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JAINA Special Newsletter: Das Lakshana Day - 3
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Jai Jinendra!

Today, many Shravak and Shravikas will be completing Atham (3 Upvas). Wish you all sukh sata. Let’s learn the 3rd Dharma, Uttam Arjava which means Supreme Straightforwardness.

Warm Regards,
Gunvant Shah
JAINA President


Uttam Arjava is the third virtue out of the ten supreme virtues. The word Arjava means straightforwardness, simplicity, honesty, non-hypocrisy, large-heartedness and freedom from deceit. If a devotee wants to carry on his life journey in a well-planned, simple and unhindered manner, it is essential for him/her to give up hypocrisy or crookedness.

Most of the politicians indulge in deceit; for they believe that they cannot perform in politics without deceitful conduct. But it is a confirmed truth that religion cannot be practiced without giving up deceit. The two things are contradictory. Politics is the thing of the physical world. We can live life even without politics. But the boat of life cannot sail across the river from one bank to the other in the absence of religion.

King Pushpchu ruled over Pattanpur City. Seeing the Grey hair on his head, he became detached from the worldly enjoyments. Being initiated as a nude Jain monk, he began to perform severe penance. His queen Pushpdatta also followed suit to him. Going to a Head Nun (Aryika Pramukh) named Brahmila, she got herself initiated as a female ascetic or Nun (Aryika). But she had not the least feeling of detachment in her heart. She adorned her body day in and day out and applied perfumed oil on her body. One-day nun Brahmila said to her, "It does not befit a renounced lady like you to adorn yourself thus. " Hearing this Pushpdatta said, "My body has natural fragrance. I apply no perfumed oil." Consequently, she suffered for her deceitful action. After death, she was reborn as a daughter of a maidservant of a Seth. Her body now gave out foul smell. Hence, all the people looked down on her. Right it is, "Those who are deceitful in conduct with their teachers and elders, come to such a state of affairs." Therefore, one should never do a deceitful deed in order to escape ill luck. After committing a deceitful deed, even if we try our best to conceal it, we shall utterly fail. Hence, "If you are wrong, don't be afraid to admit it. Everyone makes mistakes.  No one is perfect. Do not be ashamed of having erred. Be ashamed if you are so little, so lacking in broad-mindedness that you cannot own up to your mistakes. Then indeed you need pity.

The snare of deceit must break down one day or the other, thereafter when it is exposed, the deceitful person has to undergo a very miserable plight. Therefore, we should always follow the superb virtue of uprightness or honesty (Uttama Arjava) beneficial to self and others as well.

Oh my Adinath!

My inner pilgrimage of contemplation goes ahead. Once again I see above your throne. I find three silverine ornaments umbrellas on you; below the leaves and branches of Ashokavirksha protecting your body from the harsh Sun rays.

But my Lord. I know that those umbrellas are not just making a silent appearance around you. They are cheerfully announcing that they are privileged by their position above yourself and making it known to all that you are the undisputed emperor of all the three Lokas.

O glorious God! You are the Lord of the empire of religion. This empire of religion proclaims its victory when you divine discourse. This glory is sung by those divine trumpets. It seems as if these divine trumpets are anger to create auspicious communion of the aspirants of salvation existing in three worlds. It seems, as if these divine trumpets are proclaiming your glory in three worlds. Their deep and high pitch voice has filled each and every corner of all the ten direction.

O God of Gods! The celestial deities are ever – anxious to serve you. They aspire to remain at your lotus feet forever. But it is not possible for these celestial deities as they are residing in heaven. Therefore, they shower the divine flowers of heavenly tress of Kalpaviksha, Mandar, Sundar, Nameru, Parijat, Santanka, etc. These flowers falling from the sky and the flowers grown in water and on earth are mixed with cool, gentles breeze. But when these flowers come down and reach unto lotus mouth, it seems as if your divine speech is being showered in form of Rain of Flowers on the earth.

Source: Param Pujya Acharyadev Shrimad Vijay Rajyashsuriji Maharaj Saheb

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