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JAINA Newsletter: Chromebooks Distribution, COVID-19 Survey, IAAMJV Scholarship Program,JCN
Dear Sadharmik brothers and sisters,
Pranam & Jai Jinendra!

JAINA World Community Services, in association with Anekant Community Center and Sarva Mangal Family Trust, has recently undertaken a project to distribute free Chromebooks for underprivileged students and teachers as an educational help. The project aims to match 20 Chromebooks to every 30 Chromebooks distributed by Jain Centers. Read more about it below.

Please take a brief survey to find out the incidence of COVID-19 in Jains. This survey will help us understand if Jains are affected less than the people who are non-vegetarians or not.

International Alumni Association of Mahavir Jain Vidyalaya is offering a loan scholarship program, College Education Loan for graduating Jain high school seniors in the US. The project complements JAINA’s Scholarship program. Read more about it below.

Jain Society of Toronto Inc. provided Community Food Services to three Nursing Homes in Toronto. More details are given below

Mahesh Wadher
JAINA President
2. Chrome Books Project
The Anekant Community Center of Los Angeles and The Sarva Mangal Family trust had a very successful Chromebooks project of providing 500 Chromebooks to the students of 4 neighborhood schools. As the saying goes “reward of good work is more good work”

JAINA with the help of the Anekant Community Center and Sarva Mangal Family Trust has decided to take this project on a national level through the member Jain Centers - supporting their respective local communities by donating Chromebooks to the poor neighborhood schools for underprivileged students to attend virtual classes.

JAINA presented and explained this project to many Jain Center Presidents who were convinced to support this initiative. We already have more than 12 Jain Centers who have committed to participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity and the rest are working with their committees to get approval.

Here how the project will work:
  • Each Jain Center has to commit to finding a School &/or school District to give a minimum of 50 Refurbished Chromebooks.
  • Each Jain Center has to raise funds for 30 Chromebooks ($ 125 X 30 = $ 3750).
  • Sarva Manga Family Trust will match 15 Chromebooks and ACC will match 5 Chromebooks.

All the orders will be drop-shipped directly to the Schools or the School district based on the orders received from the Jain Centers.
3. Survey for COVID-19 in US Jain Population
JAINA has developed a brief survey to find out the incidence of COVID-19 in Jains. This survey will help us understand if Jains are affected less than the people who are non-vegetarians or not.

Please take COVID-19 in US Jain Population Survey (here) and answer some simple questions which will just take a few minutes of your time.

We have not asked any personal questions and will not be able to identify anyone from the survey. Strict confidentiality will be maintained. Also at any time if you feel that you do not want to continue you can abandon and not complete the survey.

If you have any questions please reach out to Dr. Nitin Shah at 562 244 9035 or email him at
4. Navkar Mantra Jaap
I hope everyone is safe and healthy! We are going through unprecedented times of our life due to COVID-19. Let us all come together and pray for the peace of the ones who departed us and pray for a full recovery to those suffering from this invisible disease.

Jainism has always taught us to protect all living beings. For global wellness and to safeguard the lives of each living organism, there is an unprecedented digital mega event of 99,99,99,999 Navkar Mahamantra chant, a digital event on Saturday, May 30 at 11:11 pm EST. So far 1,700,000 people have signed to participate in this auspicious event. JAINA urges everyone to do their part.

Please watch the video message from The Chief Minister of Gujarat and from Swaminarayan Sanstha

Soon we will be publishing the e-Jain Digest June 2020 issue.

The Jain Digest Editorial Team is pleased to bring you interesting, educational, elevating, and thought-provoking articles such as::

  • Humanity around the Globe – Inspiration among Pandemic
  • Pandemic and Jain Way of Life
  • JAINA Committee – World Community Services
  • Homage to a Great Saint – Pujya Shree Atmanandji
  • Love Divine
  • Inali Foundation – Enabling Lives One Hand at a Time
  • Does Mindfulness Meditation Really Make You Kinder?
  • The Process of Inner Growth
  • How to Improve Your Meditation Practice
  • Anekantvad – Life Force of Jain Philosophy
and more...

We hope you haven’t missed out on our last e-Jain Digest issue, themed on the Compassion, of February 2020. In case you have missed it, you can read it here.
6. IAAMJV Loan Scholarship Program
International Alumni Association of Mahavir Jain Vidyalaya (IAAMJV) is pleased to announce a Loan Scholarship Program, CEL (College Education Loan), for graduating High School Seniors of the US for Fall 2020. It offers a limited number of interest-free loans of $10,000 each to deserving graduating Jain high school seniors. The loan is spread over three years- $5K for the first year, $3K for the second year, and $2K for the third year. A lesser amount of loan is also available for college undergraduates who have already enrolled and attending accredited US Colleges. Details of the program and application form can be found at The deadline for submitting an application is June 30, 2020.

