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Paryushan Day - 1
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Jai Jinendra!

Today is first day of Parvadhiraj Paryushan Parva. Many of us are fasting and anumodna to all of them. This year we will publish 18 newsletters as Paryushan and Das Lakshana Special. Last year we had explained the significance of each day. This time we are going a step further and explain the importance of various aspects of Jainism. 

The articles will be in continuation format and we start with importance of Shrutgyan.

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Warm Regards,
Gunvant Shah
JAINA President

When we forgive, we become one with the light of our soul. Without forgiveness, we are like a lamp whose inner flame cannot penetrate the fine particles of soot which smear the outer chimney. When we wash away these subtle grains of anger, resentment and hatred with forgiveness, then the radiant soul within shines forth its ray of joy and peace.

- Gurudev Shree Chitrabhanuji

The most important principle of environment is that you are not the only element.

- Bhagwan Mahavir

Jinwani is the discourse of the eternal lord, Jineshwar Dev. Jinwani means Shrutgyan, and Shrutgyan means Aagamgyan. If this jinvani does wonders for you and you develop eternal belief in it, then it eliminates your worries, pain and agony and will open the path which will take you to eternal bliss. 

If we want the complete knowledge, then we have to take the shelter of Shrutgyan. In the current era, we have two major shelters:
(1) Scriptures and (2) Religious leaders. In these four months of chaturmas, we have got a chance to drink the nectar of knowledge given by the lord Tirthankar through the medium of our gurus and scriptures. 

Shrutgyan is the knowledge of Arihant, put into words. In order to get this Shrutgyan and to make it a complete part of ourselves, we have to listen to the preaching of the eternal lord.

Shrutgyan is a complete mine of diamonds. In this world, there are mines of stone, coal, diamond, midas stone, and other type of valuable gems.

The value of gems is more than a common diamond.

The value of Kohinoor diamond is more than gems.

The value of midas stone is more than Kohinoor.

Even if 1000 Kohinoor diamonds are out together, they cannot make gold out of iron. Just one midas stone is capable of making one ton iron into gold. But the value of Chintamani gem is even more than midas stone. If you are in a desert, you will not find a single piece of iron. Chintamani gem has the capability of converting even the sand into gold.

If we have the Chintamani gem in our hand, we can do whatever we want to. The knowledgeable person says, “In the end, even the Chintamani gem is a living being with one sense. Shrut is knowledge. So, what is more valuable, knowledge of stones ?”

Shrutgyan means the discourse of the eternal lord. If we really want to listen to them, then two qualities are required:
(1) concentration
(2) sentiment of acceptance.
We may have concentration, whatever we listen may become a part of us and touch the heart, but it would not be beneficial to us if we do not accept it with our hearts. But if we have faith and accept it, then even one single stanza can change our lives and we can begin our journey on the eternal path.

For example:

The guru of Maastus Muni gave him a small principal of only two words. “Marus, ma tus” the meaning of this is that you do not keep affection anywhere and you do not keep anger anywhere. These two words are the gist of all the scriptures. Even though Maastus Muni tried to learn this with all the concentration, he forgets the principle. In spite of this, out of respect for his guru and the scriptures, he keeps on repeating the principle. The meaning of the principle touched his soul and stayed there. Repeatedly saying the two words, “ma rus, ma tus” it became one word “Maastus” But continuous repetition of the word showed him the path of moksha.
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