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JAINA Special Newsletter: Das Lakshana Day 6 - Supreme self-restraint
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Dear Sadharmik brothers and sisters,
Pranam & Jai Jinendra!

I hope you are in sukh sata and especially those who are fasting. On the sixth day of Das Lakshana Parva, let us learn about the sixth Dharma i.e. Uttam Sanyam.

Mahesh Wadher
JAINA President


‘Sanyam’ means restraint, control, prevention, and mental concentration. Uttama Sanyam i.e., Supreme self-restraint is one of the ten virtues to be cultivated by a man to counteract the four passions (Kashayas) i.e., anger, pride, deceit, and greed.

To speak politely in accordance with scriptures for the uplifting of religion is called truth. Nothing on earth is as glorious as truthfulness; it brings in its wake all other virtues.

It is essential to exercise restrains over our five senses. Failure to control the senses results in disturbing the spiritual integrity. This rule applies even in the animal kingdom. Butterfly is attracted to the flame ends up dying; bee seeks nectar from the lotus and invites fatal imprisonment; Fish is tempted by the bait and falls victim of the fisherman; female elephant is used to lure mighty elephant by the trappers and deer immersed in listening to the music becomes easy prey to hunters.

The slacking of the mind in observing the sensual restrains invites the four Kashaayas – (Krodh,Maan, Maya and Lobh) resulting in untold miseries. The mind that can control these passions destroys his Karma and wins. Jain Sadhus practice sever controls over the mind and senses to live a true ascetic life.



Start the practice of self-control with some penance; begin with fasting.

- Bhagwan Mahavir
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