Please note that this loan program complements the recently announced JAINA’s scholarship program. The applicants can apply for any of them or both.
7. Jain Center - latest News

On May 20th, 2020, Jain Society of Toronto Inc. provided Community Food Service to 3 Nursing Homes in Toronto, 1. Lakeside Long Term Care Centre, 2. Chartwell White Eagle Long Term Residence, 3. Elm Grove Living Centre. In total, (JSOT) distributed 170 meals.YJP Canada Region members had also volunteered in the activity.
8. Jain Philosophy: Universal Forgiveness and Friendship Sutras
Today, when the entire world is suffering from COVID-19, we shall think about our actions towards other living beings and the environment. It's time we should change our actions for the betterment of ourselves and the whole ecosystem. Let’s go back to our Jain roots reciting and understanding Universal Forgiveness and Friendship Sutras. These Sutras are recited confessing our sins, requesting forgiveness from others, and desiring peace over the entire universe to all living beings. With this let's promise ourselves to not doing, consuming, having anything at the cost of other living beings.

Khämemi Savve Jive Sutra:

Khämemi Savve Jive, Savve Jivä Khamantu Me,
Mitti Me Savve Bhuyesu, Veram Majham Na Kenai.

I ask forgiveness of all living beings,
May all living beings grant me forgiveness.

My friendship is with all living beings,
I have no enmity with anyone.

Jam Jam Manen Baddham Sutra:

Jam Jam Manen Baddham,
Jam Jam Väyen Bhäsiyam Pävam,
Jam Jam Käyen Kayam,
Michä Mi Dukkadam Tass.

Whatever wrong I have done by thought,
Whatever wrong I have done by the word,
Whatever wrong I have done by deed,
I ask for forgiveness.

Khamiya Khamä Via Sutra:

Khamiya Khamä Via, Mai Khamia Savvah Jiva Nikäya
Siddha Säkha Äloyenah, Mujjah Vaira Na Bhäva

I forgive all Souls, may they forgive me. Let the perfect souls witness that I truly bear no animosity toward any living being.

Shivmastu Sarva Jagatah Sutra:

Shivmastu Sarva Jagatah,
Par-hit-niratä bhavantu bhutaganäha,
Doshäha Prayantu Näsham,
Sarvatra Sukhi bhavatu lokah.

May the whole Cosmos be blessed,
May all beings engage in each other's well-being,
May all weaknesses, sicknesses, and faults diminish and vanish,
May everyone everywhere be happy (healthy, prosperous, blissful, and peaceful).

Upsargah Kshayam Yanti Sutra:

Upsargäh Kshayam yänti,
Chhidhyante Vighna‑vallayah,
Manah prasanna tämeti,
Pujya mähne jineshware.

All problems get resolved,
All obstacles get removed,
The mind (heart) becomes full of joy,
Who has got in touch with the inner higher self.
9. Quote
Do not injure, abuse, oppress, enslave, insult, torment, torture, or kill any creature or living being.
- Bhagwan Mahavir
10. JAINA Education Committee Needs Pathshala Information of your Jain Center
Dear Jain Center President, JAINA BOD and Pathshala Coordinators
Jai Jinendra,

Every two years, JAINA Education Committee surveys Pathshala statistics of all Jain centers of North America.

We request each and every Jain Center President / BOD of each center to forward this form to all the current Pathashala coordinators of your Jain Center and please cc to to fill the Google Form below. Once we know who is the Pathshala coordinator, we will follow-up with him/her if for any reason we do not receive the form within a week.

The form is quite simple, and it will take less than 5 min to fill out.

All Pathshalas information will be sent to each and every Pathashala coordinators and Presidents/ Directors.

We also kindly request you to provide your feedback via this Google form. Our intention is to consolidate suggestions from various Pathshala and compile it. We'll publish the final report once we get it from all Pathshalas (under JAINA / Jain Centers & Independent)

Please click this link of Google form here to provide your feedback >>

Thank you for your cooperation
Raj J Salecha | Co-Ordinator
Phone : +1 401-400-2030
Pravin K Shah | Chairperson
Phone : +1 919 889 1900 Cell
Email –


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