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JAINA Executive Committee 2017-2019, Convention 2017 Awards
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Jai Jinendra!

I am sincerely grateful to all of the JAINA Directors who form the Electoral College for electing me to lead JAINA for the 2017-19 term. First and foremost, I would like to assure each and every JAINA member I will perform to the high standards of our esteemed community. My predecessors have left a grand legacy for me to follow and with the guidance and fellowship of past Presidents and the Board, my vibrant team and I will take JAINA to new heights..

I would also like to express my gratitude to all the 2017 JAINA Convention volunteers. Without their tireless efforts, the vast array of lectures, assemblies and exhibits would not have been possible. The Convention Board, various Committee Chairs, past Presidents, Board of Directors and Executive Committee were my foundation and it was only with their valuable advice and feedback that the convention was possible. Moreover, I would like to call special attention to all the donors who came forward and supported the cause of community and an extra special thanks goes to Drs. Navin and Rashmi Mehta for their willingness to be Sanghpati.

Without a doubt, the core of such a robust convention are the speakers and I thank each of them from the bottom of my heart for traveling to the venue from various parts of the world. Many traversed long distances and endured lengthy journeys in order to make this convention meaningful..

Sadhus and Sadhvijis are the pillars of our community and without their blessings, this convention would have never seen the light of day. They not only blessed us but also enlightened the delegates of convention with their knowledge and expertise. 

I am truly looking forward to active participation from my fellow community members and working together to further the cause of our community and take JAINA to unparalleled heights.

Warm Regards,
Gunvant Shah
JAINA President


Gunvant Shah

Ashok Domadia
Immediate Past President

Mahesh Wadher
First VP

Haresh Shah

Atul Shah

Jayshree Shah
North East Regional VP

Hita Shah
Mid East Regional VP

Purvin Vakharwala
South East Regional VP

Rahul Dedhia
Mid West Regional VP

Dr. Pradeep Shah
South West Regional VP

Kokila Doshi
West Regional VP

Kamal Jain
Canada Regional VP

Avish Jain
YJA Chair

Hetali Lodaya
YJA Chair

A. JAINA President Awards 2017
  • Partner Organizations
    1. Veerayatan - Outstanding Services Award
    2. Anekant Community Centre - Outstanding Community Services Award
  • Individual Awards
    1. Shaleen Shah - Outstanding Jivdaya & Education Award
    2. Punita Shah - Outstanding Community Services Award
    3. Kanan Patrawalla - Outstanding Social Service Award
    4. Gunvant Shah - Appreciation Award
B. JAINA Ratna Award 2017

Dr. Sushil Jain - Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington

C. Adult Awards
  1. Mr. Bindesh Shah - Jain Center of South Florida
  2. Mr. Dilip Shah - Jain Society of Northern Texas
  3. Mr. Harshid Shah - Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington
  4. Mr. Hemant Shah - Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago
  5. Mr. Hemant S Shah - Jain Society of Greater Detroit
  6. Mr. Kanti Gangar - Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington
  7. Dr. Kirit Gosalia - Jain Center of Greater Phoenix
  8. Mr. Navin Dedhia - Jain Center of Northern California
  9. Mr. Rajendra Mehta - Jain Society of Central Florida
  10. Mr. Vastupal Shah - Jain Society of Greater Detroit
  11. Late Purnimaben Shah - Jain Society of Toronto
D. Youth Awards
  1. Aanya Gandhi - Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington
  2. Anish Doshi - Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago
  3. Chintav Shah - Jain Center of New Jersey
  4. Hetali Lodaya - Jain Study Center of North Carolina
  5. Ravi Doshi - Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington
  6. Siddharth Shah - Jain Society of Houston
  7. Urvashi Jain - Jain Center of Southern California
  8. Vinit Parekh - Jain Center of Southern California
E. JGT (Jains Got Talent) Winners

A. Solo Performances :

Age First Second Third
Age 3 to 17 Labdhi Mehta (AL)    Samvi Ranka (CA)    Vanshika Shah (MD)   

Special Recognition was given to Shaily Shah (CA) for performance tied to third

Age 18 to 34 : Dhaval Kamdar (NJ)    Kunal Shah (CA)     ------   
Age 35 and Up Birva Shah (NJ)    Seema Jain (NC)    Bela Gandhi (VA)   

B. Group Performances :

Age First Second Third
Age 3 to 17 Drums of DC (JSMW-MD) 2Jain ZZ (JSMW-MD) Fabulous 4 (JSMW-MD)

F. JAB (Jain Academic Bowl) Winner Teams

JAB Junior Winner - Jain Society of Chicago - Arham - Coach Reshma Shah
Om Gandhi (Captain), Riya Jain, Garima Shah, Asmita Shah, Paras Shah, Ravi Shah, Shreeya Gandhi, Tanya Sheth

JAB Junior Runner-up - Jain Center of NJ - Niyati - Coach Heena Gada
Cavin Gada (Captain), Chery Gada, Forum Shah, Jainam Shah, Krishi Shah

JAB Senior Winner - Jain Society of Houston - Siddha - Coach Hema Ojha
Siddarth Shah (Captain), Asha Ayyar, Thara Ayyar, Rhea Mistry, Prisha Gandhi

JAB Senior Runner-up - Jain Society of Washington DC - DC's Elite Eight - Coach Megha Doshi Shreyal Gandhi (Captain), Foram Shah, Dhruvil Shah, Manan Zaveri, Jahnavi Shah, Kanvi Shah, Deesha Ajmera, Amol Ajmera
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