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Mangalam Episodes, Interns, and Donate!
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JAINA Newsletter

2013 JAINA CONVENTION - Less than four weeks away! a

Have YOU registered for the 2013 JAINA Convention yet? Over 3,100 people have registered so far and this year is poised to be an unforgettable experience! There will be nearly 250 sessions comprised of regular day programming, special sessions for Jain Networking Forum (JNF) and innovative youth activities.
NOTE: If you have already registered for the Convention, please fill out this transportation survey so we can better coordinate our shuttle pick up to and from the airport.
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Introducing "The JAINA Story" a

It is with pleasure that we introduce to you "The JAINA Story." It spans JAINA's development, past, present and future! For over 30 years, JAINA has provided immeasurable support for the Jain community across North America. To support our continued effort we are in the planning stages of creating a physical JAINA office to better serve our community.

Take a moment to look through our JAINA Fundraising Brochure by clicking on the image.

You will see a list of all active JAINA Projects and Committees that have been made possible by thousands of volunteer hours. Your donation is the life line of JAINA. The financial support you provide helps serve the needs of nearly 160,000 Jains in North America and funds a number of initiatives designed to manifest our shared vision domestically and abroad.


Mangalam Show - Next Episode 149 a

In this special two part series, we will bring you the right way of "Jin Worship." We had presented this in Hindi before. Today we bring the English version for our youngsters and non-Jains. As we know, Jainism is not a ritualistic religion, but rituals have their place if they are done with proper reverence (Bhav). We build beautiful temples and do Jin Pooja but if it is not done in the right way then it loses its meaning. We are thankful to Rajubhai Mehta of Rushabh Creations for providing us with this important information.

Meet our 2013 JAINA Summer Interns a

Saurin Shah - Montreal, Quebec
Palak Bhandari - Vienna, Virginia

Jai Jinendra! My name is Saurin Shah and I'm from Bloomington, Illinois. I'm currently studying Cognitive Science at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I am very interested in the brain, science and technology as well as volunteering and non-profit work. Previously, I spent a year in Brazil learning the language and culture as part of the Rotary International Youth Exchange Program. I also completed a Yuva for Sewa internship through Sewa International, in which I developed a drug awareness curriculum for a grassroots NGO running study centers in some of the slums of Pune.

So far in my JASI internship, I've learned about the incredible breadth, as well as depth, of JAINA's projects. From working with local and federal government agencies and schools to supporting programs helping those in need in India, JAINA has a wide reach. We have also covered some of the values of Jainism and how they can be put into action and improve the world we live in. I am very excited to be a part of JAINA and to work on improving its infrastructure and offerings to best serve the Jains of North America.

My name is Palak Bhandari and I am a rising sophomore at Bryn Mawr College near Philadelphia, PA. I am originally from Tysons Corner, Virginia. I was on my school newspaper for three years and held editorial board positions for two of them. I was also a youth member of the Rajasthali Association, a cultural organization aimed at increasing awareness of Rajasthan and Indian culture. I am currently undeclared when it comes to my major but I think that I am leaning toward studying International Studies and the Growth and Structure of Cities.

I am really excited to be one of JAINA’s two JASI interns. I am looking forward to working alongside the many amazing people who make this organization the best it can be. In the past few days, I have learned much more about the vast scope of JAINA, such as Mangalam and JAINA’s projects in India. Additionally, I am excited to apply ideas such as the concept of the servant-leader to the Jain Way of Life while learning more about Jainism and helping continue the development of the multi-faceted identity of JAINA.

Their curriculum includes leadership development which includes a variety of readings, such as what it means to be a "Servant Leader", working on a variety of JAINA projects, and personal practice (such as Jain meditation).

Interesting Videos (click on images to view):  a

This is a touching video of Luiz Antonio as he explains to his mother why he no longer wants to eat animals. It was originally in Portuguese and has been translated to English.

It's quite profound and practical how understanding the interconnectedness of life naturally leads to non-violence.

Article link

Watch as the camera tracks an act of kindness as its passed from one individual to the next and manages to boomerang back to the person who set it into motion.

Very inspiring and reinforces the message that we are all connected.

To Support these and other JAINA projects

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