsarga Tapa?
International Summer School for Jain Studies (ISSJS) is giving a unique opportunity to learn Non-violence (ahimsa), Jainism & Prakrit Language in India.

The program is designed for undergraduate and graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, full-time faculty, school teachers and educators with an interest in the Jain Studies, ahimsa and Prakrit language. The three, four and six weeks long, stand-alone and separate intensive courses in ISSJS 2019 will entail morning lectures, afternoon field trips, visits to some schools, time in a few ancient cities and meetings with Jain professionals, monks and nuns.

Following programs are being offered for 2019 summer:
  • ISSJS 2019-4W (12 June – 10 July 2019): Click here for the details. This program is for undergraduates, graduates, PhD scholars, faculty members for 4 weeks.
  • ISSJS 2019-6W (12 June – 21 July 2019): Click here for the details. This program is for graduates, Ph.D. scholars, faculty members for 6 weeks. Financial assistance available only for 6W participants.
  • ISSJS 2019-Teaching for Peace (TFP) (07 July – 28 July 2019): Click here for the details. This program is specially design for School Teachers and Educators for 3 weeks in India.
  • ISSJS 2019-Prakrit (06 July – 27 July 2019): Click here for the details. This program is specially design for scholars in Jainism, Buddhism, and history of South Asian religion to learn Prakrit language.
For further details please visit or email at
Shree Mahendrapuram Tirth is one of The Unique Tirth located in foothill of Palitana, 5 kilometers from the original Valbhipur Taleti, Gujarat, India. The newly built Tirth is on Ahmedabad Bhavnagar Highway and 45 kilometers from Palitana present Taleti. Palitana is considered as Temple City and in comparison, we can say Mahendrapuram is a small Temple village. The village comprises of 1500 Bhagavans (Idols) with Shikharbandhi temple and Devalays, Dev / Devi idols, Dharmashala, Bhojanshala, Upashray (priest residences) for Sadhu Sadhviji and more amenities.

Jain Society of Houston

On October 14, 2018, YJP Houston and the Jain Society of Houston (JSH) participated in the annual 5K Walk for Animals, a community event to show solidarity with animal rights and other causes which promote Ahimsa. The walk was part of the Mahatma Gandhi Library of Houston's "1000 Lights for Peace" program, and participants enjoyed live Punjabi music, vegetarian snacks, and mesmerizing scenic views within Hermann Park.
Hindu Temple Society of Allentown

Hindu Temple Society of Allentown (HTSA) celebrated Paryushan Parva with all Jain devotees around the area who gather for various religious activities organized at the temple. The sangh had managed to get an esteemed speaker, Dr. Kiritbhai Gosalia, for delivering lectures (Swadhyay) for this 8-day festival.

Each day there was morning puja with an attendance of around 20 people ecstatically engaging in the bhakti of Lord Parshvanath, Lord Mahavir and Lord Adinath (3 main idols of the temple). Puja was followed by the lecture delivered by Kiritbhai. Not only Allentown sangh but people from Arizona joined remotely via video conferencing to learn from the Swadhyay.

The major weekend event of Mahavir Swapna Darshan was more grand than last year with more than 80 attendees. The policy of sangh to not auction the Swapna darshan laabh and in fact allow everyone to pick chits and get chance for Swapna darshan purely on luck is one of the rare policies seen around the world, which shows HTSA values equality and bhakti much more than anything else. On the day of Kshamapna, they had more than 125 attendees for Pratikaman and Bahuman. They had 3 Atthai Tapasvis and many Attham, 8 Ekashna/Beshna Tapasvis including kids.

Grishma Ganger
31 Upvas

Dilip Mehta
Siddhi Tap

Mihir Shah
26 Upvas / 5 Biasan

Das Lakshna at JCNJ

With great power, comes great responsibility.

Join our mission to further YJA's impact through local/regional events and collaborate with Directors to carry out projects that make a difference! See for more details and apply by 10/22!
A 1: Vaiyavachcha Tapa means serving religious teachers, ascetic, virtuous people, sadhu, sadhvis, colleagues, companion and needy people with devotion, including animals.

A 2: In Vyutsarga Tapa one stands still and meditates. This austerity is also called Kayotsarga. During this, one renounces the attachment for the body, and takes care of the soul.
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