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JAINA Newsletter:16 Bhavanas Book, Jain Centers News, Karma Theory, Jain Story, etc...
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Dear Sadharmik brothers and sisters,
Pranam & Jai Jinendra!

During Paryushan 2019, the Jain Digest committee announced a wonderful book on 16 Bhavanas and it has received various positive feedback. The book is available on Amazon for you to purchase. More details are given below.

Read below how Jain Center of Greater Charlotte Sangh celebrated Paryushan 2019, and Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington laid the foundation for one of the most beautiful temples to be built in Metropolitan Washington.

In the Karma theory series, let’s learn about Anubhag Bandh and Pradesh Bandh. Read the article below.

YJA is accepting applications for Local Representatives or Subcommittee Members. Details are given below.

Mahesh Wadher
JAINA President
During Paryushan, Jain Digest Committee had announced a paperback book on 16 Bhavanas on Amazon and received several positive feedback on the quality and content of the book; such as Lalit Vora from Canada says,

"I received my book of Bhavanas last night and reading it now. I don’t have enough words to describe my feelings to all those who worked so hard so we can continue our journey on the right path. I have informed all my contacts to look into this and possibly order one. God bless you."

In this book, the committee brings you articles on all the sixteen Bhavanas explained in English, originally published in the Jain Digest magazine during 2018 and feels that it would be a wonderful gift for our younger generation. Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai and Pramodaben Chitrabhanu have written the foreword for the book. The committee is thankful for their support. Read the sample pages here.

The book is available for $9.99 on Amazon:

If you are interested in ordering larger quantities (50 or more) to offer as Prabhavana, we can order the books for you at a 40% discount! Please contact Dilip Parekh at 310-721-5947 or for the same.

Jain Center of Greater Charlotte

Jain Center of Greater Charlotte (JCGC) Sangh celebrated Paryushan with great spirituality, austerity, penance, and jubilation. Their Paryushan program was graced with the presence of Tapovan Vir Sainiks and renowned scholars, Shri Nayanbhai Sanghvi and Shri Shrenikbhai Vidani from Surat, Gujarat. The celebration started with 18 Abhishek Pooja (JCGC anniversary pooja) and a Swamivatsalya two days before the start of Parysuhan. From first day of Paryushan, they carried out daily Snatra pooja, pravachan, swadhyay (gyan goshti), Devasi Pratikraman and musical bhavna programs. Kalpasutra Vanchan, Mahavir Janma Vaanchan, and Swapna Darshan were celebrated with the usual fanfare. Pathshala kids performed Saraswati Poojan under the guidance of Vir Sainiks followed by Nishal Garnu with great passion. Samvatsari Pratikraman was attended by over 200 members, which was followed by Kshmapana and Tapasvi Bahuman. The celebration was concluded with Tapasvi Parana. All 8 days of Paryushan volunteers had set up beautiful Aangis and decoration to the Jinalaya. JCGC continued organizing bhojanshala for all sadharmik shravaks and shravika for Paryushan. This year, JCGC witnessed phenomenal Tapasyas in the Sangh, which is a moment of pride for the Sangh.

Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington

On October 6th, 2019, Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington (JSMW) laid the foundation for one of the most beautiful temples to be built in Metropolitan Washington. It is planned to be built with white marble on a 5.5-acre land in Beltsville, Maryland, the temple will be a place of worship for hundreds of Jain families in the Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC region.

The 3-day grand festival, named Shilanyas Mahotsav (Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony), was attended by about 1000 people and marked with religious ceremonies, fundraising activities, and festivities. The temple site was a beautifully decorated pavilion for various religious ceremonies. A large A large 9-foot deep dugout was prepared around the temple foundation adorned by flags bearing Jain colors. The Shilanyas Mahotsav kicked off on October 4th, 2019 with a Raas-Garba musical program, where families in traditional dresses danced to live music. On October 5th, under the guidance of renowned Vidhikar Shri Narendrabhai Nandu, the entire community joined hands to perform rituals on the Shila and the day culminated with an entertaining cultural program. On October 6th, the fundraising effort received overwhelming support from the community with several donors coming forward to contribute toward the project. With more than $3 million raised with the Shilanyas event, the community was elated to see their dreams become a reality.

The Jain Center will be located at 4241 Ammendale Road, Beltsville, Maryland and is projected to complete in about 3 years.
The karma particles that get bound with the soul become a part of the karmic body, which accompanies the soul even in future births.

