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JAINA Special Newsletter: Das Lakshana Day 9 - Supreme Non- Attachment
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Dear Sadharmik brothers and sisters,
Pranam & Jai Jinendra!

Today is the ninth day of Das Lakshana Parva which is known for Uttam Aakinchanya i.e. Non-Attachment from all worldly pleasures and attachment towards our soul.

Mahesh Wadher
JAINA President


Not to have the least (Parigraha) attachment is known as Akinchanya (non­attachment). The word ‘akinchan’ is derived from the word ‘akinchan’ by the addition of the suffix anr/shaynj. The word means to put a limit to ambitions, to put a check on desires.

Man is a social animal and makes many future plans while living amidst society and in the nation. These plans never come to an end; rather they go on multiplying one after the other.

As soon as the hopes or ambitions of a man are fulfilled, instantly new ambitions take birth. His desires go on increasing; there is no full stop to them. Therefore, a man should observe the virtue of non-attachment by putting a limit to his ambitions. Acharya Kundkund Swami has written in the holy book ‘Samaysaar’: ‘Desires are limitless. Hopes live eternal in the heart of a man. There is no end to possessions (Parigraha). Still, man is running a mad race after possessions and material objects day and night.

There was a forest. Daily some cowherds led the cows to graze in that pastureland. One day, while grazing the cows they chanced to see ripe mangoes hanging from a tree. Their mouths watered on seeing the mangoes. When one of the cowherds cast a pebble at the mangoes, two mangoes fell. He ate them and enjoyed the delicious fruits. The mangoes were very sweet. This made another cowherd think - "Why to miss such tasty fruits? I shall also pluck a mango just now." So, he picked up a pebble and struck at the mangoes. Instead, the stone piece struck the head of a saint meditating under the tree. His head was injured and started bleeding. This horrible sight terrified all the cowherds. Seeing tears flowing from the eyes of the saint, the cowherds approached him and spoke humbly - "O saint! We are guilty. You are all-merciful. Please pardon us. We have inflicted severe injury and pain to you." The saint replied calmly, "I have suffered no pain." The cowherds again questioned, "if you have felt no pain, why tears are bursting from your eyes?" At this, the saint replied, "Boys! When you cast pebbles at the mango tree, it gave you sweet and tasty mangoes. But now when your stone piece struck me, I have nothing to give you in return. That is why tears are flowing from my eyes." The cowherds paid homage to the saint lying at his feet and returned home. The instant that the feeling of compassion grows in the human heart, is the beginning of religion.

Attachments are of two kinds:
  1. Internal Attachment - The feeling of love, hatred, affection and ill will for living beings; and wrong belief are internal attachments.
  2. External Attachment - Greed for wealth and property is an external attachment. Greed for worldly possessions (bahay parigrah) consists in desiring more than what is needed by an individual.
Accumulation of even necessary articles in large numbers, expressing wonder at the prosperity of others, excessive greed and changing the proportions of existing possessions are all forms of Parigraha (worldly attachments). The virtue of non-attachment can only be attained by discarding both types of parigrahas (attachments).



Let me give up attachment through unattachment. My soul will be my only support (in this practice of non-attachment). (Hence) let me give up everything else.

- Bhagwan Mahavir
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