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JAINA Special Newsletter: Das Lakshana Day - 5
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Jai Jinendra!

Today, on the fifth day of Das Lakshana Parva, we will learn about the fifth Dharma i.e. Uttam Satya which tells us to give up falsehood and embrace truthfulness in our life.

Warm Regards,
Gunvant Shah
JAINA President


The word 'satya' (truth) has been derived by the addition of the suffix 'yat' with the root 'sat' (satya) are prevalent in common use; e.g. truthful, real, genuine, honest, loyal, non-deceitful or truth speaking.

While walking on the road a poor Brahman found a diamond, which was worth one lakh rupees. He was going casually with the diamond in his hand. A jeweler was coming from the opposite direction as if searching for something on the road. He looked confused and uneasy. Meanwhile seeing him restless at the heart the Brahman asked him, "O brother jeweler! What makes you so restless? See; I have found this diamond. If it belongs to you, please take it." Saying this he handed over the diamond to the jeweler. Then the jeweler said, "I had lost two diamonds. You have given me only one. Give me the second one also. Only then I will let you go." So the Jeweler handed over the Brahman to the police and filed a lawsuit against him. In the court, the judge interrogated the Brahman,
"Tell gentleman, what is the truth?"
The Brahman replied, "My Lord! While walking on the road I found a diamond lying there. I was going straight in a carefree mood. Just then this man looking vexed at heart was coming from the opposite direction making a search for something lost. I asked him,
"What are you searching for?"
Then he replied that he had lost his two diamonds. I then handed over one diamond and said, "See, I have found this diamond. If it belongs to you, please take it." Then he took the diamond from me. But again he said that he had lost two diamonds." At this, the judge made further inquiry from the Seth. Even then the Seth said, "I had lost two diamonds which I had dropped somewhere on the road. The Brahman has given me only one diamond but declines to give the second one." The judge realized that if the Brahman had not been truthful, why should he have given one diamond to the Seth, despite being poor himself.

Therefore, after deep pondering he declared the judgment - "As the diamond found by the Brahman was only one, it could not belong to the Seth. So the diamond should be given to the Brahman. The Seth had dropped the two diamonds together at a time, so he might have dropped them elsewhere." Then the Seth spoke, "Well, Your honor! Then let me have this single diamond." In reply, the judge said, "Now you cannot get this one diamond as well." Right is the following statement:

The flame of truth may be put down by falsehood temporarily for a while, but it cannot be put out forever by any attempt."

Oh my Lord of Jinas, Many prophets delivers sermons of their religious and beliefs in their own ways; but the method of imparting the philosophy and religious by You is quite unique. I have not even see such an unique decor at all.

My Lord, let indeed the the planets like Jupiter, Venus or all of them rise together, but they cannot break the supremacy of the pitch darkness of the night. It is only the light of the sun which melts the darkness instantaneously and single handed.

Oh God, those so called proud and big prophets and preachers are, in reality twinkling stars only, whereas You are the king Galaxy – the Sun. Where is the comparison? No match!

Oh my Lord, bless me to enjoy Your preaching and righteousness forever.

Oh my God of the Gods! Oh my Lord, I was just praying and singing the hymns of Your virtues till now. I know that those who come to Your shelter grow into grate people.

There is a mammoth elephant amidst the thickest wood with very erratic and obstinate mind. His madness is multiplied by several wasps muttering around the temple. He looks most frightening and powerful like the Airavat (mythological elephant having extraordinary strength, adorned with royal clothing and jewellery, who serves Lord Indra, the king of Devas) Even these type of mighty mammals are incapable of frightening Your disciples because of the greatest strength in Your shelter.

Obviously, I am not worried of such elephants approaching me. However, there is a draconic elephant in form of uncontrollable mind that creates a big chaos in my life. Lord, provide me sufficient strength to control the mammal of my wavering mind and feel the conclusive touch of Your warm lap.

Source: Param Pujya Acharyadev Shrimad Vijay Rajyashsuriji Maharaj Saheb

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