The duration of the karmic particles to be bonded with the soul is decided by the intensity of our desires at the time of the activity. The milder the intensity, the shorter is the duration of the bondage of the karmas. The stronger the intensity, the longer is the bondage of the karmas. The time karma stays bonded to the soul range from a fraction of a second to an innumerable number of seconds transcending into future lives.

Anubhag Bandh (Intensity)

Karma particles give mild or intense fruits to the jiva on the attainment of maturity. The intensity of karma depends upon how intense our passions are at the time of our activities. The lesser the intensity of our passions, the less severe is the result of the bondage; the greater the intensity, the more severe the result of the bondage.

Accordingly, there are 4 types-
SPRUSTA – just touched,
BADDHA—loosely bonded,
NIDHATTA—firmly bonded,
NIKACHIT—intensely bonded.
(the first one is superficial and loose while the last one is severely stuck with the soul and the remaining two are in between)

Pradesh Bandh (Quantity)

Karma enters the soul and becomes part of the karmic body. The exact number of karmic particles that get assimilated in the karmic body at a point of time is called Pradesh bandh. Allocation of stock for each variety of karma is decided by Pradesh bandh. Of these four distinctive characteristics, Prakruti bandh and Pradesh Bandh are dependent mainly on Yoga i.e vibratory activities of the mind, speech, and body while the duration and intensity of bondage (Sthiti and Anubhagbandh) are mainly dependent upon the Kashaya that the soul indulged in.
Two brothers, Vastupal and Tejpal, were ministers in the court of King Vir Dhavala in Gujarat. Tejpal was also a very outstanding commander of the army. Both brothers made their name by their valor and faithfulness. They helped the King to conquer enemies and maintain law and order in the kingdom. Tejpal’s wife, Anupama Devi, was a wise and smart woman who always helped her husband in family matters. She was a sweet spoken and a very religious and compassionate woman. Tejpal had always respected her opinion. Once, the families of both the brothers and many others went on a pilgrimage. They came to a small village. This particular area was not regarded as very safe for the pilgrims because the road was frequented with burglars. Thinking that they might meet some burglars on the way, the brothers decided to bury and hide their wealth in a nearby area. They started digging a hole, but to their amazement, they unearthed a big pot of jewels and coins from the ground. They simply did not know what to do with this wealth. Tejpal asked Anupama Devi what they should do with this immense wealth. Anupama Devi had no hesitation in replying that this wealth had come from a deep trench, but the right place for it was on a high mountain. This would spread the glory of Jainism. Thus, they decided to take it to the top of the mountain and spend it there.

The brothers decided to build a temple on Mt. Abu. It is known as the Lunig Vasahi Temple. Tirthankar Neminath Bhagawan’s samavasaran has also been carved in this temple. Tejpal had also dedicated two Gokhlas (niches) for two women, one to commemorate his wife and the other to commemorate his brother’s wife (sister-in-law). These niches are called “Derani-Jethani na Gokhlas” (The wives of two brothers are known as Derani-Jethani. Derani is the younger brother’s wife and jethani is the older brother’s wife). They constructed many more temples of which only the Delwada temple and the Neminath Temple of Mount Girnar exist today. However, the Lunig Vasahi Temple of Mount Abu is similar to that of the Vimalsha Temple. Fifty-two deva kulikas (peripherical shrines) have also been constructed on an elevated platform around the central temple, each with the statue of a Tirthankar. Elephants were used to carry the marble to Mount Abu for the construction of the temples. A place called Hasti Shala is also built within the temple complex to commemorate the contribution of the elephants.
Eating constitutes the greatest obstacle to self-control; it gives rise to indolence.
- Bhagwan Mahavir
YJA aims to host events in multiple cities throughout each region, but to do so, they need your help! Local Representatives act as liaisons between local Jain Centers, youth groups, and the YJA Executive Board. If you want to carve out a bigger role for yourself in YJA, fill out this application to be a Local Representative (LR). Even if there isn’t a huge Jain population where you live, apply anyway, and they can help you start to build one!

Subcommittee members assist Directors with their Education, Publications, Fundraising, and Public Relations initiatives! It’s a great way to be involved with important projects that YJA Board members work on throughout the year and develop various skills!

Being a local representative or subcommittee member is one of the most impactful ways to stay involved in the Jain community, so YJA encourages you to submit an apply! It will be a commitment, but it’ll be worth the effort. Keep in mind you can apply to be both an LR and on a Subcommittee, or on multiple Subcommittees. The application deadline is Friday, October 18th at 11:59 PST. Please apply:
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