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Internship & Scholarship Deadlines, Jain Lecture Series, and more
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JAINA Newsletter


Jain Summer Camp - 5 days left. Deadline May 15

The week-long program will include academic sessions featuring noted scholars in the field of Jainism speaking on the origins and culture of the faith tradition. It will also provide an opportunity for participants to socialize with their peers and become more deeply involved in the Jain community with visits to the Jain Center of Southern California and other fun activities planned for the week.
Read more and apply today!

JAIN Summer Internship Program - 10 days left. Deadline May 20

The JAINA Summer Internship (JASI) is a full-time, intensive internship offering U.S. undergraduate and graduate students a chance to work with a service-based community organization in a start-up environment. JASI interns receive hands-on experience that provides professional and personal growth in the areas of non-profit project management, IT support, and social networking/community building, as well as...

JAINA Academic Scholarship - 20 days left. Deadline May 31

The JAINA Academic Scholarship program (JASP) will provide educational scholarships to high school seniors going into college who wish to pursue higher learning in the fields of arts, science, engineering and literature . At this time JAINA will not provide fellowships or loans. The scholarship award will be known as the need-based JAINA Academic Scholarship Award(JASP).

Read more and apply today!


Committees / Projects

Mangalam TV Show - Next Episode 146

Episode 145: In last episode, we learnt about the most toxic emotion –Anger. How to control it and avoid it. You also heard beautiful stavans by Anandghanji rendered by well-known singer Kumar Chatterji. Also, Our News anchor Rushabh Mehta brought to you Jain News from around the world.

Episode 146: In this episode, Mr. Anop Vora will teach us about other toxic emotions such as greed, deceit, and Ego. He discusses various aspects of these motions and talks about different ways to get rid of them and the importance of Jain scriptures in avoiding them. We also have the Jain News from around the world. Please enjoy Anandghanji’s stavan by Kumar Chatterji and the dance recital by young Jains.

JAINA Upliftment Program

Since its inception, JAINA has supported disaster relief projects around the globe. We now want to extend our services to a sustainable livelihood project. Under the JAINA Upliftment Program, poor Jain children and families in India will receive quality education (for children), higher or vocational training (for young adults), and skill enhancement vocational training (for heads of households) to increase their earning potential. This will result in sustainable livelihood to liberate them from poverty.

New Huffington Post article: Ahimsa in the Small Things: A Jain College Student's Approach to Nonviolent Living

Ahimsa in the Small Things: A Jain College Student's Approach to Nonviolent Living
by Hetali Lodaya
I have been up all night working on an assignment, I'm late for the first class of the day, and it is freezing outside. All I can think about is finding the shortest way across campus to get to class. I could take the long, meandering sidewalks, or I could make a beeline for the building across the newly grown grass.

YJA - Young Jains of America

We are OFFICIALLY in Phase 2 of the YJA 2014 Convention Bid Process!
These cities have the bid packet in hand: Boston; Houston; Los Angeles/Orange County; New York; San Francisco/San Jose; and Washington, D.C.
Help your city win the bid by joining your city’s bid committee team! If you’re interesting in joining forces with the aforementioned cities, please e-mail us immediately to

Community Updates

School 244 in Flushing, Queens, becomes first public school in nation to serve only vegetarian meals: officials

There's no "mystery meat” at one Queens public elementary school.

Public School 244 in Flushing is the first public school in the nation to serve all-vegetarian meals for breakfast and lunch, according to city education officials. Chefs at the Active Learning Elementary School have swapped chicken, turkey and ham for black beans, tofu and falafel, and kids are digging in with delight.

JAINA Project in support of drought which affected animals in Maharashtra, India!

We received following photos for the JAINA project in support of Drought affected animals in Maharashtra. Bhartiya Jain Sangathana needs additional help, as more than anticipated animals are brought to these shelters for food, water, etc.

To Support these and other JAINA projects

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