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JAINA Special Newsletter: Paryushan Day - 5
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Jai Jinendra!

The fifth day of Parvadhiraj Paryushan Parva reminds us of great mother Trishla who had been blessed to give birth to Bhagwan Mahavir and had seen 14 symbols in her dream.

Today we will learn about Aayu Karma and 13th, 14h and 15th gathas of Bhaktamar.

Warm Regards,
Gunvant Shah
JAINA President


5) Vedaniya or Situation Conferring Karma

By operation of Vedaniya Karma, a living being is endowed with comfortable or uncomfortable situations. Previous good deeds result in this Karma being Shatavedaniya or one that can be undergone with the feelings of happiness and pleasure; evil actions result in this Karma being Ashatavedaniya or one that can be experienced with the feelings of unhappiness and miseries. Everyone tries to be happy. One however hardly get results in proportion to his efforts. Only so-called lucky ones succeed and get happiness. That apparently inexplicable phenomenon is witnessed on account of the operation of this Karma.

Say there isn’t any kind of a pain in the body, and the rich merchant goes to sleep after drinking mango juice.
What is the rich merchant dwelling in?
The answer is, he is in Shatavedaniya. The mango juice has not yet become disagreeable, so the mortal one, the merchant is in the sensation of pleasure. As soon as it causes indigestion, he will immediately say, “It has now produced gas.” But until then, whatever sensation of pleasure (Shatavedaniya) he suffers, he has come within his account of karma. So, one comes with both types of karmas. Vedaniya karma,(karma that gives rise to the sensation of pleasure) and Ashatavedaniya karma(karma that gives rise to the sensation of pain). Many-a-times, the sensation of pleasure (shata) remains for some time, then the sensation of pain (ashata) comes along. In this way, the shata-ashata (sensation of pleasure-pain) continues all day long.


My Almighty, how aesthetically pleasing do You appear.

Deities are attracted to You; men are happier to have you in their eyes and hearts; even the animals and birds are grateful to have your glimpse. No metaphor is enough to narrate Your appearance.

All the comparisons and metaphoric descriptions fall short…

The moon has no value in daytime; though it looks like prince in night, but it is plain in daytime….

Oh God! The whole world looks pale and tasteless when compared with you.

O, the lord of triloka! Your virtues are as pleasing and bright as the full moon in the cloudless sky, but it is surprising that how the virtues which remained in your Atma, have spread throughout the universe! But one need not get astonished, as you are lord of universe and virtues have taken shelter in you.

No one can stop (prevent) the roaming of the person according to his desire, who has taken refuge into the gigantic and majestic personality like yours.

O vitaraga! in spite of all Your qualities, you are so indifferent and unconcerned that even the fairies of heaven neither attract you, nor detract You!

The disastrous storm at the end of an eon topples other mountains as well. But no sooner it approaches mount meru, the king of mountains, turn into breezes. Thunder is well aware that it might not work there. God, I have come to know by Your grace that the veetaraga cannot be lured even by the best and most beautiful fairies. The one who is never lured is veetaraga, and veetaraga can never be lured.

Source: Param Pujya Acharyadev Shrimad Vijay Rajyashsuriji Maharaj Saheb


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