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JAINA Special Newsletter: Das Lakshana Day - 10
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Jai Jinendra!

Today is the last and the most important day of Das Lakshana Parva where we get to shed evils within us and seek forgiveness from all beings. Uttam Brahmacharya is the tenth Dharma and it is said that practicing Bhrahmacharya automatically fulfills other nine Dharmas.

On behalf of JAINA EC and BOD, if we have knowingly or unknowingly hurt you over past year, we seek your forgiveness. Micchami Dukkadam!

JAINA will recognize Tapasvis by publishing their Name and City in newsletter and home page.

Warm Regards,
Gunvant Shah
JAINA President


Brahmacharya is a word with a very wide scope. It means maintaining physical purity by assuming the strict aspect of celibacy.

Brahmacharya means refraining from all pleasures associated with the sense of touch, e.g. a cool breeze on a hot summer day or using a cushion for a hard surface. The monks practice this to the highest degree with all their body, action, speech and mind.

Brahmacharya is derived from the word Brahma – Soul and Charya – to dwell. Nischay Brahmacharya means to dwell in your soul. Only by residing in the soul makes you the master of the Universe. Residing outside your soul makes you a slave to desires.

The vow of chastity is an ornament of a man and a woman both; it is a garland woven by auspicious virtues and is a gateway to heaven. Chastity is the most precious jewel of a lady. "The impenetrable fence which protects a woman is her virtue of celibacy; no other fence can safeguard her as well."

Observance of chastity keeps the body healthy and free from sickness; and it develops the mind i.e., sharpens the intelligence. All people honor a chaste person in this world. Non-observance of chastity sometimes make one suffers from many types of miseries in this world; also, he or she is destined to go to hell in the next births. An unchaste person always lives awe-stricken lest his/her immoral deeds should come to limelight.

The root of self-restraint or abstention from sensual pleasures is good conduct; and both self-restraint and good conduct are dependent on chastity. The persons who realize the need and glory of celibacy in human life come to know the significance of self-restraint and good conduct very well. The capability of sustaining the life force in the body is celibacy. It alone generates vitality, radiance and luster in the body.

Oh my God! I earnestly confess that this Stotra, the verse, is not composed to attain popularity as a poet. It is not recited to please any human begin. It is only a simple expression from the bottom of my heart.

These words were recited while I was in bondage, it was a prayer from a person whose heart overflow with Your worship and also to develop faith of the people in Jainism.

I confidently sat that whoever recites these verses with full faith and deep understanding, will get rid of all fears; may it be that mammal elephant, terrifying lion, horrifying fire, venomous cobra bloody war, thunderstorm on sea, killer ailment or any kind of bondage.

No fear harms me in worldly matters; but I want only the emergence of inner strength to conquer the situations of love and hate, agony and ecstasy, greed and misery, pride and prejudices, and so on. Oh God help me master the conscience… so that I can resemble.

Oh God! I simply made the offering of some flowers in the form of the words of my devotion but it came out as a great garland in the form of this verse. A thread of Your attributes and the flowers in the form of worshipful words are arranged equi- distance with devotion to form this garland of this stotra.

Lord, I am convinced by your grace, that any person who recites this Bhaktamara stotra with full faith and devotion, will become Manatunga i.e., a person with superlative attributes, where no measurement limit or no ego, even in its subtlest form can reach. And ofcourse, the wealth of the eternal peace and happiness for unending era will come to him. The one who will wear this necklace of this stotra. i.e., who recite this daily will gradually and surely achieve the Godliness. Oh Load, when will I achieve this Godliness? Please tell me… please tell me… please tell me… please tell me…!

Source: Param Pujya Acharyadev Shrimad Vijay Rajyashsuriji Maharaj Saheb

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As we know Hurricane Florence is pummeling the Carolinas with strong winds, heavy rain, and dangerous tidal surges. Florence is inundating communities and leaving over one million are without power. The storm surge has been as high as 11 feet, combining with as much as 50 inches of rain to produce catastrophic flooding. Compounding these challenges, Florence is moving very slowly with 90 mph winds and heavy rain. The storm will affect coastal North Carolina and South Carolina.

The rain has paralyzed infrastructure. Chances are high that every one of us has family and friends who have been impacted. Our prayers are needed for all their safety and welfare, no doubt, but there is an even greater need to help.

JAINA World Community Service (WCS) is launching a fundraising drive for the victims of this unfathomable tragedy and ask the Jains of North America to contribute. The funds will be used for a humanitarian project that will be selected & executed against once the relief operations end and rehabilitation work begins.
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