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JAINA Samvatsari Special Newsletter
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Dear Sadharmik brothers and sisters,
Jai Jinendra!

Samvatsari is the most important day of the year, for us, where we get to shed evils within us and seek forgiveness from all beings. On behalf of JAINA EC and BOD, if we have knowingly or unknowingly hurt you over the past year, we seek your forgiveness.

Tomorrow is the first day of Das Lakshana Parva and I wish all of you to celebrate the same in high spirits and live Jain Way of Life.

Please send tapasvi details, as mentioned below, to publish the names in JAINA eNewsletter and on

Mahesh Wadher
JAINA President

What is the most difficult thing on this earth? This question is very subjective and depends from person to person. For some, it may be academics, whereas for some it may be playing various kinds of sports. Some may think that science is the most complex thing whereas some may find the subject of Law difficult. And yes, out of all some may think everything is difficult. How about forgiving?

On this last day of Paryushan, we all do pratikraman, the act of forgiving and apologizing to one and all. Do we really forgive everyone?

Let us take an example. A man is walking on the street and suddenly a robber comes on the bike and snatches the mobile phone of the man who is walking. There is no doubt that the man will have a feeling of revenge and will wish to catch the thief no matter what. Forgiveness has the power to change anything. If the man is able to catch the thief and instead of punishing him if he forgives him, I think he will do a better deed than punishing him. Even from the viewpoint of the thief, he will think ten times before repeating his actions again. This is where it makes a difference. Any actions good or bad should have a favorable reaction. Forgiving makes us feel big. We get a feeling of satisfaction and inner peace. This is what good deeds are all about. No other materialistic thing on earth can give the happiness that forgiveness can provide.

Bhagwan Mahavir also emphasized the importance of forgiveness. There are instances where Bhagwan Mahavir has forgiven many and successfully walked on the path of enlightenment. So, lets us take a vow that we will try to forgive as much as we can and try to let go of things. We will surely be benefited by this and there is no doubt that this cannot harm us in any way.

It is performed once a year at the end of the Paryushan Days and is considered a must for every Jain. We must remember that Samvatsari Pratikraman is not for cleansing all the sins conducted in a year. If it were so, then there would be no reason for all other Pratikramans. Samvatsari Pratikraman exclusively covers certain sins and is for bringing back the soul from the company of anger, pride, deceit, lust, and hate. Samvatsari Pratikraman is considered a must for every Jains, because it is believed that if we do not repent for our bad deeds at least once a year, then the bondage of karmas to the soul become severe and even harder to shed off.

Khamemi Savve Jiva, Savve Jiva Khamantu Mi
Mitti Me Savva Bhuesu, Veram Majjham Na Kenai

Meaning: I forgive all the living beings of the universe and may all living beings forgive me for my faults. I have friendship for all living beings and I do not have animosity towards anybody.

The process of shedding our karmas really begins by asking for forgiveness with true feelings, and to take some vows not to repeat mistakes. The quality of forgiveness requires humility (vinay - the absence of ego) and suppression of anger.

Khub Khub Anumodna to all the Tapasvis!

JAINA would be glad to recognize tapasvis, who have done below taps, in eNewsletter and JAINA website.
  • Adults (18+) : 8 or more Upvas
  • Youths ( Below 18 years) : 3 or more Upvas
To send a tapasvi details, please fill out this Anumodna Form.
Jivdaya Appeal

During the auspicious occasion of Paryushan, Jains around the globe fully support Jivdaya activities by practicing Ahimsa in their daily lives by emphasizing and inspiring self and others to practice Ahimsa in their daily lives. JAINA's Jivdaya committee works to save animals from the slaughterhouse, provide fodder (grass), water, and healthcare for animals staying in Panjarapoles. You can take labh in various below mentioned ways to support Jivdaya activities in India.

1. A truckload of fodder, costing approximate cost of $400, can feed 150 animals a day.
2. A generous donation of $201 will provide necessary veterinary care to 10 animals.
3. A permanent shed can be built at Rs. 6 to 7 Lakh (around $9,000 to $10,000) in panjrapole.
4. Your generous donation of just $121 can save one cow from the slaughterhouse.
5. Donation of $251 can provide food, shelter and medical care for one cow for a year.
6. Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary in Colorado have rescued 14 female ducks from slaughter. Saving them from slaughter means adopting them and taking care of them for rest of their lives. You can sponsor a duck for a onetime donation of $120.00

Even a small donation will make a big difference in the lives of these animals. Please donate generously to the JAINA Jivdaya committee and your local Jain organization. If you have any questions, please contact any of the Jivdaya committee members or Ketan Sheth at 918-812-7801 or

Check / Draft should be drawn in favor of “JAINA JIVDAYA”. Please mail checks to 5308 E. 80th Place, Tulsa, OK 74136

All donations are tax-deductible in the USA.
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Mail your Donations in favor of JAINA to : Ashok Savla (JAINA Treasurer), 8843 1/2 Longden Avenue, Temple City, CA 91780

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