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Paryushan Day - 2
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Jai Jinendra!

Today is the second day of Parvadhiraj Paryushan Parva and hope all are in sukh shata. Today for many of us is second day of fasting and my vandan and anumodna to all of them.

JAINA will be publishing names of all Tapasvis fasting more than 3 days and for children more than 2 days. Please send your details along with Cente name, so we can do the needful.

Warm Regards,
Gunvant Shah
JAINA President

Soul is the central point of spiritual discipline.

- Bhagwan Mahavir

The reason why we have to take the shelter of shrut gyan. The edifice of aagam is very big, but we have to keep our vision in making the foundation strong. So we have to look at the foundation only.

The foundation stones are the four aagams:
  1. Dasvaikalik sutra
  2. Uttradhyayan sutra
  3. Nandi sutra
  4. Anuyogdwar sutra
In “Dasvaikalik Sutra” it is shown how the Shraman, our Gurus should sit, how they speak, how they should walk, stand, etc.

In the “Uttradhyayan Sutra” all the good doctrines are preached, sometimes through stories, sometimes through illustrations and some time through preaching. Sometimes, even we orders are given and sometimes, harsh words are also said. “If you do not do this, then you will become a bad saint.” Sometimes sweet words are uttered like “samayam goyam! Ma Pamaye” meaning, “oh Gautam! Do not waste even a single moment in laziness.” In this manner, sweet preaching is provided.

In the “Nandi Sutra” the five knowledge is explained in detail. We do not know our features and inner self. We have a treasure right inside our home and we are ignorant about it.

“Anuyogdwar Sutra” is the key to enter all the aagams. To understand the knowledge of aagams, we should first study this aagam. These four paths or doors through which we can enter the aagams. The first door to enter the aagam is to listen to “Dharmakathanuyog” meaning stories of Jainism and their saints. For this, there are the chapters of Kapil, kevli, Harkeshi Muni, Chitt Sambhuti, etc. all these chapters are a part of Uttradhyayan Sutra. In “Charankarnanuyog” in the 26th chapter, the lord has described how a saint should behave.

In “Ganitanuyog” the 31st chapter of “Uttradhyayan Sutra” in which the fourth shraman sutra is described is depicted. In “Dravyaniyog”the 28th chapter of six dravya, nine tava, samyag darshan, moksh marg, etc. are explained in detail.

Uttradhyayan Sutra is so great that all the four anuyogs are a part of it! It is a mine of knowledge. The moment you put your hand inside,
what you would get is gems and diamonds. Whichever chapter you read, all you will get is precious gems and diamonds.
What is the reason ?

“Uttradhyayan Sutra” is the last discourse of lord Mahavir. Whenever you buy a new item, the first question asked if
“from where have you brought this item ?
Where is this item available?”
Similarly we also ask as to
who has given us this gist of Uttradhyayan Sutra?
What has the lord said in this and in front of whom?

Lord Gandhar, Sadhu, Sadhvi, Shravak and Shravika, the rulers of 18 kingdoms, Gods, animals, etc. were the lucky receptors of the Lord. The Eternal Lord had infinite vision, he was not short sighted. He has recited this last discourse for those people who will read this for 21000 years.

The Eternal Lord in his divine vision must have seen us also! He has seen the fifth aara. He would know that his disciples of the fifth aara would know that his disciples of the fifth aara would be sick in the heart, would be very lazy, their body will be very dedicate, he would be suffering from many diseases, etc. in spite of all this hurdles, there will be somebody who will become eka avtari, will become a true saint, at the end of the fifth aara also, somebody will understand the preaching of Uttradhyayn sutra and become and understanding shravak or shravika. The Lord has given us the gems from the mind of keval gyan for us. The last discourse is given in such a way that it is easily digestible and understood.

When the child of a rich person falls ill, then he is not given sweets of milk of almonds. Even they understand that he should be given warm food. Other food cannot be digested. In Uttradhyayan Sutra is the root. If the root is strong, the tree will become stronger. If the root is strong, then the building will also be strong. We will think of the benefits of Uttradhyayan Sutra in the life of a disciple.
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