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Youth Exchange, Gandhar, Vegan Recipe
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JAINA Weekly Newsletter


Jai Jinendra!

We welcome the young Jains from India under the Jain Youth Exchange Program (JYEP) sponsored by Jain International Trade Organization (JITO) and JAINA with the help of various centers.

We are starting a new series on Gandhars and over the forthcoming issues we would like to share with you the information on Gandhars.

Majority of newly elected JAINA EC members are first timers in JAINA. This is a welcome sign that JAINA is a vibrant organization. The EC members have come up with exciting new proposals to make JAINA more of a service organization. Stay tuned as we begin to implement these programs.

Warm Regards,
Gunvant Shah
JAINA President


There is no separate existence of God. Everybody can attain god-hood by making supreme efforts in the right direction.

- Bhagwan Mahavir


Gandhara means main disciple of Lord Tirthankaras. He composes the religion of Lord Tirthankaras in the form of 'Sutra' - a formula. If Lord Tirthankara is a propagator of Jain religion that is beginning less and eternal, Gandhara is leader of four-fold Sangh and he is responsible for well-being of the entire Sangh.

Gandhara is next in order after Lord Tirthankara. That is why he is Tirth embodied. In no time, they can compose the Agama scriptures. And all Lord Tirthankaras have the Gandhara with the total responsibility of the religion. Whereas, Tirthankaras are twenty-four only, the number of Gandharas are never so fixed.

For 24 Tirthankaras, the number of Gandharas have been 1452. Gandhara is one who holds the Gana – the group.

Sr. No. The name of first Gandhara The name of last Gandhara Total Number
Rushbhdev Bhagwan Shri Vrushabsen (Pundrik) Shri Chamar 84
Ajinath Swami Shri Sinhsen Shri Mruganat 95
Sambhavnath Swami Shri Gharu Shri Kaliti 102
Abhinandan Swami Shri Vrajnabh Shri Padmaganesh 116
Sumtinath Swami Shri Amar (Chamar) Shri Yudhasta 100
Padmaprabhu Swami Shri Suvrat (Pradhyotam) Shri Safalang 107
Suparshvanath Swami Shri Vidarbh (Baldatta) Shri Amndhya 95
Chandraprabhu Swami Shri Dinna (Datta) Shri Kavindra 93
Suvidhinath Swami Shri Varahak (Sangatik) Shri Madhavan 88
Shitalnath Swami Shri Anand (Nand) Shri Dipayan 81
Shreyansnath Shri Gaushubh (Kashyap) Shri Keshkandh 76
Vasupujya Swami Shri Subham (Sudharma) Shri Mardkeli 66
Vimalnath Swami Shri Mandar Shri Urjati 57
Ananthnath Swami Shri Yash Shri Sagaurat 50
Dharmanath Swami Shri Arish Shri Rajayate 43
Shantinath Swami Shri Chakayud (Mohnash) Shri Jinendra Keval 36
Kunthunath Swami Shri Swayambhoo (Sanb) Shri Argavjin 35
Arnath Swami Shri Kumbh (Sushen) Shri Vivakshh 33
Mallinath Swami Shri Abhiskhak (Indra) Shri Uchayat 28
Munisuvart Swami Shri Kumb (Malli) Shri Suraj 18
Naminath Swami Shri Shubh (Dhammark) Shri Jartu 17
Neminath Swami Shri Nardatta (Vardatta) Shri Sotyag 11
Parshvanath Swami Shri Aryadinna (Vardatt) Shri Vijay 10
Mahavir Swami Shri Indrabhuti (Gautam) Shri Prabhas 11
Total 1452


JCGB recently hosted young Jains from India under the Jain Youth Exchange Program (JYEP) sponsored by Jain International Trade Organization (JITO) and JAINA with help from local US Jain centers. Under JYEP, a group of Jain youth from India visits various places in the USA hosted by the local Jain centers and learn about Jains in the USA. These 12 youth were selected in a non-sectarian manner from over 500 applicants. The intent of the program is to allow Jain youth in India to observe Jainism, Jain Way of Life and daily conduct – household and professional – of Jains living in the US. It is hoped that they can take the good practices of US based Jains and help implement them in India.

This year, for the first time, the group included Boston in its itinerary. In fact, their first stop was in Boston. JYEP youth took active participation in the JCGB’s Pratishtha Anniversary program where they performed the combined Dev Shastra Guru (Digambar tradition) and Snatra (Swetambar tradition) puja that is a unique JCGB tradition, and then contested in the Kaun Banega Dharma Shiromani quiz show.

Their visit included tours of the Boston area universities – MIT, Harvard and Northeastern, and historical sites. They interacted and spent time with the youth of JCGB. The last afternoon of their visit was spent in Rhode Island visiting the Newport area attractions like Cliff Walk and beaches. They departed for New York City to continue their tour of the US and attend the JAINA convention in New Jersey.

It was a memorable visit for both the visitors and the hosts.


JSGD did Sanman for Mumukshu Hetaben Shah, who is planning to take Diksha in the coming months in India. Hetaben is one of the young members of the Jain community of Detroit who will renounce the world and take Diksha. Hetaben was educated in North America and completed her Masters in Chemistry. Hetaben is daughter of proud parents Dineshbhai and Gitaben Shah. Tha Shah family comes regularly for puja every weekend driving from Windsor Canada to Detroit

For a person who moves around in a car, Hetaben will now have to cover huge distances on foot. Her colorful clothes will be replaced with simple white robes. She will have to eat sparingly on whatever alms she gets. Though the transition could seem drastic to others, Hetaben says she has found her calling and inner peace. She was raised with all the comfort that one can ask for, but even in the midst of having everything, she realized that, in reality, she had nothing. It is these luxuries that make us forget who we are and consume our entire lives.


Bhaktamar Stotra is a divine and miraculously effective Panegyric. The devoted author, Acharya Mantunga Suriji experiences close proximity with the divine goal. The flow and force of this incessant stream of devotion is for the first Tirthankara Adinath. Each and every word of Bhaktamar Stotra reveals his enlightening devotion and infinite faith in the Lord.



  • 250g dates
  • 2 tablespoon of water
  • 1 bowl of mixed nuts (almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts) roughly ground/chopped
  • Seeds (Chia, sesame or pumpkin)
  1. Deseed the dates and add it in food processor along with water the dates and blend it well.
  2. Add chopped nuts and mix until well combined or blend it if needed.
  3. Once mixed together, press it firmly into a baking pan.
  4. Coat the date and nut sheet with seeds on both the sides and press gently. Place it in the fridge for 1 hour to firm.
  5. Remove from the fridge, cut, and wrap individually to freeze for an easy grab-and-go snack.



Director/RC Applications due July 26

Applications for the 2017-2018 YJA Executive Board are NOW OPEN! If you know Jain youth between the ages of 16 and 29 who would like to get more involved with the Jain community and spreading Jainism, encourage them to visit where they can find position descriptions and applications. Serving on the YJA Executive Board is a great way to develop leadership skills, meet Jain youth from across the country and give back! We look forward to finding the next group of young Jains who will make a difference by connecting Jain youth!

YJA at JAINA 2017

At this year's JAINA Convention, we hosted the first ever YJA Board and Convention Committee Alumni Meetup! This event brought together over 60 alumni from across the country. 25 years of passion, dedication, and #yjalove all in one room! We are so thankful to those that came before us and can't wait to keep YJA going strong for years to come.

In addition to the Alumni Meetup, YJA’s Director of Education spoke to pathshala teachers and other JAINA members about YJA Pathshala. YJA Local Representatives had the chance to catch up at the Local Representative (LR) Meetup!

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