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JAINA Special Newsletter: Das Lakshana Day - 1
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Jai Jinendra!

I wish you all sukh sata, On the first day of this Das Lakshana Parva. Its the festival for the observance of ten universal virtues. During this ten days we will learn about each Dharma and its significance. Uttam Kshama is the first Dharma among all 10 Dharmas..

Warm Regards,
Gunvant Shah
JAINA President


The word Kshama means patience, forbearance, and pardon. Uttama Kshama is the first Dharma out of the ten Dharma of Jains.

Not to develop malice or ill-will despite confronting with unbearable causes of anger like defiance, chiding and bodily torture is Uttama Kshama. The conduct of a man, who does not get the least enraged even on finding obvious reasons for exciting anger, is in keeping with Uttama Kshama Dharma. To forgive one with evil perception or him who utters unpleasant words and makes efforts to cause anguish and torture without any reason is the first category of Kshama. To pardon one who nourishes thoughts of oppressing and killing for no reason is the second category of Kshama. ‘Kshamti iti Kshama’ one who practices forgiveness (Kshama) under all odds is entitled as a possessor of the virtue of Supreme Forgiveness.

Once it so happened that when saint Tuka Ram had distributed all his belongings amongst the poor, one day the state of starvation arose in his home. His wife said, “What are you doing sitting idle here? Go and fetch a bundle of sugarcane from the fields. We shall be able to pass the day anyhow by eating them. Consequently, when Tuka Ram set out for the home with a bundle of sugarcane from the field; on the way beggars enveloped him and begged for sugarcanes. ” Tuka Ram gave one sugarcane each to every beggar. When he reached home, only one sugarcane was left with him. Seeing one sugarcane the hungry wife was enraged. She snatched the sugarcane from Tuka Ram’s hands and started beating him with it. As a result, the sugarcane broke down into two equal parts. Now her anger subsided. In spite of getting beatings from his wife, the calm and forgiving Tuka Ram spoke with a smile. “What a good wife! You have divided the sugarcane into two equal pieces. You suck one and I will suck the other.”

Seeing the infinite ocean of forgiveness and love in the midst of furiously raging fire of anger, tears rolled down from the eyes of the lady. Tuka Ram wiped off her tears with the fold of his turban, fed her whole of the sugarcane after peeling it. Howsoever cruel and angry a being may be, he becomes calm in the presence of a forgiver. Jain Acharyas have termed anger as the greatest enemy of human beings. If this enemy (anger) takes possession of a living being, it ruins all his virtues.

It has been rightly said:

Krodho he shatru prathamo naranam, dehsthito dehvinashnae
Yatha stith kashtgato hi vahi, sa aiv vahivardahte ch kashtam

Anger concealed in the body of a man becomes the cause of his own ruin, just as fire hidden in wood destroys itself. Likewise anger on getting enraged kills the angered one. In this universe there is no such devil as will devour his mother. But this devil anger first eats up that very heart which breeds it as a mother and later on it eats up others as well.

Oh God of the Gods!

Some people asked me,”It is all right about God Adinath, but who are BUDDHA, SHANKARA and BRAHMA?

Lord I have no words to describe their characters, I expressly told them that I know one and the only Veetaraga, one and the only ADINATHA, one and the only TIRTHANKARA. Then I told them to listen the true meaning of their names: The one who possesses the entirely developed intelligence of KEVALJNANA is BUDDHA.

SHANKARA also is a direct meaning of your attribute,” Shan” means Kalyana and “Kara” means the performer. So these words mean that the one who performs the process of implementing entrant bliss in mankind is “Shankara”.

By your justful observations, pious character, constant awareness and supreme Enlightenment, you are the only one, by practicing whose preaching, one can attain salvation; and hence you are the true BRAHMA.

Your life is full of penance, awareness, enlightenment and is absolutely neutral. These attribute easily define you as the Greatest Man.

Oh my God! Simply bow at your feet because you are the destroyer the troubles of all the three lokas! Oh great ornament of the earth, accept my salutations in your feet.

Oh supreme God of Tribhuvan (i.e Devalok, Manav Loka and Danva Loka) accept my offerings in your feet. God! You are the only source with whose blessings, I can swim across the salty waters of the Samsara –Sagara and overcome my short comings of Adhi, Vyadhi and Upadhi. Kindly accept my offerings for lifting humankind to Moksha.

Salutations…! Salutations…! Salutations…!

Crores and Crores of salutations unto you!

Oh my God ! Someone asked me “How is it that your God has all the good qualities only and no short – coming at all?”

I replied, “Look! There are envy and ire desires and attachments, wants and miseries and endless vices. I asked them as to why do they avoid approaching Bhagwan Adinath?”

They all replies together, “We have found our comfortable abodes elsewhere.” For example, anger with Mahadeva, pride with Parashuram, politics and attachment unto multiple rasas of senses with Krishna and sluggishness with Brahma. Your Adidev is KEVALJNANI, therefore, what is the use of approaching him? He is having total enlightenment and constant awareness. How can we go there? We have no place to enter!”

Source: Param Pujya Acharyadev Shrimad Vijay Rajyashsuriji Maharaj Saheb

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