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JAINA Special Newsletter: Paryushan Day - 4
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Jai Jinendra!

Today is the fourth day of our festival and we will learn about Antaraya Karma as well as 10th 11th and 12th gathas of Bhaktamar.

Warm Regards,
Gunvant Shah
JAINA President



4) Antaraya or Obstructing Karma

What is Antaray?
It means that, despite you having something, there will be an objection for you to make use of it. Yes, even though you have all those things accessible to you, yet you are not able to take benefit from it. Say, you are sitting down to eat and there is a plate full of food in front of you, you are ready to eat and just as you are about to pick the food from your plate, the commissioner comes in. He says, “‘Chandubhai’ get up, get up this minute. Get up quickly.” You ask him, “Is it okay if I finish my meal first?” He replies, “No, no, not a minute longer. Get up right now.” So, that is known as antaray karma. Despite having a plate full of food, you were not able to eat. Or for instance, there may be a lecture of some enlightened person and we might be intending to attend it. But all of a sudden we may have some physical pain, or some of our family members gets sick, or the car gets stuck or any such unpredictable situation may arise suddenly preventing us from going to the lecture.

In the same way, there is Gnan (Knowledge), there is Darshan (Vision), there is shakti (energy), there is nirbhayta (fearlessness) within You; despite having all these intrinsic properties (gunas) within, You are not able to make use of (experience) them. You have bound antaray (obstacles), you have built such walls. You have built them knowingly, and now you claim, “I am trapped.” Such are the antaray karma.

So till now, we learned the four Ghatiya Karmas that handicap the full manifestation of the properties of consciousness. Now we will learn about four Aghatiya Karmas.


God! You take care of all the beings for their spiritual upliftment. You are the ornament and the whole world shines because of the light of your knowledge.

It's not at all surprising that one who sings the songs of Your virtues becomes like you.

A noble master bestows his wealth on his servants to bring them on equal status. Oh Lord! Thou art the Master of Triloka.

The people of the world will become egoless by singing Your Virtues. I will also throw away the bundles of my sins... to become Veetaraga, exactly like You.

Oh God! I saw You and I was lost in you. My eyes have stopped twinkling because of Your majestic appearance!

You are so magnanimous, that now all the fragrance and beauty of worldly objects or tantalizing deities cannot drag my attention.

God! My heart and soul cannot see any other object. It looks for You and You and You only. Who will prefer to drink salty and ugly waters of the sea when pure and cool milk from the Kshirasagr is ready to quench our thirst!

God, nothing is sweeter and soothing than you. For me, the entire world is sour.

Oh tilak (auspicious mark) on the forehead of triloka! I roamed around the world and saw king of kings, kings of devas and also masters of sages the Ganadharas… but no one appeared as glorious as yourselves. God, there is crystal clear reason for this. The holy atoms which subsides all the worldly desires, have already been utilised in formation of Your physical self-frame. And hence there are no such atoms left from which a gorgeous personality like Yours can be formed.

Obviously, the atoms left behind are not at all capable of creating a magestic personality like your physical frame.

Billions of offerings to your gorgeous and majestic personality.

Source: Param Pujya Acharyadev Shrimad Vijay Rajyashsuriji Maharaj Saheb

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