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Paryushan Day - 7
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Jai Jinendra!

Today is the 7th day of Parvadhiraj Paryushan. We hope all Tapasvis are in Sukh Sata. We all are blessed to have inherited such a scientific religion so let us vow in these auspicious Paryushan days that we shall try not to hurt anybody with our action, words or deeds.

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Warm Regards,
Gunvant Shah
JAINA President

The enlightened should contemplate that his soul is endowed with boundless energy.

- Bhagwan Mahavir


Knowledgeable person knows how to find happiness in between the waves of uproar. In the seventh chapter, The lord has said in brief, “renounce attachment.” Ignorance and attachment are the thorns of the tree of life. Until you will not get rid of those deads, you will not find peace in life.

Weakness is of the body and attachment is of the mind. Weakness does not damage the soul, but attachment causes it serious damage. In the seventh chapter, The Lord has given such examples that everyone would understand.

There was a very rich butcher. Though he had enough money, there was no happiness in his life as this money was from bad deeds. The butcher had a cow at his home and there was a baby calf. The butcher would give dry grass to the cow and the calf and would give green grass to a Billy goat. When the calf grew older, he asked his mother,
“Why is our owner doing us injustice?
In spite of the fact that we give him milk, he feeds us dry grass! And feeds the goat with fresh grass!” The mother cow replied, “My child! Do not worry; you will see the results within a very a short period of time.”

One day few guests came to the butcher's home. He started sharpening the knife and the calf started trembling. The cow says, “My child, do not get scared, these people have come for the goat that was fed all the green and fresh grass.” The cow made the calf understand. There is always an intention behind any fake pampering. The Eternal Lord made us understand after giving this illustration – the present happiness is like pampering. When you are deeply in the throws of the five senses, you are sure to get demeaning results in the next life. You get all the best amenities because of your merit.The more you use these, the more you would be gathering bad merits for the next life.

When a king suffered from an incurable disease, his doctor said, “Mango is not fit for you; do not ever eat it henceforth.” The king accepted it. But, one day the king went to the mango grove with his minister. When he saw many trees of mango, his mind was tempted but the minister said, “Not your lips, but even your hands will not touch the mangoes.” Even then, the king did not pay any heed and ate one slice of mango.
What was the result?
The king was again required to be taken taken to the doctor. But the doctor said, “Never get involved in the temptations of life. Once you get into them, you will have dangerous results in future.” Though you love the temptations related to the five senses, they are very dangerous.Though we do not watch TV for the entire day,
what is the harm in watching one or two serials?
Though we do not eat potato, onion, etc. everyday,
what is the harm in eating one or two dishes?

You are spending all the merits which you have earned from millions of years in one day, and are collecting all the demerits which you will carry for millions of more years. The more you go deep into gathering these merits, higher are the chances of your going into bad births.
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