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Das_Lakshana Day-9
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Jai Jinendra!

Today is the Ninth day of Das Lakshana Parva. Many of you will be start fasting from today with a desire to do Atham (3 days of fasting) considering 11 days of Das Lakshana this year. I wish you sukh sata. Let us learn about Uttam Tyag Dharma.

It is my pleasure to include the message from British Prime Minister Theresa May received by the Institute of Jainology on the occasion of Paryushan Mahaparva

Warm Regards,
Gunvant Shah
JAINA President


A man devoted to renunciation should regularly give charity humbly and affectionately using auspicious words. First of all, he should give 'Abhay Daan' i.e., save the lives of all living beings in danger; doing so vanquishes the miseries related to the other world.

- Poet Reidhu


The word renunciation means to cast aside, to give up, to get rid of, to discard and to leave.

Renunciation has been assigned a great significance in the path of salvation propounded by the omniscient Lord Jinendra. Uttam Tyag means abstention from greed of worldly possessions and the virtue of freedom from attachments.

When tasty fruits ripen on trees, they drop them on the ground below without greed or sense of possessions. How great is the debt of trees on us! Likewise, a person wins glory and dignity only when he distributes among the needy the huge wealth accumulated by him. So long as the cloud s hold water, they look dark in appearance; but as soon as they start raining i.e., renounce water drop by drop, they begin to look snow white. Similarly, till a person accumulates worldly possessions his inner soul blackened with anger like passions seems a burden to him. But no sooner the same person starts giving in charity his vast wealth accumulated by fair means or foul, than his inner feels relieved of a burden; for it results in the purification of his thoughts.

Renunciation affords peace. It is a psychological truth. Every living creature is aspirant for happiness. This happiness is an outcome of renunciation. A person’s strength is measured not by the amount of wealth he accumulates but by the amount of wealth he renounces. Renouncing worldly possessions leads to a life of contentment and assists in keeping desires in check. Controlling desires not only leads to an influx of meritorious karma, but also absolving oneself from bad karma. Renunciation is done at the highest level by Jain ascetics who renounce not only the household but also their clothes. Renouncing the emotions, the root cause of misery, is supreme renunciation, which is only possible by contemplating on the true nature of the soul. Only a largehearted and liberal - minded person can give donation. The more a donor renounces worldly possessions, the greater is the number of ripples of happiness that rise in his heart. Therefore, it is essential for the lucky affluent persons to constantly follow the practice of giving charities forever in life. If rain, water in a river goes on accumulating and there is no outlet i.e., the river does not supply water to the fields and oceans; it will be flooded. Its water overflowing both of its banks will create havoc all around resulting in the ruin of crops and vast costly properties. and (delete and) Many innocent lives will meet untimely death. The sun has been illuminating the whole world ever since the earth came into existence by casting its in numerous dazzling rays which give both light and warmth to one and all. If the sun does not shed its luminous rays, no living creature, no vegetation and no plant will survive on earth. Likewise, if out of a feeling of selfishness a man adopts the tendency of accumulating wealth, the financial disparities in the world will go on increasing and create an economic crisis, which may result in bloodshed. Hence, such a worshiper of mammon will be called a traitor and a bloodsucker of the poor.

I would like to send my very best wishes to the Jain community of the United kingdom for the Paryushan festival.

I know that this is a very important occasion for Jains to come together to contemplate and reflect on their actions over the year, and to seek forgiveness.

The Jain community continues to play an important role in shaping our culture.I would like to thank you,as you mark the end of Paryushan,for all that you do in encouraging peace and harmony in our society.
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