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JAINA Special Newsletter: Das Lakshana Day 10 - Supreme Chasity
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Dear Sadharmik brothers and sisters,
Pranam & Jai Jinendra!

Today is the last and the most important day of Das Lakshana Parva!

It is time to shed evil within us and seek forgiveness from all beings.

On behalf of JAINA EC and BOD, if we have knowingly or unknowingly hurt you over the past year, we seek your forgiveness. Micchami Dukkadam!

The United Nations Organisation has declared International Non-violence day on October 2nd. Read below a request from Dr. Surendra Singh Ji Pokharna, a senior ISRO scientist, on celebrating non-violence day. Let us come together and practice Ahimsa in our daily life.

JAINA will recognize Tapasvis by publishing their name and City in Newsletter and at home page. Please fill out the Anumodna form given below.

Mahesh Wadher
JAINA President


‘The ills of life are cured if you root out lust from your heart.’

Brahmacharya is a word with a very wide scope. It means maintaining physical purity by assuming the strict aspect of celibacy. (Brahma) means soul, which is chaste, enlightened, eternal and blissful. To become fully engrossed in the soul is Brahmacharya - celibacy. The vow of chastity is an ornament of a man and a woman both; it is a garland woven by auspicious virtues and is a gateway to heaven. Chastity is the most precious jewel of a lady. "The impenetrable fence which protects a woman is her virtue of celibacy; no other fence can safeguard her as well."

Observance of chastity keeps the body healthy and free from sickness; and it develops the mind i.e., sharpens the intelligence. All people honor a chaste person in this world. Non-observance of chastity sometimes makes one suffers from many types of miseries in this world; also, he or she is destined to go to hell in the next births. An unchaste person always lives awe-stricken lest his/her immoral deeds should come to limelight.

The root of self-restraint or abstention from sensual pleasures is good conduct, and both self-restraint and good conduct are dependent on chastity. The persons who realize the need and glory of celibacy in human life come to know the significance of self-restraint and good conduct very well. The capability of sustaining the life force in the body is celibacy. It alone generates vitality, radiance, and luster in the body.



Dr. Surendra Singh Ji Pokharna, a senior ISRO scientist and a Jain Scholar from Ahmedabad, appeals to Jains to celebrate October 2nd as Ahimsa Day. Please read below a message from him.

As we know, The United Nations Organization (UNO) has declared the birth anniversary of the great Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi (October 2) as an International Non-Violence Day. The concept of non-violence has become very important in the present time because of the many issues mentioned below.
  • These days, daily we have some incidents of violence against men, women, and children, including mob violence, shootings in public places and others. Terrorism and Senseless violence are also on the increase
  • Non-violence is required because, in the past forty years, half of the animal kingdom has become extinct due to human activities, climate change, and other factors, without allowing time to the species to adapt to changes. Around 25,000 biological species are getting extinct every year. Around 150 billion living beings are killed every year for food or for some other purposes. These factors have a very adverse effect on the environment and climate changes. Actually, we are moving towards what is known as a sixth extinction when the majority of species may disappear from the earth.
  • Threats of war among different countries are on the rise, involving ordinary weapons, atomic weapons, chemical and biological warfares, etc.
In view of this and to save the Earth from a collapsing ecosystem, every person is requested to observe October 2, 2019, as non-violence day. Following activities are proposed:
  • Keep yourself happy and not to be violent with yourself
  • Do not hurt the feelings of any of your relatives or friend on this day
  • Wear white clothes on this day, as white is a symbol of peace
  • If possible confine to vegetarian food only on this day
  • Avoid using items made of animal products like a leather bag, belt, shoes, hat, etc
  • Take out rallies, ahimsa yatras, prabhat ferries for non-violence in daily life
  • Organize seminars, exhibitions, lectures on non-violence
  • Put stickers, posters, banners, hoardings at different public places, offices, industrial units, shops, houses, etc. Distribute books on non-violence and vegetarian food to the poor.


Khub Khub Anumodna to all the Tapasvis!

JAINA would be glad to recognize tapasvis, who have done below taps, in eNewsletter and JAINA website.

Adults (18+) : 8 or more Upvas
Youths ( Below 18 years) : 3 or more Upvas

To send tapasvi details, please fill out this Anumodna Form.


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