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JAINA: Special Newsletter - Paryushan / Das Lakshana Parv
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President's Message
Jai Jinendra!

I wish you and your family Sukh-Shata during upcoming Paryushan and Das Lakshana Parv with each of us getting involved in prayers, fasting and cleansing our souls.

Master Schedule of Paryusan and Das Lakshana Programs at various Jain Centers in North America is available at

Links for English Pratikaman and Paryushan meals in NY/NJ are provided below. JAINA will recognise Tapasvis during Paryushan and Das Lakshah Parva in eNewsletter and at

Congratulations and Thanks for signing petition for Diwali Stamp in USA. As a result, Diwali Stamp will be released on October 5, 2016 by U. S. Postal service – a major accomplishment for Indo-Americans. 


Ashok Domadia
JAINA President
Chairman - JAINA BOD
The classification of living beings commences with the two major state of souls:

A. MUKTA (Liberated souls)
B. SANSARI (Non-liberated souls/Transient souls)

A. MUKTA : Refers to all living beings that are free from all karmic bandages, in other words souls that have attained liberation and are free from the cycle of birth and death. Mukta jiva are discussed ahead.
B. SANSARI: Refers to all living beings that are not free from the karmic bond ages and are undergoing through the cycle of birth and death.
Quote of Month

There is no enemy outside soul. The real enemies live inside yourself: they are anger, pride, greed, attachments and hate.

- Bhagwan Mahavir

PratIkraman AUDIO
Pratikraman Introduction in English: 
Part-1 Part-2

Pratikraman Explanation of Ritual in English
Part-1  Part-2  Part-3  Part-4  Part-5

Paryushan/ Das Lakshana means, literally, "abiding" or "coming together". It is also a time when the laity take on vows of study and fasting with a spiritual intensity similar to temporary monasticism. Paryushan/ Das Lakshana concludes with a time of confession and forgiveness for the transgressions of the previous year.

The reason behind this festival being called Parvadhiraj Paryushan/ Das Lakshana is that amongst all Jain festivals, Paryushan/ Das Lakshana Parva is the king of all festivals. This is one festival which takes our soul to higher levels and shows us the path of salvation. When we say festival, we usually coincide with pomp, making merry, and eating, but here this festival is one which is completely a journey of one’s soul to its final goal of Moksh. Paryushan/ Das Lakshana is a time of reflection on our actions of the past year. It is marked by strict observance of the ten cardinal virtues: Forgiveness, Charity, Simplicity, Contentment, Truthfulness, Self-restraint, Fasting, Detachment, Humility and Continence.

Paryushan/ Das Lakshana Parva can be compared to that of cleaning one’s dirt of karmas by various ways like fasting, Penance, friendship and cleaning of one’s own heart. The biggest motto of Paryushan/ Das Lakshana can be summed up in one word FRIENDSHIP. The souls which are already aware about the merits and sins, can do their duties, but those people who are still passionate towards worldly pleasures become aware of new motivation.
Diwali stamp in USA
It's a great news for all of us that the U.S. Postal Service announced that they will honor the Festival of Diwali with a Forever Stamp. A dedication function will be held at Indian Embassy in New York on October 5, 2016. Thanks to Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard for her leadership to make it happen.
Hopefully, you're aware of the campaign to consider giving up dairy products over Paryushan.

The Jain Vegans Working Group has produced a 5-minute video presentation which explains the reasons behind the campaign and why it is so relevant to the Jain community.

If you believe the video presentation contains an important message that makes sense, please share and circulate it among your friends and family.
Anumodna during paryusan & Das Lakshana
JAINA will recognise Tapasvis by publishing their name and City in eNewsletter and

Adults (18+) : 8 or more Upvas
Youths ( Below 18 years) : 3 or more Upvas

Please email your Full Name, Adult/Youth, City and Number of Upvas at by September 15 2016.
SpotLIGHT: JIVDAYA committee
The Jivdaya Committee requests your support in taking care of animals. The impact of even a small donation makes a big difference in the lives of these animals. Your generous donation of just $101 can save one cow from the slaughterhouse or fed 75 animals for a day. Donation of $201 can provide food, shelter and medical care for one cow for a year.

If you reside in New Jersey & New York, there is an accessibility to Jain Food during the entire Paryushan / Das Lakshan  Parv.

You can register here to be added to their list.
For any questions please email:

Looking for a simple Jain recipe to try out this Paryushan/Das Lakshana?

Take a look at the 
Jain Recipes section on the YJA website or Click here for more Jain receipes.

1. Number of days Paryushan lasts
2. Name for a Jain monk
3. Name for Jain nun
4. Reflection on the past(done on all 8 days
5. The last day of Paryushan
6. 2 meals in a day fasting

1. What you say to others on the last day
2. What you should do to others on the last day(when they apologize)

To get the answer please visit website


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