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Das_Lakshana Day-6
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Jai Jinendra!

Today is the sixth day of Das Lakshana Parva. Hope you are in Sukh Saata and especially those who are fasting. Let us learn about the sixth Dharma i.e. Uttam Sanyam.

Warm Regards,
Gunvant Shah
JAINA President


Practicing compassion attains self-restraint; it is achieved by nourishing the desire of salvation over and again. Self-restraint paves the way to Perfect Belief or Faith. Self-restraint is the sole path to salvation.



The word Sanyam has various meanings like check, restraint, control, prevention and mental concentration. Uttama Sanyam,Supreme self-restraint, is the sixth virtue to be cultivated by a man to counteract the four passions (Kashayas): anger, pride, deceit and greed.

Temporary (Vyavahara nay):
  1. Restraining from injury to life, Jains go to great lengths to protect life. . This encompasses all living beings, from one-sensed onwards. The purpose of not eating root vegetables is that they contain countless one-sensed beings termed “nigod”. During Paryushan, Jains also do not eat green vegetables to reduce harm to the lower sensed beings.

  2. Self-restraint from desires or passions – These lead to pain and are therefore to be avoided.
Permanent (Nishya nay):
  1. Restraining injury to the self – This has been elaborated upon in Nischay Kshama Dharma.

  2. Self-restraint from desires or passions – Emotions, e.g. likes, dislikes or anger lead to misery and need to be eradicated. They are not part of the true nature of the soul and only arise when the soul is in a state of false belief. The only method to free oneself from these desires or passionsis contemplate on the true nature of the soul and in the process commence the journey to liberation or moksha.
Man devoid of self-restraint has been called an animal because without self-restraint a man cannot distinguish between right and wrong, just and unjust. So long as this living creature does not attend the school of self-restraint, he cannot develop a grand and lustrous personality.

A great scholar says; 'Good nature can fulfill the lack of beauty, but beauty cannot fulfill the lack of good nature.'

A householder, who feels attachment towards his own possessions, is gifted with “sagar” (self-restraint with possessions). A monk who is gifted with supreme non- attachment is endowed with 'niragar' (non-possession self- restraint).

It is time to remember Great Jain Shri Virchand Raghavji Gandhi on his 154th Anniversary (born on August 25, 1864) He was a Great Patriot (only Indian who talked about FREEDOM of India in Foreign Country 5 decades before India became Independent). Humanitarian (he was Responsible to send ship-load of grains and Rs. 40,000 to India from America while being in America in worst famine in 1896-97). Protector of Jain Tirths(Sametshikharji and Shatrunjay where he got slaughter house and poll tax on Jain Yatrees respectively removed). Reformer (founded "Society for the Education of Women in India" SEWI" in Chicago: under this banner several Indian women came to America for education). He was pioneer to introduce Jainism to the West (America/Europe) during his 3 long journey in 1893 (as a Jain delegate to attend Parliament held in Chicago as deputed by Acharya Atmanandji), in 1897 and in 1899. He had delivered 535 lectures and explained at length Principles of Jainism.
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