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JAINA Newsletter: JAINA events at White House & Capitol Hill, Jain Centers events schedule etc.
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1. President Message
Jai Jinendra!

It's a proud moment for entire global Jain community to have Mr. Vijay Rupani as a first Jain Chief Minister of Gujarat.

We will publish one gatha of Jiv Vichar from this Newsletter for our members to learn and understand types of living beings (jivs) of this universe.

JAINA will recognise Tapasvis of various Jain Centers during Paryushan and Das Lakshana in eNewsletter and website. Details are given below.


Ashok Domadia
JAINA President
Chairman - JAINA BOD
In the first stanza, the author pays obeisance to Lord Mahavira who through His omniscience enlightens the three loka which are deprived of the right knowledge.

This series of Jiv Vichar offers a brief explanation about the different life forms existing in the whole universe and classifications of all living beings (bodies) as stated in the Jain scriptures, in an easy and concise manner.

JAINA has published a Master Schedule of major events at various Jain Centers for remainder of 2016. Hopefully, this Master Schedule will help you and your family to review religious programs in advance of visiting a city for proper planning. In addition, it will help leaders of Jain Centers to leverage Speakers and types of program offered at other Jain Centers. Please visit to view complete Master Schedule anytime now or in the future. We plan to regularly update this integrated Master Schedule.
Vijay Rupani, a member of the Jain community from Rajkot - Gujarat, has been elected as the man to head Gujarat. It is a proud moment for the entire Jain Community to have Vijay Rupani as first Jain Chief Minister of Gujarat.
Edmonton Jain Sangh which started in around 1974 with only 4 families has now strength of 60 devoted families and is still growing. The Youths of this Sangh decided to make a Jain Youth group to learn and follow in the footsteps of their leaders.

The Jain Youths of Edmonton, or JYE, has to its credit some successful events. JYE organised a picnic in July, where the attendance was at its peak. JYE arranged the games with aspect of Jainism in each game where members from 8 years to 80 years had a gala time. Each member dispersed with lot of memories.
6. 16th Pratistha Anniversary Celebrations at Jain Center Of Northern California (JCNC), Milpitas CA.
The Jain Center of Northern California (JCNC) in Milpitas, CA celebrated 16th Pratistha Anniversary of temple and 41 years of JCNC and Jain Milan from July 28th to July 31st 2016, in the auspicious presence of Vidhikar Shri Manoj ji Haran and Shri Ashutosh ji Vyas. This four day Anniversary program was filled with religious and cultural programs and was well attended by the members. Dignitaries like Santa Clara County Supervisor, Mr. Dave Cortese and City of Milpitas Mayor, Mr. Jose Esteves also attended the event on Saturday during lectures by Samani Shruthnidhiji and Samani Suyashnidhiji. JCNC also had 2 different Sanghs visiting from India during the anniversary programs on Saturday and Sunday. The 4-day program was exemplary, peaceful, spiritually uplifting, motivating and enjoyable.
7. Jain Story: Shri Devardhigani Kshamashraman
In A. D. 453 in the city of Vallabhi, under the leadership of Acharyadev Shrimad Devardhigani, three unprecedented religious tasks were undertaken which turned out to be landmarks in the history of Jain religion. These tasks were preservation of shrutjnan (scriptural knowledge), a more systematic compilation of the texts and conversion of those texts into written script. Owing to a famine some years ago many shrutdhara shramans (ascetic) had died and this had made the collection and compilation of the shrutjnan inevitable. At this time Vachanacharya Devardhigani Kshamashraman invited the shraman sangh in Vallabhi to consider the issue of preservation of the scriptures. 
8. Anumodna during this year paryusan & Das Lakshana
JAINA will acknowledge all Tapasvis of various Jain Centers during upcoming Paryusan and Das Lakshana celebrations by publishing their name, photograph and Jain Center name in Newsletter and at All adults doing 8 or more Upvas and youths (3 to 12 years) doing 3 or more Upvas are requested to send their name, photograph, Jain Center name and number of Upvas to by September 16, 2016.
9. Crossword

2) Mother Trishala described the claws of the lion as being 'as long as __________
4) The name of Mother Trishala' s husband
6). What was floating on the lake dream?
7) The color of the flag fluttering in the wind

1) The name of the Goddess in Mother Trishala's dream
3) The dream has a pair of something made from flowers
5) The number of tusks the white elephant had

To get the answer please visit website


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