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JAINA Special Newsletter: Das Lakshana Day - 4
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Jai Jinendra!

Today, on fourth day of Das Lakshana Parva, we will observe fourth Dharma i.e Uttam Shauch, which teaches us to be content with what we have and lessen the worldly possessions.

Warm Regards,
Gunvant Shah
JAINA President


Sauch means sacredness, cleanliness, to be pure, to be clean, to be spotless and to be non-greedy.

The humanitarian approach to lessen the miseries of living beings is included in the abstention from greed of worldly possessions. Contentment aims at putting a limit on the worldly possessions by individuals according to their needs and desires. Supreme Contentment is to discard different types of greeds.

A king very often visited a saint to seek his blessings. He would always pray to him only to give him some holy sermon. The saint paid no attention to his frequent requests. One day the king made a forceful appeal to the saint. At length, the saint was appeased and said to the king, "Tomorrow I shall visit your royal palace and deliver my sermon there." The king was overjoyed and again insisted that the saint should oblige him by taking his meals too in the royal palace. The saint readily consented to it. The next day the saint reached the royal palace at the appointed time taking his begging bowl. The king had devotedly got prepared various types of delicacies and dainty dishes for the saint. At first, the king wished to serve to the saint kheer, a preparation of milk and rice. The saint brought forward his begging bowl to take it. The king peeped inside the bowl and drew back his hand without serving the kheer into the bowl. At this, the saint stood up and got ready to go back. The king was terrified, as the saint had neither taken meals nor delivered a sermon. The the saint asked perplexed king, "O holy saint! You neither took meals nor delivered a sermon as per your promise; still, you are going back home leaving us in the lurch." The saint promptly replied, "I have delivered my sermon, which you have failed to grasp." The king stood dumbfounded. Then the king asked the perplexed king,
"Why did you not serve the kheer into my bowl?"
The king said, "Holy Sir! Dust particles and pebbles were lying in your bowl. I did not serve the kheer into the bowl, lest my nectar like sweet and tasty kheer should get spoiled." The saint said, "I had also to teach you this lesson that your mind is full of filth and dirt in the shape of evil passions like anger, vanity, arrogance, and greed. Until and unless your mind on being relieved of these evil passions becomes purified,
how should I deliver my sermon to you?
In the present state of mind, my sermon will also be futile and go waste."

As a living being goes on discarding evil passions like greed, anger, and vanity he marches on ahead in the direction of uplifting his soul and attains perfect purity of soul. We should aim at achieving purity of soul. Besides discarding the evil passion of internal greed, freedom from external greed is also very essential.

O luminous God! A grand Aura – circle, proving the unprecedented achievements of supreme Yoga Sadhana, is glittering behind your head. Oh, what a shining is of the Aura before which the light of all the three worlds fall pale! In the presence of your Aura- circle, the light not of only one, but of serval suns also become dim!! And however, this Aura – circle of yours is cool and beautiful defeating the tranquil night, shining with that full moon.

Glory be yours, O my God! There is light of several suns in your Aura – circle, but without any heart...! There is beauty of moon in your Aura – circle, but without shivering cold in it!!

O sweeter, Supreme – most Lord! Your discourse always flows in Raga Malkanus, but where there is song the music should be there. In this speech of yours, the celestial deities provide accompaniment of their divine musical Instruments... As a results, your speech seems to be divine speech. This divine speech, flowing wherever and whenever very exactly clears the path of heaven and salvation. It wisely proclaims the sense of righteous in their respective languages by all celestial begins, by human begins of all the nations and by the animals of all the places. All the living beings understand this speech of yours in their own languages… and all the substances of the world become crystal – clear to these listeners.

O God! Your speech only is the savior and uplifts of those worthy people who want salvation.

Oh my God! Oh Indra of Jinas!

Your personality clad with offerings of flowers by the deities at the time of your imparting enlightenment is lovely. How to explain the scene of your movements! The deities make offerings of golden lotus at all the places where your holy feet are to be stepped.

To fulfill the desire of having you in their hearts, the deities wish that they could have pulled their heart out of their body to record your footprints on it. Alas, they could not so, and to show their deep feeling of gratitude, they spread golden lotuses on the places where you step on.

Source: Param Pujya Acharyadev Shrimad Vijay Rajyashsuriji Maharaj Saheb

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